When He Comes, Close Your Eyes by Ding Mo (Review)


Love me if you dare.


This is actually the novel that I read before When a Snail loves by Ding Mo. The reason why I picked When a Snail Loves instead of When He comes, Close Your Eyes is because I like the female lead in WASL a tad better. I’m not saying Yao Yao in WHCCYE is not a great but I guess Xu Xu is just more of my preference.

This is in the female lead character POV. She’s college graduate (well almost) and first his translator then lured by him to become his assistant in profiling criminals. Β She’s a nice and gentle pretty girl, but she isn’t submissive by any means, I like the fact that she can say no or argue with his *logics*. She’s intelligent and witty in her own way. She’s an independent girl who is emotional yet clear-headed at the same time. The reason she decided to be his assistant, not just because of him, but because she actually really interested and passionate about criminal profiling since her dad was a police officer.

He’s arrogant with high IQ and low EQ or should I say he doesn’t care about people in general. I’ve never read of a more arrogant and conceited character than him, but he’s still lovable in my eyes. Why? because he isn’t superficial and cares deeply about people who he’s actually interested in like Yao Yao (mc) . (lol) He’s so sweet in his own way so arrogant way.

You can say she falls for him before he does (because he’s dense, he didn’t realize his feelings), but he never realized that she has feelings for him. She’s quite good at hiding it and keeping him in his place despite her feelings. In the end, he is the one to confess his feelings while not knowing she has feelings for him. He’s just so arrogant that he thinks nobody could reject him..(so funny). Of course, she accepts him.

He’s a genius criminal profiler so together they solved cases and ultimately get involves with a psychopath who is interested in him.It’s very similar to WASL except that they do more criminal profiling rather than searching and finding evidence like in WASL.





16 thoughts on “When He Comes, Close Your Eyes by Ding Mo (Review)

  1. Thanks. Indeed a great novel and drama that I am currently following as well closely. Drama recap are also available online at the moment.

      • Yes yes… I was away for 2 weeks and am now catching up with the translated novel chapters… While waiting for the drama to complete before I start watching them 😍

      • Ohh nice, I think the drama will be completed soon..It’s so painful to wait, most Chinese drama release everyday but why must this one release only two episode a week >.<

      • There are some that are twice weekly depending on the slot time and station airing it… yes when I was chasing “Diamond Lovers” it was agony as it was 2 episodes a day and in my country, available at around 3 am daily so imaging getting up earlier to download it daily and then watching it in the evening after work πŸ™‚

      • Yeah true it depends but it seems rare when Kdrama is pretty much 1/2 episode per week. The thing is that Chinese drama episodes are done and they’re just releasing the episodes that they already have. It’s like knowing that they have it but won’t let us watch it kind of agony.. lol nice such dedication rofl it was the one with Rain + Tiffany Tang right? I adore Tiffany Tang =) 2015 is her year so many dramas.. lol

      • Yes yes yes… I watched purely because of Tiffany Tang and then started liking Luo Jin. He has such a lovely smile and his character in the drama was so touching, best friend whom truly care for her and loved her so much… so happy that she chooses him in the end of the day… I have not managed to watch her other dramas that was aired in 2015. Hopefully I could get around it soon… now more into reading c-novel πŸ™‚

      • Oh yes, his character is so sweeeet and caring… I also love him more than Rain… My sister and I were like *OMG how could you not see the best thing in your life is right in front of you?* lol and I think at least 5 of her drama aired in 2015.. probably not all was done in 2015 but a lot of them finally aired. And I’m the same, I haven’t been watching dramas that much unless there’s novel turn drama kind of thing.

  2. Thankies for sharing!
    It seems like the translations are complete, I’mma start reading on it now while waiting for other updates. Heehee~ This author likes low EQ characters, ne? Hahahah

    • Yeah it was completed a few days ago. I think Xu Xu is more like inexperienced unlike Simon, really completely lacking in the EQ department. lol Honestly I can understand if I were in Xu Xu shoes I wouldn’t notice either.. I mean he doesn’t look like it so no matter what he does, I can’t tell at all. XD

  3. I also like the female lead in WASL better,but near the end I admired Jian Yao.. but she’s a great girl to keep up with the childish Simon Bo.. and the extras are so cute!

  4. After I just read the extra chapter for whccye I suddenly understood Xu Xu’s behaviour a bit better. Like teacher like student. BJY is very different from the male characters I am used to his arrogance is on a different level so I was surprised at how much I loved him. He is so adorable even when he is being arrogant. I love Ding Mo’s male leads they are flawed and loveable. WHCCYE is a really good read and will recommend it to those that like crime books

    • Haha yeah I love how Ding Mo connects her novel like that, like camo appearance lol. And you’re right about arrogant but lovable, not hater arrogant. And it’s boring when characters are too perfect and well versed in everything.

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