When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 42

The first day of vacation.

Under the fresh night and soft starlight, Ji Bai was relaxingly sitting on his balcony in his house and sipped the fragrant tea then took out his cell phone to call Zhao Han.

“Boss, what’s wrong?” Zhao received his call, ready for combat by habit.

Ji Bai: “Nothing, just wanted to find time to eat with you within these two days.”

“Well..” Zhao Han relaxed his tone: “How about tomorrow?”

Ji Bai: “What about the day after tomorrow?”

“I’m only free at night on that day. In the morning, Xu Xu asked me to go shooting then we are eating lunch afterwards.

Ji Bai’s lips slightly curled up: “I can’t, I have something going on in the evening.”


“At noon then, it’s fine to have Xu Xu along.” Ji Bai said very casually: “I’ll drive the car to the shooting room to pick you up.”

“That’s fine” Zhao Han frankly answered.

Ji Bai changed the subject: “Oh yes, I have not seen your girlfriend. If she’s free then tell her to come along, I’ll invite you two to dinner.

Zhao Han: “What?… haha.. great.”

Ji Bai suddenly laughed: “Thanks brother, goodbye.”

After hanging up the phone, Zhao Han still did not react. What did boss thank me for? His mind became dizzy because it was so busy thinking.

The matchmakers were a bridge of communication; the bridge often functioned in both directions.

At this time, Zhao Han did not know, but in Xu Xu’s mind, he also had an unprecedented strategic significance.

After finding out about her special feelings toward Ji Bai, the top priority was to learn more about him then decide whether to let go of the pursuit.

After what she had to suffer from the young junior few years ago, Xu Xu also understood, that love is sometimes irrational, the more she analyzed, the more was the probability of choosing the wrong person.   In addition, a person may exhibit very different characteristics while working and every life, such a living example is Xu Jun. While managing the company, he was very strong and durable, he could separate his work from private matters, he never looked at those beautiful secretaries. But after work when he went to the club, he became a womanizer and played all night.   

And so far, what she understood was only working side of Ji Bai, she also needed to know about his habits.

In addition, JI Bai was single and had been scandal free for many years, he was likely to be abstaining, it was a bit farfetched, but she could not rule out the possibilities of homosexuality, sexual dysfunction or abuse.

Zhao Han and Ji Bai had a good relationship; Zhao Han was honest and relatively enthusiastic, so of course for Xu Xu, he naturally became one of the ways to learn more about Ji Bai. Xu Xu usually didn’t care for or was good at relationships, but if it was from her heart, she still could do it with great accuracy.  

That morning, the shooting room was almost empty. When Xu Xu arrived, there was only Zhao Han and another young officer who were standing aiming the target.

Zhao Han dutifully taught Xu Xu for a while, and she also learned very seriously.  After a while, they stopped to rest, Xu Xu looked at the targets ahead and smiled: “Master said you’re good, indeed your reputation is well deserved.”

Zhao Han smiled: “I’m just average, only boss’s skill could be said to be good. Last year, he got first place in the southwest district tournament.”

Xu Xu naturally changed the subject to Ji Bai: “That means he’s excellent in all aspects starting with investigation techniques, marksmanship, physical fitness… To become like him, perhaps one would even be busy in his/her spare time, sounds very tiring.”

Zhao Han replied: “The first few years after he arrived at the police force, he really was like that, he worked all 365 days without any rest. It’s been better these recent years; we often eat and go out to play together.”

“Oh.” Xu Xu handed a bottle of water to him: “What do you usually play?”

Zhao Han drank while answering: “We play billiards, go bowling, sometimes watch football at his house, play some cards or something like that.”

Very good, those were very masculine and healthy hobbies, Xu Xu was about to lead the conversation to another subject, she suddenly noticed Zhao Han was staring behind her.

“Boss, you came really early.” Zhao Han smiled.

Ji Bai wore casual clothing today, he was looking quite tall and young. He naturally placed his hand on the back of Xu Xu’s chair and smiled to Zhao Han: “ You told me about noon, right? I had nothing to do in the morning so I came to see.”

Xu Xu turned around and looked at him, she smiled: “Hello master.”

“Yeah.” Ji Bai glanced at her reddened face: “What were you talking about?”

Zhao Han answered casually: “We were talking about you.” Xu Xu immediately fixed it by saying: “We talked about hobbies.”

Zhao Han nodded, that’s right.

They sat for a moment after that Xu Xu said to Zhao Han: “Let’s go practice.”

Zhao Han nodded, turned around to look, Ji Bai casually said: “Or rather let the boss guide you? It’s a rare opportunity.”

Ji Bai and Xu Xu glanced at each other.

With a brief gaze, XuXu looked away, she replied: “We don’t need to bother master at the moment, you teach me the basic techniques first.”

