When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 41

Early in the morning, with a gloomy sky and chilly air, Xu Xu was driving on the empty road.

Yesterday Ji Bai said the morning exercise would resume a few days later. She thought that she would be able to rest comfortably. Surprisingly, after the case ended, the biological clock on routine, once again, she automatically opened her eyes at five this morning, wide awake.

Just go with the flow.

It was the beginning of summer, the sky became bright early.  Arriving at the entrance of the stadium, Xu Xu could already see countless people exercising, running past in front of her. Xu Xu habitually eyed around the stadium, but she couldn’t find Ji Bai’s figure. After that, she started to run slowly.

Today, Ji Bai had gotten up on time. After many years of being a police officer, he had already adapted to the reversed day and night, and exhaustion during the major cases. After the case ended, he could naturally return to his daily routine.

He had finished with the exercise equipment. Ji Bai was dripping with sweat, sitting on equipment resting,  he readily looked in the new “slender” folder on his mobile phone. Hearing familiar footsteps, Ji Bai immediately looked up and saw the petite girl run past.

Ji Bai looked at her slender body, lips slightly curled up, he put away the phone in his pocket and followed her.

Hearing the calm and strong footsteps from behind, Xu Xu, by habit, moved to the inside to make way for others. That person was running closer and closer, his body heat passing by her shoulder. After that, her head was patted.

Xu Xu looked up to see that Ji Bai’s tall body was right in front of her, his angular face was soaked with sweat, smiles appearing in his eyes.

Xu Xu faintly smiled in surprise: “Master.”

Ji Bai’s heart was at ease, indifferently nodding: “How many laps?”

“Half a lap.”

“Continue to run.”

However, a tall and strong man like Ji Bai suddenly slowed down to jog beside Xu Xu, this was too eye-catching. An acquaintance from the economic investigation section ran back, a faint smile across his face.

Ji Bai calmly greeted him. But he had no intention to keep jogging at her snail speed. After a while, the two were in a distance. While jogging alone, Ji Bai thought: “It isn’t good to go on like this. Haven’t succeeded pursuing, reputation would be affected.” Ji Bai would never want his private affair to become the center of attention, Xu Xu also wouldn’t. Moreover, in most cases, public opinions were likely to be counterproductive.

It seemed that he needed to be more low-key and act in a pragmatic manner.

Finished jogging, the two sat in the meeting room, quietly reading the newspaper and eating breakfast under the sunlight as usual.

Ji Bai suddenly asked: “How’s your shooting and strength training progress?

Xu Xu replied: “I do strength training every day at home. Starting this weekend, I’m planning to go practice shooting.”

Ji Bai stayed silent, after a while, he put away the newspaper and faintly said: “Do you have any problems with shooting techniques?”

Xu Xu knew that his marksmanship was number one in the city, but to kill chickens, a person doesn’t need the knife used to kill bulls*, she wasn’t planning on troubling him: “Thank you, Master, not any at the moment. I made plans with Zhao Han on this weekend, he will teach me how to shoot.”

** The knife that can kill bull is Ji Bai and kill chickens is like practice shooting

Ji Bai glanced at her: “Zhao Han’s marksmanship is not bad, work hard on learning from him.”

The focus of today’s work was the Yip case concluding matters. Zhao Han and Xu Xu were responsible for recording Ye Jin’s statement regarding the details of the case.

Ye Jin was cooperative. But compared to yesterday’s calm demeanor, she looked a bit haggard, eyes were red and swollen.

Ending the recording, Xu Xu got up and was about to leave, Ye Jin suddenly raised her head and looked straight at XuXu.

“If you were me, would you do it?”

Xu Xu stunned, silent for a moment, stared at her while replying: “No.”

Ye Jin faintly smile, nodded. After that, she said: “Can I speak with officer Ji alone?”

Out of the interrogation room, Zhao Han asked: “Why did she ask you that question?”

Xu Xu softly replied: “Because she felt that I’m just like her.”

When Ji Bai walked into the interrogation room, Ye Jin did not immediately speak. She looked at Ji Bai, but her eyes seemed to be looking at somewhere far away. “Last night, I suddenly thought of a possibility.”

