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I’m Tiffy and I hope you like my personal blog, Tiffy’s book / Tiffybook. (same difference to me lol )

Current project: When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo

About me:


Name? It’s quite obvious, I don’t know what to say if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Hobbies: Tumblr, Online games, manga, Kdrama, C-novels, V-novels, webtoons, music, movies, endless list.

Favorites? Fruits, pastel, cakes, macaroons.

Race? Vietnamese Asian American

Gender? N/A =X

Best, ~Tiffy

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13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Tiffy,

    Thank you for the wonderful translation. Like the story very much. Is it has 100chapters? May I get the link to chinese novel? Couldn’t open the one shared through SSB.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Not really, it has longer chapters than me so it has less chapters in total. And I also have the same link as SSB, it doesn’t work anymore cause I believe you have to sign up. I use Vietnamese version and translate it to English so I don’t particularly need the Chinese version.

  2. Hi Tiffy, i used to be addicted to kdramas but since i discovered cdramas and now HE chinese novels i’m liberated. No angst anymore just pure enjoyment!! thanks for starting to translate this novel hope you can find time every now and then to add one here and there. please don’t be pressured i will be patient.
    thanks again..

    • Yup same here, I lost my love for Kdrama after I got into Cnovels. I forgot about everything else for a while after I find out about it. Everyone literately knows that I’m crazy about Cnovels. They are like “she’s crazy and obsessed.” Lol Thank you for your support!

  3. Hi, Tiffy, I just discovered your blog as I recently got hooked to c novels. I love romantic themes and, like you, I love happy endings. Regardless of the pains and tears in between, for as long as the end has the OTP together, then I’m in. But of course I painstakingly follow to the end if the story is interesting. You have quite a good choice. Please count me in as one of your followers…..many thanks for sharing your time with us…..

    • Yes so true, I have read some sad novels but I wouldn’t take the time to translate them because I don’t want to go through the pain twice. Thank you for your support =)

  4. Hi are you not planning to continue translating “When A Snail Loves – 丁墨”? Do you know if there’s any english translation of the rest of the chapters anywhere else? And thank you for translating up to now, it was really good and I really enjoyed them 😄 take care

    • I am the only translator. So sorry for the long hiatus. I actually had a lot of things going on back then. Thank you for your support. ^^ I love knowing that people are so kind and appreciative toward me for doing it.

      • xD That is a rather nice acronym 🙂

        So I guess this tag only applies to finished novels?

        Sad endings, eh? How about “tragic endings”? Sometimes, I feel sad endings aren’t so nice but tragic ones can be pretty good. Though, I rarely see them.

      • It’s often used for C-novels. It used as a warning to the readers whether novel will be happy, sad, or open ending. Very popular for C-novels to do. There are three types of ending: open ending, sad ending, and happy ending. Open ending is when the author leaves it up to the reader’s imagination. No clear ending, it’s up to each one interpretations. The other two are pretty clear. I think tragic endings are in the sad ending category where they don’t get together or something. But maybe there is another tag for tragic, not so sure. I also agree that tragic ones can be good but I always cried so much while reading it. I tend to stay away from those.

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