Xu Xu’s thought was very simple, other than learning to shoot today, the most important objective was to fish for information from Zhao Han. Staying with Ji Bai all the time, she wouldn’t get the chance.

Ji Bai sat in place watching Zhao Han and Xu Xu as she stood in front of the target, talking in a low voice, he let out a helpless laugh. There were countless people at the police station who wanted his guidance, but because he was busy so he always rejected them. Only this little girl strictly wanted to follow the order and shoved him on the side.

A while later more people started to come to the gun practice room, a young police officer came and asked for guidance from him. Ji Bai got up and followed that person, he didn’t continue to care about those two.

After guiding the man for a while, Ji Bai turned around to see a young girl who was looking in front of the shooting practice room.  He followed the young girl’s eyes then noticed Zhao Han hanging up the phone then turn around to say something to Xu Xu and walked towards the girl.

Ji Bai said to the young man: “Continue to practice the points.” Then walked up the Zhao Han.

“Boss, this is my girlfriend. Zhao Han introduced the two of them.

Ji Bai smiled to the girl: “Hello! How do you do? Thank you for supporting Zhao Han’s work.”

After a few pleasantries, the girl curiously asked: “ This is where you practice shooting?”

The chance to show the person you love your working environment and achievements, Zhao Han was most willing. Beside there’s Ji Bai, so he doesn’t have to worry about Xu Xu so he nodded: “Okay, we will meet you two for dinner.”

Xu Xu stood alone in front of the shooting targets, very much absorbed in it. She recalled what Zhao Han said and fired several shots then stopped to rest, suddenly she felt like someone was behind her.

She thought it was Zhao Han, so without looking back she said: “You said my finger doesn’t pull the trigger evenly, so how do I practice this?”

“Fire a shot to show me.” A deep voice said slowly.

The hand that was holding the gun trembled slightly, she turned around to look at him: “Master.”

Ji Bai stood next to her, looking indifferent: “Zhao Han’s girlfriend came so he had to take care of her. You continue to practice.”

Xu Xu nodded, raised the gun straight toward ahead. Just by watching her pose, Ji Bai knew where the problem was.

“Part your legs a little more.” Ji Bai gently kicked her heels.

Xu Xu moved slightly, Ji Bai’s gaze stopped at her waist: “Your waist is too tight, focus your strength but you also need to relax.”

“Yes.” Xu Xu took a deep breath, gently twisted her waist.

Xu Xu was silent for a moment, Xu XU asked: “Anything else?”

Ji Bai’s eyes only left Xu Xu’s fragile waist at that time and moved to her finger on the trigger.

“Your finger is too tight. Don’t strictly follow the method taught in class, hold the gun in the most natural pose.”  Ji Bai slowly said.

Xu Xu adjusted her pose, but perhaps because she practiced for too long today, her finger was stiff, and her pose wasn’t natural. She was about to ask when suddenly a slender hand stretched from behind, clasped her hand that was holding the gun.

Xu Xu was slightly stunned.

A numbing sensation was coming from fingertips. Ji Bai was using the strong fingers of his to gently adjusting her slender white fingers. Then the fingers intertwined together were placed on the cold dark trigger. His breath was very close, just above her ear.

He spoke in a deep voice: “Ok, shoot.”

“Bang!” Xu Xu pulled the trigger almost immediately after hearing that.

The shot was off target.  Xu Xu soon calmed down.

He led her hand to fire several more shots; the shooting score was getting better and Xu Xu’s face had started burning.

Ji Bai soon let go of her, his face was calm as water: “Remember this position.” Then he walked to others who were shooting targets.

Xu Xu practiced for a while then looked over at Ji Bai’s direction; he stood beside another male police officer, calmingly advising the man on holding position of the gun.

Xu Xu silently thought: “Very good, he subconsciously does not exclude, and is even used to physical contact with different gender like me, this is a good start.”

Ji Bai looked at the stout guy sweating in front of him but the fresh smell from Xu Xu still lingered around him, his fingertips could still feel the sensation of those soft white ones. This caused his mind to be slightly disturbed, but the feeling was still very pleasant, very comfortable.

He would directly ask the kid, Zhao Han, to not come next week, he silently thought.

After a while, Zhao Han came back with his girlfriend. Almost at noon, the four left the gun room and walked to the roadside looking for a place to eat.

Zhao Han’s girlfriend, Man Man was a gentle and cheerful pretty girl, Zhao Han and Ji Bai was also talkative. And Xu Xu intended to learn more about Ji Bai so she also was more natural than usual, so the atmosphere during the meal was very pleasant.

Out of the restaurant, Zhao Han was holding his girlfriend and said: “Do you have any plans for this afternoon? Man Man wants to go get a haircut.”

