When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 44

Xu Xu raised her eyes to look at her brother.

There weren’t any recent NBA matches so many of the biggest stars had come to China, Xu Xu also heard that basketball superstar named James was coming to Lin city. Her brother obviously knew that she wasn’t interested in this sport, but today he wanted to give her tickets, so it was apparent that he was trying to get her to let Ji Bai make an appearance.

That was really childish.

But Xu Xu replied: “Good, Thank you, brother.” Zhao Han said that Ji Bai liked James.

The next day was Friday, at lunch break, there was only Zhao Han and Xu Xu left in the office, Ji Bai wasn’t there. Xu Xu handed Zhao Han the two tickets: “You want it? I remembered that you said you liked basketball.”

Zhao Han was surprised: It’s really hard to get tickets, how did you get it? That too for the seventh row!”

Xu Xu smiled: “My brother gave them to me.”

“Boss really likes James!” Zhao Han hesitated, “There are only two tickets… You go with boss. ”

Xu Xu shook her head: “I’m not interested, you go.”

Zhao Han: “Xu Xu, you’re so good to me! Enough loyalty! ”

After giving the tickets, Xu Xu was in a good mood. She didn’t want to go in the first place. Firstly, she wasn’t interested and would never waste her time by doing things she wasn’t interested in. About the chance to have a date alone with Ji Bai, she didn’t think of that. Because they had been frequently together recently so unconsciously she felt no need of one. The other reason was that Xu Jun probably was going to sit in a corner with a telescope spying on them so she certainly would not go.

Giving the tickets to Zhao Han was inevitable. If she were to give it directly to Ji Bai, wouldn’t he know that she had feelings for him?

The bell rang indicating that it was time for work. Ji Bai walked in holding his car keys. It looked like he went out to lunch with other people. Just as he entered the office, he called for Zhao Han.  

Before Xu Xu could think about it, the matter about the tickets was finished without further worry. At this moment, she unconsciously looked up because she wanted to see Ji Bai’s expression of joy at getting the ticket.

The result…

Ji Bai faintly smiled and said a few words to Zhao Han, and then he handed a stack of tickets back to Zhao Han.

Han Zhan walked out very excitedly, loudly declared: “James is playing a game today. Boss got tickets and moreover they’re front row VIP tickets.”

Everybody cheered and swarmed toward Zhao Han. Yao Meng was also was screaming with excitement. Zhao Han smiled and said: “Don’t fight, don’t fight. Boss said, tickets in the middle are for ladies. Yao Meng, take it!”

Just in a while all the tickets were handed out, everyone excitedly went back to their seats. Zhao Han leaned over and gave three tickets to Xu Xu: “Here is yours, the best spot. And the other tickets, you should give it to your friends.”

Xu Xu didn’t take it: “No need.”

Zhao Han was a bit surprised: “Really? Are you sure? Can I give them to other colleagues?”

Xu Xu nodded and continued working, she thought: How is it possible that Ji Bai could get tickets? She didn’t think about that or care too much so as not to muddle her mind. Xu Xu smiled.

JI Bai had asked a friend to get many tickets this time, the original intent was to reward colleagues for their hard work previously. But before giving the tickets to Zhao Han, he saved the ticket located in the very middle for him then, of course, reminded Zhao Han to give the best seat for the ladies. In the team, the only females were Xu Xu and Yao Meng, that means Xu Xu would sit beside him.

But he didn’t expect that Xu Xu wouldn’t go.

On that Friday night, the city lights were sparkling and the cool night wind was blowing. Cars were parked packed the outside the stadium, the stadium was even brighter with lights and the loud cheering voices. Ji Bai found his place then raised his eyes and smiled, he was slightly shocked.

On his left was Yao Meng but on his right was … old Wu. When he looked around, he noticed there were several colleagues from economic investigation section and no sight of Xu Xu.

Ji Bai sat down and turned around to ask Zhao Han from behind: “Is everybody here?”

Zhao Han replied: “Xu Xu didn’t come, she said she wasn’t interested. When I left, she was still in the office. She said she had some unfinished work left.

Yao Meng excitedly turned around to ask: “Boss, among James and Kobe, who is better?”

Ji Bai answered: “Each person has their own strength.”

A girl from economic investigation section who was sitting beside old Wu turned around and laughed: “I heard that Ji Bai likes James, I like Kobe* better.”

(*Kobe Bryant: another basketball star )

Ji Bai smiled and didn’t answer.