Ji Bai remained silent.

A ray of light flashed through her eyes: “It seems that you feel the same. So you won’t let him escape punishment from the law, right? Although Ye Jin’s expression was relatively cold but faint hope was revealed in her eyes.

Ji Bai slowly nodded: “I won’t.”

Ye Jin smiled in reply.

Ji Bai had just left the room when officer Hu came to report: “Ye family members are here.”

Ji Bai looked out the window. The sunlight illuminated the spacious police front yard.  Zhang Shiyong, Ye Zi Xiao, and Wu Tse, and other family members were walking in from the green lawn. Everyone’s face was solemn and some eyes were red.

Ji Bai went downstairs and walked toward them.

After nodding to everyone, Ji Bai turned to Zhang Shiyong: “Mr.Zhang, I want to speak to you.”

Zhang Shiyong was wearing a black suit with a solemn expression. He looked at Ji Bai and nodded. Ye Zi Xiao looked at the two walking far away, silent, without saying a word.

The parking lot located behind the police station building was empty, Ji Bai lit a cigarette and took a deep inhale.

“Captain Ji, what do you want to talk about in the end?” Zhang Shiyong lightly smiled, though it was not really a smile

Ji Bai raised his black eyes and quietly watched him. His look made Zhang Shiyong startled.

Ji Bai slowly spoke: “The economic investigation division has investigated all of Ye Zi Xi’s accounts before her death, they have found some illegal records. There is a financial company specialized in doing documents for her, but that financial company proved to be a ghost company. The police also haven’t discovered that huge investments loss.”

Zhang Shiyong faintly smiled, without saying a word.

Ji Bai continued: “Four of the Ye children appeared at the scene on that night. Three are about to go prison.” He looked at Zhang Shiyong: “ Mr.Zhang, do you think this is a coincidence or is there a reason behind it?”

Zhang Shiyong smile deepened: “You mean to say that this is not a coincidence but it was deliberately arranged?”

Their eyes met, Ji Bai’s expression became cold: “That’s right, even though that person was very careful, but he still left traces.

According to Ye Zi Qiang’s testimony, before going to see Ye Zi Xi on that night, he ate dinner with you. Ye Jin said, in the recent years, Ye Qiang had calm down a lot, and was rarely impulsive. This makes me wonder, is it really because of a drink that he accidentally killed Ye Zi Xi. With Zi Qiang’s violent nature, even a tiny amount of drugs can cause him to start having violent impulses. Of course, this is only a possibility, whether he took the drug or not, it isn’t possible to find the evidence now.

And according to Ye Jin’s confession, she called her brother right at the time of the incident on that night because there was a problem with a “real estate project”. If I remember correctly, real estate division … isn’t it you, Mr.Zhang, who is in charge of it? Ye Zi Qiang originally didn’t want to drag Ye Jin into the water, but the call was at the right time. With Ye Jin’s character, she would immediately notice the problem and intervene.

From these speculations, Ye Qiao going to the villa on that night also wasn’t strange. In addition, the wanted criminal who ran away with Ye Zi Xi’s 2 billion dollars was a Chinese-European, while you had also studied in Europe. I have investigated; you two attended the same university.

And, the recent economic situation of the Zhang family business isn’t good. There are frequent rumors that shareholders are withdrawing their investments.”

Zhang Shiyong’s expression was originally indifferent. Hearing Ji Bai speak until the last sentence, the smile on his face faded. But he quickly smiled at Ji Bai: “Indeed, the Godly Investigator Ji. But what you just speculated was very reasonable, but regrettably, I did not do what you just alluded. So, I also don’t think you will find the evidence. All that for nothing,  Godly Investigator Ji.”

The unbridled mockery of Zhang Shiyong, but Ji bai only faintly looked at him. Ji Bai’s expression disclosed calmness and determination.  

Zhang Shiyong slightly wavered when he heard a low voice say: “At this time, I indeed don’t have the evidence. *But the web of law is vast, but difficult to escape. For investigation police officers like us, this verse is not just a saying. I really believe in it, Mr.Zhang, do you believe it?”