Ji Bai nodded and was about to say: “Just go on about your own things then.” when he heard Xu Xu say: “I also want a haircut.”

The three of them stared at her ear length short hair, Xu Xu casually said: “I want a trim, master you want to go?

Ji Bai: “Okay, I’ll go with everyone.”

Honestly, Xu Xu didn’t want a haircut; she just wanted to spend more time with Ji Bai, to observe him in his everyday life.  But she totally did not think about how two of them alone could improve the relationship so she had made the suggestion to go get their haircut together.

Man Man took them to a very high end salon. Zhao Han naturally stood beside Man Man and listened to her giving requests to the hairdresser. And Xu Xu sitting on a tall chair, could see Ji Bai holding a magazine and sitting down on a black leather sofa in the waiting area through the mirror in front of her.

The high end salons staffs were very attentive. A pretty girl brought him a cup of hot tea as soon as he sat down: “Sir, do you want to have a head massage?”

Ji Bai did not look up: “No, thank you.”

The staff smiled: “The massage is free. Your friend is having a haircut so you will probably have to wait for a while.”

Ji Bai: “ No need.”

The staff smiled and left.

Perhaps because his tall, handsome, and extraordinary aura was too striking, just a moment later a male staff approached him, politely said: “Sir, do you want to a shampoo?”

Ji Bai was still calm as before: “No, thank you.”

Very good, no frivolous body language and not even a subtle difference in expressions between men and women.

Xu Xu looked away from the mirror. At this time, a hairdresser was looking at her short hair behind her, smiled and said: “How do you want your hair? Do you want to dye it or permed?”

Xu Xu picked up a magazine lying beside her, slowly said: “Just a trim, don’t change my current hairstyle.”

The hairdresser’s smile stiffened.

Quickly finishing, Xu Xu got down from the chair and walked toward the front desk to pay. At this time, Ji Bai put down the magazine and stared at her new haircut but did not find significant change in her hairstyle. This made him a little surprised, as it turned out, she’s quite particular about her appearance like ordinary women.

Leaving the salon, Man Man suggested they go shopping for clothes. Xu Xu, of course, said: “I also want to go, do you want to go, master?”

Ji Bai glanced at the two “large light bulbs*”, and nodded lightly and followed them.

(*means being the third wheel)

Zhao Han was quite confused. Although he’s an upstanding man and don’t mind the two light bulbs.  But they went to more than ten shops, Man Man becomes more passionate while Ji Bai and Xu Xu just calmly stand in place with an enigmatic look.  

Perhaps this is how people with high IQs went shopping? Zhao Han didn’t get the chance to ruminate before  Man Man called him over.

The sun was almost down, when the four stepped out to the sunny sidewalks. Zhao Han was carrying bags, Man Man was holding Xu Xu’s arm very affectionately while Ji Bai was walking behind them. Zhao Han was about to suggest to go see movies, when Ji Bai’s phone suddenly rang so he wandered off to pick up.

The three of them stood on the side to wait for him. Then Man Man saw a jewelry store in front, Xu Xu said she had no interest so Man Man went into the store alone.

Xu Xu and Zhao Han stood outside the store. In front of them was an adult toys store with several realistic advertisement arts posted at the entrance. The two stood in silent for a moment before Xu Xu suddenly said: “If you want to buy then go ahead.”

Zhao Han was stunned: “What?”

Xu Xu looked at the adult store: “Condoms. Haven’t you been looking over there?” Zhao Han blushed, Xu Xu continued: “Man Man will agree. When she came close to that store, her expression was unnatural and she also glanced at you.”

Zhao Han was embarrassed. He and his girlfriend were indeed at the last unclear important stage, to do or not. Of course this private thing no one else knew but a stiff girl like Xu Xu directly pointed them to his face. He cannot help but be embarrassed because her words directly hit on his target, Zhao Han said a few words then ran into the jewelry shop to escape.

Xu Xu observed the adult store for a moment then walked there.

Ji Bai got off the phone and turned around, but found no one. He looked around to see Xu Xu standing expressionlessly in front of a store calls “Good sex” and she was looking down at her phone. Beside her was a billboard at the head height which was painted with a half nude masculine western man and a sentence beside it read: “Quickly Increases to three more times within an hour and is long lasting and good.”

Ji Bai laughed, she’s really not concerned about the surrounding. He walked closer, didn’t plan to point it out, only faintly said to her: “Let’s go!”

Xu Xu raised her eyes to look at him. His first reaction was very natural, not the slightest bit embarrassed or anxious, neither did he avoid nor was averse to it. It seems to be no secret illness.

Coming out of the jewelry store, Zhao Han suggested they go to the movies. This time, Ji Bai didn’t give Xu Xu the opportunity to open her mouth, he immediately replied: “We won’t be light bulbs any longer, you two have fun.”

