When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 49

At the China- Myanmar border.

The water of the Mekong River was flowing rapidly, green trees looming on both sides of the river.

On the highway behind the mountain, a military vehicle braked all of the sudden, a number of armed soldiers jumped out of the car and rushed into the jungle.  After a while, they had surrounded the hillside area.

The branches shook and a woman with both hands holding her head stumbled out from the jungle. Several days as a fugitive made her look ragged along with a pale expression on her face. A soldier grabbed her by the hair, another soldier had a rifle pointed behind her waist. The woman screamed then fell onto her knees.

“Inform the Chinese police.” An officer said in Burmese: “We’ve caught “Brother Lu”, ask them…”

“Bang.” A faint but very clear explosion sound was heard.

The officer’s sentence stopped short; on his dark eyebrow appeared a bullet hole, his face stiffened, blood instantly gushed out. All the soldiers around got frightened to see him fall on his back.

“There’s an ambush! Caution!” The soldiers exclaimed.

Responding to them was the sound of machine gun fire coming from outside the jungle. After a few minutes, there was jungle leaves and dust flying everywhere, it overwhelmed the atmosphere, the group of soldiers had been shot dead into a bloody mess, were lying on the ground.

“Brother Lu” was lying on the ground; her body was quivering during the gunfire. Only when the jungle had returned to its original quietness, had she looked up. Under the blazing sun, there were couple of Jeep cars parked next to the road. Several men were carrying guns and standing on the roof of the cars, having indifferent smiles. A car slowly opened it’s door for her.

“Brother Lu” got up from the ground; from the corner of her mouth a smile slowly emerged.  

The heavily armed convoy sped on the jungle road. A northern Burma independence army flag hung on top of the car, fluttering in the wind.

“Brother Lu” knelt in the car traveling in the middle of the convoy to kiss on a man’s shoes.  

A very big and strong man was wearing a dark gray camouflage uniform. On the bronzed face were a pair of fierce and brutal eagle eyes and a light pink scar. He pulled “brother Lu” up, into his embrace. He stared at her and whispered in Burmese: “You’re my woman, nobody is allowed to kill you.”

“Brother Lu” nodded and answered in choppy Burmese: “I’ll help you sell more goods (people) to Southeast Asia, make even more money.”

After they finished speaking, the two kissed voraciously.

The Lin City thousands of kilometers away were immersed in the sunshine, the early summer wind was cool. That and the jungle with blazing hot weather were two completely different worlds.  

Just as he had arrived inside the city, Ji Bai had received a phone call from the director ordering him to go directly to the provincial police station to join in the meeting of the provincial chiefs.

At the meeting, Ji Bai reported the outcome of the arrest operation. The deputy director in charge of outreach said: “According to a reliable source, “Brother Lu” is likely to have fled to Burma. Through the China-Burma criminals’ office, we contacted the Burma police to request them to arrest “brother Lu” as soon as possible and send her to us.”

A deputy director in charge of criminal investigation frowned, said: “I heard recently the situation in northern Burma is very chaotic, hopefully, their arrest action will be effective.”

After the meeting ended, deputy director Liu Ying said: “School friend, would you and Ji Bai come to my office to talk?”

Drinking the green tea from Liu Ying’s personal collection, the director smiled, turned to Ji Bai and said: “Let me tell you, it’s not easy to drink her tea. She’s being so polite, it makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Liu Ying laughed, Ji Bai also smiled.

After that, Liu Ying sincerely said: “To tell you the truth, under you there’s a girl named Xu Xu, I really admire her and want you to transfer her here to work for the provincial police.”

Ji Bai’s hand that was holding the cup of tea stopped, he lifted his eyes to look at Liu Ying.

The director smiled and answered: “Xu Xu and Yao Meng are talents that we’ve specifically chosen. Because of this, I had to invite their department dean to a meal. If you transfer that person out then our team won’t be enough.”

Liu Ying: “School friend, I’m thinking about the overall situation. I also have a talent specialized in criminal psychology here, he is also Xu Xu’s Shixiong*. If Xu Xu comes here, I want the two of them to set up a psychological crime lab to heighten the province overall level of criminal investigation, which is very important. I also asked the director, he isn’t against it.”

*Shixiong / senior brother in school 

The director said: “Alright, in principle I agree but the police team is managed by Ji Bai, you should ask for his opinion.”

Ji Bai just smiled: “Your idea is very valuable. However, Xu Xu’s character is quite stubborn, she also has deep attachments for Lin City police. I’ll ask her for her opinion once I go back.”

Liu Ying waved her hand: “I don’t need you to do it. You think I don’t understand your intention? Maybe the girl will agree but after hearing what you say, she wouldn’t agree to it no matter what.” She stopped, and slightly smiled: “If you two have already agreed in principle then just wait for her opinion. I have sent a person to persuade her.”

Although he stayed at the provincial police cafeteria for lunch, inside Ji Bai was silently holding his breath.  