At that time, there was sound of music to heat up the atmosphere, lights were flashing, cheerleaders with short skirts were walking and jumping around in the court. Everyone was silent for a moment then applauded, the atmosphere was fired up. Ji Bai watched for a moment then turned around to ask for a smoke and borrow fire from old Wu.

Lao Wu: “Catching the opportunity to smoke?”

Ji Bai just laughed and got up. Zhao Han said: “Boss, the game is about to start, where are you going?” Yao Meng also turned around, Ji Bai smiled and raised the cigarette: “I’m going out for a smoke.”

Outside the stadium the sky was dark, the shade of trees waving. The sound of cheers from the inside echoed outside and attracted the passersby. Ji Bai stood outside for a while then threw the cigarette butt, and went to pick his car.

Honestly, liking James was something he did when he was younger. The interest had faded now; to see or not to see wasn’t as important, it was only pleasant. There were a lot of people today so he didn’t think it as a date with Xu Xu.

But being at a bustling place without her while thinking that she was alone at the office working overtime, he suddenly felt very dull.

When he drove to the police station’s parking lot, he looked up to see the familiar window with lights, Ji Bai suddenly felt assured.

The building was very quiet; Xu Xu was dazedly sitting in front of the computer

She was a little upset, because she realized that she was regretting her decision.

At that time, she had felt that she didn’t need to do something she wasn’t interested in but sitting in the empty room alone watching the online reports of the game today. She suddenly thought of Ji Bai’s smiling and happy face in the audience.

Getting to stay with him; even if it was a bit boring, it didn’t matter.

Thinking of it, Xu Xu couldn’t help but sigh. But she was sad only for a while, she got up to gather her stuffs, and got ready to go home.

She was about to turn off the computer, when Xu Xu heard the sound of familiar footsteps coming from the hall. She was surprised to see Ji Bail, who looked indifferent with his hands in his pocket walking into the office.

“You didn’t go to see the game?” She was surprised.

Ji Bai shook his cell phone: “The director urgently needed a file.” He subtly glanced at her: “You’re not leaving yet?”

Xu Xu said: “Yes, I still have somethings to do.” Then looked down and opened a document on her computer.

Seeing the focused look of Xu Xu’s, Ji Bai didn’t want to bother her and walked into his officer, turned on the computer to browse the web.

The two sat quietly for half an hour, Ji Bai’s cell phone suddenly rang, it was Zhao Han: “Boss, why haven’t you come back yet? It’s already the second half.”

With a serious tone he said: “I’m busy with something important, I can’t come.” He looked up right when Xu Xu was looking at him.

“Are you hungry? Do you want to have supper?” Ji Bai asked.

Opposite to the police station, across the street there were a few small clean eateries.  Ji Bai picked a noodle place, and sat down with Xu Xu.

Two bowls of noodles arrived, Ji Bai soon finished one bowl. When he looked up, he saw that Xu Xu’s head was a little lowered and was picking a strand of noodle with chopsticks, and chewed carefully. Ji Bai laughed: “You eat like a cat.”

Xu Xu wasn’t hungry; moreover she didn’t have the habit of eating at night. Because she wanted to stay with him, she was eating slowly picking noodle strands one by one with difficulty.

“A little spicy.” She replied without batting an eye.

Ji Bai looked closely; the bowl of soup was certainly red.

Xu Xu continued to lower her head to eat, Ji Bai quietly waited. In the shop, the only customers were them. The owner was standing at counter holding a calculator to calculate today’s turnover. His son was lying on the counter doing his homework. There were few passersby, the streets lit with dim lights.

Ji Bai watched the slightly wavy hair and Xu Xu’s nice white chin. He thought: I didn’t want to see James play but watch her eat noodles here. But he’s doing it willingly and even feels fascinated.

When they walked out from the shop, the two returned to the police station parking lot to take their cars.

Xu Xu’s heavy mood had become enthusiastic. Before she got into the car, she couldn’t help but turn to say: “Goodbye master.. see you tomorrow.” to Ji Bai.

Ji Bai’s mood was also very good, he smiled and nodded: “Yeah, eight o’clock tomorrow, I’ll wait for you at the shooting room.”

Those were very common words, but they made Xu Xu’s face heat up. She was a little uneasy, and immediately lowered her head and lightly nodded then got in the car and drove away without looking back.

JI Bai watched her car until it disappeared; and only got into the car then. Thinking of tonight, he subconsciously laughed. Just as he started the car the mobile phone rang.

This time it was actually the director.