**It’s a proverb, it generally means loopholes in the law, but one would still be unable to escape from punishment. I couldn’t find the right translation for that proverb after searching so I gave up. Let me know if you know the right one for it.***

Watching Ji Bai’s figure until he was far away, Zhang Shiyong thought about his words, he finally became impatient and fiercely cursed Ji Bai a few times to himself. But when he came back to the lounge of the police station, he had returned to his usual refined look.

Seeing his wife, Ye Qiao, in the visiting room, Zhang Shiyong gently held her hands: “Qiao Qiao, you won’t stay inside for long, I’ll wait for you to come out.”

Compared to the pained look from a few days before, at that moment, Ye Qiao looked very calm, even though her beautiful face had become increasingly haggard. She pulled her hands out of Zhang Shiyong’s hands, quietly shaking her head.

Zhang Shiyong looked at her without saying anything.

“Shiyong,” Ye Qiao raised her eyes to look at him, eyes without any waves: “I want a divorce.”

Zhang Shiyong seemed to be unable to believe his ears and somewhat sarcastically said to her: “Ye Qiao, do you know what you are saying? You want to divorce me?”

Ye Qiao slowly nodded.

Zhang Shiyong laughed: “Do you know the Yip that has been left to you and Zi Xiao is in a mess? If you were to leave me, perhaps after getting out from prison, your life will be very difficult. Stop thinking nonsense, I can promise that the position of Mrs. Zhang will always be yours.”

But Ye Qiao did not answer, she raised her head and quietly looked at him. He had never seen such a look of calmness, decisiveness and certain contempt on his wife’s face. The familiar look of admiration, fear, love, and hate had completely disappeared.

Not waiting for him to speak, Ye Qiao had stood up, saying to the police officer beside her: “Officer, the conversation can end now.”

Looking at Ye Qiao’s back as she disappeared through the door, Zhang Shiyong was silent for a moment. He tidied his suit, stood up and stepped outside, continuing to act as a member of the Ye family and comforting close relatives.

A few months later, the criminal that ran away with the huge amount of money from Yip finally got arrested overseas. According to Ji Bai’s suggestion, the economic investigation section continued focusing on investigating the relationship of that case and Zhang Shiyong. Finally, the police got evidence to bring the new “ boss gangster” of the business world in Lin City to prison. But that is in the future.

These few days, the most aggrieved and quiet member of Yip was Ye Zi Xiao.

Near the room, people who came to visit the Ye family had gone. The halls which were originally crowded had become quiet, sometimes there were two to three police officers walking back and forth.

Ye Zi Xiao sat alone on the long bench lowering his head down in silence.

Ye Jin said to him: “Zi Xiao, later the Ye family will rely on you.” She also said: “Don’t trust Zhang Shiyong, trust in Wu.”

He could only tearfully nod.

When Ye Zi Xi died, he used to resent his oldest brother and resent third sister and ignored the other family members. But now, Ye Zi Xiao could truly taste the real taste of fragmentation. The extreme grief was blocked in his chest, with nowhere to release it. Thinking of the images of his big brothers wail and third sister quietly crying, thinking of the father who locked himself in his room and refused to see anyone, even him, he felt pain like a knife was cutting his heart.

Xu Xu left the office and was going to the cafeteria on the top floor to eat lunch. Looking up to see Ye Zi Xiao in a suit with one hand holding his face and a lowered head, sitting in the corner of the corridor, she could only see the stubble on the chin on his face.

Xu Xu didn’t know how to comfort others. She stopped in front of Ye Zi Xiao for a moment, but he didn’t seem to notice. At this time, Xu Xu suddenly remembered Ji Bai’s appearance when he comforted her when she was sad about Zi Xi’s death. So she copied Ji Bai, squatted down, and looked at Ye Zi Xiao’s face at a very close distance. After that, she said what she wants to say to him the most:

“Ye Zi Xiao, you have to be strong.”

Ye Zi Xiao lifted the hand on his face, watching her with red eyes.

Four eyes gazed for a moment and Ye Zi Xiao nodded.

Xu Xu was about to get up and leave when Ye Zi Xiao suddenly said: “Xu Xu, let me hug you once.” His voice was hoarse and dry.

Xu Xu was silent for a moment: “Alright.”