Xu Xu was silent for a moment then said to them: “Goodbye.”

Han Zhao was in joy so immediately pulled Man Man to leave. Of course, they didn’t go the movies.

It was twilight and the street was full of people came and went, Ji Bai and Xu Xu were silent for a moment then Ji Bai spoke: “I want to buy shoes, if you have time then come with me.”


Both of them went to the mall.

In fact, buying shoes was just an excuse, Ji Bai usually wore shoes only from select few brands so he quickly picked one, the whole process only took twenty minutes. An idea flashed through his mind, turned around to ask Xu Xu: “Do you want to choose one?”

The woman’s shoes area was a lot more dazzling than the mens with different new styles of summer shoes.  A saleswoman saw them and welcomed them with a smile: “Miss, you want to buy summer shoes right?” Xu Xu nodded and followed her. Ji Bai eyed the shelves full of shoes and stopped on a pair of sandals.  

“Try this pair.” Ji Bai took the pair of sandals towards her.  Before Xu Xu could speak, the saleswoman laughed: “Your boyfriend has good eyes, this is our best seller.”

Xu Xu received the scandals, and naturally said to the saleswoman: “He’s not my boyfriend, he’s my superior.”

The salesperson glanced at Ji Bai, he pretended that he did not hear and looked indifferent.

Xu Xu originally wanted a pair of black leather closed toe sandals, revealing only the instep. The pair that Ji Bai picked out was a light blue lace open toed sandals.  Xu Xu changed and stood up, the saleswoman praised with exaggerated tone: “It’s very suitable for you. Your feet are small and white, you look delicate and feminine wearing it.”

Ji Bai looked at her little feet with revealed ankles.

Ji Bai had a happy look his face, the saleswoman also was looking at her: “It’s a little childish.” After that, he pointed toward the pair of black sandal she noticed early: “I want to try this pair.”

Ji Bai: “…”

The saleswoman: “Isn’t it a bit too old looking?”

Xu Xu: “No, It’s mature.”

The black mature shoes on Xu Xu’s, also looked pretty in its own way.  Xu Xu was and satisfied went to pay. But the saleswoman was still regretful about the light blue scandals, Ji Bai stood in indifferent silence.

After she brought the shoes, Xu Xu received a call from Xu Jun asking her to go dinner. Today, she had a big harvest because she ruled out the possibilities of homosexuality, sexual dysfunctions, and sexual abuse. His attitude in everyday life is also healthy and gentle. So Xu Xu happily left Ji Bai without lingering.   

Ji Bai drove the car to leave the mall. After a few minutes he turned around and went back, he went back to that shoe store. The saleswoman smiled seeing him. Ji Bai indifferently paid: “She changed her mind.”

Back at home, Ji Bai put away the shoes into the shoe closet. Looking at the little delicate sandals within the pile of men’s sneakers, Ji Bai unconsciously laughed.

Edited by No.5 Proofreader ^^

So funny, sweet, and embarrassing, right? lol

Hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as me.

Merry Christmas everyone ^^

54 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 42

  1. Hahahaha both of them attracted to each other, both of them thinking to give pirsuit to each other, but because how good their act and scheme was, no one realise that actually they already have mutual feeling. It is really hilarious and cute, my first time read a story which both female and male lead give pursuit and in very clever way.
    Thanks for bringing this wonderful novel!!!

  2. thanks a lot!
    ji bai—i see your plan! i knew you weren’t going to let zhao han teach xu xu, rofl, though i know that from the series summary, haha! xu xu’s analysis of all aspects is so amusing, but also really cool! xu xu’s investigation from zhao han! oh my—! ji bai, you cunning—! shooting training…shooting training…-mutters to self-
    lol xu xu—! you’re hilarious! she’s just trying to help zhao han, though! wah, ji bai and xu xu are just looking for wsys to spend time with each other, lol! ji bai, you…
    ….i can’t stop grinning throughout reading this chapter, haha!

  3. *squees* kya kya kyaaaaaa~~~~ He bought the shoes!!! Ji Bai is adorable!!!! Also, seeing them with the same intentions but still completely missing each other in understanding is freaking hilarious!!! XD Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!!

  4. Thanks. This episode is so funny. Both are starting to take action. So embarrassing for ZH to be told by XX what is the next step to take. So sweet of JB to buy the shoes for XX. Looking forwards to their next moves.

  5. I can’t stop thinking of the possibility that during Xu Xu’s “investigation” of Ji Bai, when she gets to visit his house and see those delicate blue sandals, she might think that he’s a crossdresser. LOL.

    So cute~ Poor Lebron James got abandoned by a fan. Hahahaha.

    Tiffiexland, could it be that before-relationship phase is sweeter than the after-relationship phase???

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