“Ji Bai, Chuan Xian has just reported a murder, it may be related to the human trafficking gang in the province.  The local police asked us to focus on the supervision. You’re going to Chuan Xian tonight.”

“Yes sir.” Ji Bai answered simply.

The director also said: “You may involve and liaison with the local police and also comfort the victim’s family, you should also bring the person who is responsible for external contact in your team.”


The external contact person is Yao Meng, Ji Bai immediately telephoned her and told her to meet up half an hour later at the police station then they drove to Chuan Xian.

The next morning, Xu Xu came to the shooting room at 7:30. She attentively practiced for a while, at eight o’clock, Ji Bai didn’t come.

Eight thirty, he still hadn’t come.

She had just taken out her cell phone, when Ji Bai’s phone call came.

“A case occoured in Chuan Xian, Yao Meng and I came here last night” He spoke very quickly: “I’ll be gone for a week, you practice on your own.”


After hanging up on the phone, Xu Xu’s mood was absolutely normal, when there was work, she certainly wouldn’t think about the affair between men and women.  She decided to search for information related to the case once she got back to the office, perhaps it would be useful within her limited power.

But after a while, JI Bai’s words suddenly emerged in her mind “Yao Meng and I came here last night.”

She remembered the bright smile on Yao Meng’s face while she and Ji Bai raced, remembered Yao Meng looking  at Ji Bai with flicker of complex emotions in her eyes.  Bits and pieces she hadn’t been aware of before suddenly appeared on her mind.

The finger on the trigger trembled slightly. As it turned out that Yao Meng also liked Ji Bai.

Edited by No.5 proofreader

A new case ^^ but this isn’t a big case like Yip. So  going to be a mixture of case and romance.

I hope you had a great Christmass / holidays. Mine was finnnneee lol


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  1. Double update! Lol bless u
    Aww these two are so cute with each other, the UST almost suffocated me lmao
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  2. thanks a lot—!
    lol, i was waiting for this ot come out before i read ch 43, haha! it’s hilarious—! ji bai got those tickets tl spend time with xu xu, xu jun got those tickets so xu xu could spend time with ji bai…in the end, xu xu didn’t come! ahaha! lol, ji bai, you liar—-! rofl! well, they got to spend some time together. also, i realised one of the reasons i’m really excited for when after they get into a relationship, is that i don’t want to see them lying and hiding their feelings and reasoning. for example—! when ji bai went to the office earlier, he said that the director needed a file urgently, but if there were in a relationshipm he’d just be able to say to xu xu that he wanted to see her! directness for the win! well, i don’t know how he’ll act when they’re in the relationship though, rofl!

    • I can say that he’s very direct, they’re both direct. The reason they’re not being honest is because they’re afraid of scaring away the other lol They want to spend more time with each other and naturally mutual love? It’s actually reasonable to me, I would be put off if someone who I’m not into yet be so into me and showing too much.. you feel the pressure and sometimes you want to make sure before you show yourself.. but yeah the after their confession is crazzzzy. It makes me so red and embarrassed while reading it. lol

      • i gree with you about the ‘not wanting ot scare the other away’ part! i mean, if you push your feelings too much to someone, and it’s not reciprocated, it’ll just result in rejection and awkwardness.
        haha, but after getting into the relationship, be direct all you want! say whatever’s on your mind! show all the love—-! oh—? red and embarrassed, eh? that’s going to be exciting! ahahaha!

      • Exactly I like it when they’re direct while in the relationship. That’s exactly like Xu Xu and JB relationship, I can’t take it but I still like it I’m so confusing lol

      • lolol! yay directness! haha, it’s way too romantice and sweet for you, but you still cheer them on and want to know the developments, eh? you’re too invested, lol!

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    Thanks for the chapter.

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    I really tot you would take a few days off for holiday, but thanks god you still update and color up my plain holiday ^^.

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    and finally XX know whats called jealous. When she’s in love, now she can clearly see Yao Meng’s feeling toward JB.

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    • You’re welcome, I’m actually the most free during the holidays time lol because my family don’t really celebrate, we just relax and do nothing all day.

  6. OMG! Flickers of Jealousy is stirring up!! Waiting for the coming chapters, when will that part come which is mentioned in the introduction?? The way they are courting each other, well you can say its interesting, well it certainly is different from what you call normal 😜

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    Thankies for the update!

    • You’re right, too many times. I can’t believe girls have to ask that… kind of sad and funny at the same time. Rofl I mean at least it isn’t a bad hobby and pretty inexpensive but when you starts to wonder if he loves you more or the pc game? lol I don’t even know

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