He didn’t want Xu Xu to transfer to the provincial police, not completely because of his personal selfishness. Objectively speaking, Xu Xu had little experience in actual combat. If she got detached from the front line and only stayed in the lab, it wouldn’t be good for her long-term development.  

Not to mention, they had yet to determine their relationship. What kind of place was the provincial police station? There were quite a few considerable number of police academy graduates, where there were more wolves than meat.

While sitting, he quietly texted under the table: “No matter what, wait for me to come back to decide.”

Even after a while, Xu Xu still hadn’t replied.

JI Bai quietly put the phone in the pocket, casually ate a few bites, he heard deputy director Liu laughing and saying to the director sitting across her: “They’re very much compatible…”

Ji Bai smiled and asked: “Who are compatible?”

The director looked at Ji Bai and said to Liu Ying: “Xu Xu is very talented, there are few guys pursuing her at the station. You’re a leader, why are you getting involved in the youngsters business?”

Liu Ying: “How can this be called involving? You haven’t met before so you don’t know, that boy is very honest, talented and righteous. He and Xu Xu were classmates for three years at the police academy, their relationship is very good.” Then she laughed: “I also told him, as the proverb goes “lakeside house gets to enjoy the moonlight earlier”. If today he doesn’t try to get Xu Xu to transfer to the provincial police then he shouldn’t regret in the future.”

A minute later, Ji Bai smiled and stood up: “The two leaders slowly eat, I have something to do, so I’m going first.”

Liu Ying watched him leave and said to the director: “Today, he seems a little strange.

The director smiled: “Yang Qinglin of yours, just didn’t come at the right time.”

After returning to the police station with Da Hu and Yao Meng, Xu Xu had been busy with the case’s follow up work. The team hadn’t seen them for many days so they were exceptionally affectionate. There also were people who were tipped off in advance like Lao Wu. He lifted his eyes to observe her; her expression was the same as usual, so he only laughed without saying anything.

The summer sun was refreshing, the office was busy but also quiet. Xu Xu had just finished sorting the last stack of information and had looked up, just in time to see a white scrawny silhouette appear next to the table.

Xu Xu was a little surprise: “Shixiong*.”

(*Brother/ Shixiong , Not real brother but older person in the school kind of brother.)

Yang QingLin was wearing a simple shirt and simple black trousers. He looked at her, after a brief dazed glance, he gently smiled: “Xu Xu, long time no see.”

The team quietly watched the two side by side leaving the office. Da Hu asked: “Who is that man?”

Someone replied: “A leader from the provincial police, he came to find Xu Xu to talk.”

Da Hu stood by the window, looked over the police field below: “Leader talks, why did they have to go to the courtyard?”

Zhao Han secretly sent a text message to Ji Bai: “Boss, when will you come back?”

In the late afternoon sunset, the west side was a pretty garden of sparse trees. Behind the trees were green grass. Yang QingLin and Xu Xu sat down on the grass, they were silent for a while.

“Shixiong, Thank you for the approval from you and deputy director Liu.” Xu Xu said: “But currently I’m not thinking about transferring to the provincial police. Please give my apologies to deputy director Liu. I’ve just arrived at the front line, and so I am still not that experienced. I hope to learn a lot more, otherwise, research is like water without the source, and I don’t have the confidence to do it well.”

Yang QingLin looked at her white and serious face. Xu Xu was still the junior sister who liked to act according to her desires, and didn’t understand life from before. But he always knew, under the quiet and indifferent exterior, she actually had a clean and pure heart. Others could not understand her special points, the things that had slowly soaked into his heart, from that year onward and had become deeply engraved within his heart and  mind.

Yang QingLin looked away from her face, followed the green soft grass under his feets: “Transferring to the provincial police, you could still be involved in the front line of the investigations, moreover, you can be involved in all the major cases. Also, I will help in creating a working environment that’s suitable for your professional development.”

Xu Xu was silent for a moment then shook her head: “Thank you Shixiong, but I don’t want to go. I’m working with captain Ji now. He is highly experienced and has a unique analytical thinking. I want to continue to learn from him, I don’t intend to give up halfway.”

Yang Qinglin wasn’t good at talking, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t have a keen intuition. Although junior sister’s words were calm and natural, and didn’t expose any loopholes, but there was still a trace of inexplicable pain in his heart.   

Ji Bai, Ji Bai, the famous investigator province-wide. There was a rumor that he was a young master at the capitol, and with an amazing background. But he voluntarily became a criminal investigation police office, an occupation with the hardest works, in life and death, and was not afraid of difficulties.

In the past several years he had stopped, with the aim to create a career, a better man already appeared and opened the door to her heart?

Yang QingLin softly spoke: “All right, I’ll tell deputy director Liu, but whenever you feel that you have had enough experience at the front line, we will welcome you to the provincial police anytime. In addition…” He turned around and looked into her eyes: “I came to find you for another reason. These few years, I’ve been working hard, and didn’t find a girlfriend. Would you be willing to… be with me?”

His personality was relatively boring, and not well versed in socializing. “Perhaps, I can’t provide special favorable living conditions, but I’ll work hard. I am confident that I can support and manage the family well in the future. I’ll be dedicated to taking care of you, love you, and always put you… in the first place.”

Xu Xu heart was slightly shaken, she quietly looked at Yang QingLin.

Her phone suddenly rang, there was a text message from Ji Bai: “No matter what, wait for me to come back to decide.”

When Ji Bai returned to the office the sky was already completely dark. The starlight scattered across the dark night, there was only the familiar fragile figure sitting quietly at the desk. Hearing a noise, she looked up, the clear and dark eyes like water stared at him.

Ji Bai also looked at her.


Honestly, he could predict that it was unlikely that she would agree to the transfer to the provincial police, and also knew that she would not accept that her shixiong’s feelings. But he still had sped back to the police station.

When was the last time that he had driven in such haste? When he had been fifteen or sixteen years old, with friends not knowing about the world, raced around Beijing in the middle the night. In that race, he had come 1st but it had still felt tasteless.

What about now?

Just by seeing her calm face, his heart inside his chest slowly heated?

Because of the kiss on her hair yesterday, it had made it difficult for him to restrain himself; or was it because he had been suppressed for so long, that after he had vaguely perceived the reciprocal response of hers, it was difficult for him to continue to be indifferent, reluctant to think of strategies to proceed step by step?

“Riverside house gets to enjoy the moonlight earlier”, The house was his and the moonlight was also his.

Ji Bai walked to Xu Xu’s desk, and stopped: “I have something to say to you.”

Xu Xu sat silent for a moment then said: “I also have something to say to you.” 

They entered Ji Bai’s office and sat down face to face.

Xu Xu spoke first: “I won’t transfer to the provincial police, I have spoken about it clearly with shixiong.”

Ji Bai looked at her and nodded.

His handsome face was without a hint of smile, his deep black eyes firmly locked on her face. After that, he opened the drawer and pulled out his lighter, and lit up a cigarette.

Xu Xu frowned: “You’re smoking again?”

Ji Bai quietly looked at her through the thin white smoke and spoke: “Xu Xu, I said, only my girlfriend can control me.”

Those were the same words, but today, Xu Xu’s heart slightly trembled.

Ji Bai changed the subject with an indifferent expression: “I’ve been pursuing you for so long, what do you think?”

Xu Xu could feel her heart pounding on her chest; however what he said wasn’t logical.

“You’re pursuing me?”

Ji Bai raised his black eyes, looking at her quietly.

He was very clear that everything he did, in fact, means, that he let the little fish take the bait by itself. Because he wanted them to have mutual feelings, and also wanted her to develop feelings.


But he was still irrational and naturally replied: “Every morning I exercised with you, personally taught you how to shoot, prompted the police team to call you sister in law… If this isn’t pursuing, then what is it?”

The dizzy feeling from yesterday appeared once again, but it was, even more, strong today, it was like her chest that was stuffed with fermented bread had slowly enlarged.  

She also felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction. It was completely different from when she got achievements in work or academics. This feeling of satisfaction wasn’t a calm deposition but storming and seething which eventually touched the heart.  

She took a deep breath stabilizing her heartbeat.

“You don’t need to pursue me anymore.”

Ji Bai totally did not expect her to say that. His heart sank, he coldly said:

“What do you mean?”

Xu Xu looked into his eyes: “I also like you, so you don’t need to pursue me anymore.”

The night was quiet and under the tranquil lightning, the two quietly faced each other.

A smile like a flame slowly lit up in JI Bai’s dark eyes: “Alright, I will not do it anymore.”

Xu Xu was stared by him until her face was hot, but, of course, she still naturally asked the most concerned question: “So the relationship between us is officially determined?”  

The smile on his eyes deepened, his handsome face looked brighter under the soft light.

“100% determined.”

Xu Xu looked at him and smiled. She didn’t know what to say, but it seemed that she didn’t need to say anything.

Her cellphone suddenly rang at the wrong time, Xu Xu picked up, a little absent-mindedly: “Brother, what is it?”

Xu Jun hadn’t seen his little sister for a few days, he smiled and said over the phone: “Let’s eat dinner together?”

Xu Xu looked up at Ji Bai, and inquired: “Tonight…”

“Of course.” Before she had finished, Ji Bai had quickly answered, concisely.

Xu Xu understood then said to her brother: “I’m sorry, I’ve plans tonight.”

Xu Jun could vaguely hear a man’s voice  over the line, and nervously asked: “With whom?”

By then Ji Bai had picked up his coat and walked over to open the door for Xu Xu. Xu Xu got up, her calm voice revealed a trace of joy: “New boyfriend.”


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It’s finally here =) The year is ending I hope everyone completed their goals for this year… I know I didn’t lol… oh well maybe this time around will be better.



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