Just stopped, her waist was held tight. Ye Zi Xiao immediately pulled her into his arms. He buried his head into her shoulder and his arms tightened.

A man’s wide chest, his rapid heartbeat, and his breaths made Xu Xu slightly dazed.

Then Ye Zi Xiao lets go of her: “Thank you.”

At the other end of the corridor, the squad in 2 to 3 groups were leaving the office to go to eat. Seeing the scene of two of them hugging, nobody spoke up. Only Ji Bai squinted, looked at Ye Zi Xiao’s depressed eyes that seemed to be suppressing his complex feelings, then looked at Xu Xu’s calm and gentle little face. After that, Ji Bai turned around and went upstairs with his colleagues.

After dinner, Ji Bai went back to the office, leaned back on the chair and closed his eyes to rest. Outside of the office was quiet. A little while later, he heard the familiar gentle footsteps. Ji Bai opened his eyes and saw Xu Xu coming in the office, sitting down opposite to him.

“Today, Ye Jin asked me, if I were her, would I do the same?” She said: “She felt that we’re the same kind of people.”

Ji Bai lightly said: “You wouldn’t, you’re different.”

Xu Xu nodded since she also thought the same. Perhaps Ye Jin and she were alike in their qualities, but Xu Xu always knew what she wanted to pursue, while Ye Jin was trapped by the one word “Ye”, never able to escape.

The Yip case was the first major case Xu Xu was involved in. After the truth had been revealed, Xu Xu’s heart inevitably felt heavy. Ye Jin had made her feel regretful. When her mood was disturbed, she subconsciously wanted to talk to Ji Bai.

His firm tone made her feel very warm. The heavy feelings from the Yip case seemed to dissipate completely.

The two did not speak again. After a while, Ji Bai asked: “How is Ye Zi Xiao?” His tone was indifferent; his black eyes were staring at her face.

Xu Xu looked at Ji Bai, her face slightly red: “I believe he will quickly regain his spirit.”

This response didn’t escape Ji Bai’s eyes, this is bad. He immediately said: “It’s good to be concerned about friends, but he is involved in the case and you are a police officer who is responsible for it, so you have to pay attention to your reputation at the police station, so just this once.”*

Xu Xu honestly nodded: “I’m sorry, I understand. There won’t be next time, we probably won’t come in contact in the future.”

A faint smile appeared in the corner of Ji Bai’s lips like the wind that passed by: “Okay, you know where to draw the line.”

Finally, the police team had a few rare holidays. Xu Xu went home, picked up some everyday clothes, then went to Xu Jun’s apartment.

“ I have three days off so I’ve come here to be with you,” Xu Xu said concisely.

Xu Jun smiled, rubbing her hair: “I’m fine.”

Xu Xu did not know how to express her concern for her brother in any other way, only companionship. Xu Jun understood her intention.

Xu Xu nodded, sat on the couch to turn on the computer to search the web for a while. Just looking up, Xu Xu saw that Xu Jun was holding a can of beer in his hand, standing by the window and looking up at the stars.

Xu Xu got up and walked over: “ Brother, hug me.”

Xu Jun laughed, opening his arms to hug his sister into his arms: “Scared of too much love*. Come, let me hug you for a moment.”

*It’s a saying that you feel afraid when you are too loved.  

After a few seconds, Xu Xu lets go Xu Jun, frowning, thinking. Her face was slightly red.
Xu Jun noticed the abnormality, asked: “What’s wrong?”

Xu Xu replied: “Recently, I was hugged by three men, including you, in their arms, but the feelings from the three are different.”

Xu Jun’s eyes opened wide: “Wait a minute, who were the other two who also hugged you? In addition to hugging you, did they do anything else?”

Xu Xu did not answer, she stared at the night out the window: “Brother, you don’t have to arrange blind dates for me in the near future.”

Xu Jun was stunned, did this mean his little sister had someone in her heart?

But his little sister was always at the police station, only coming in contact with police officers.

“Didn’t you say that you won’t choose a police officer?” Xu Jun’s heart raised complex emotions; surprise, curious, happy, and a little anxiety were all indescribably tangled.

Xu Xu couldn’t explain to her brother about the rational conflicts in her and her feelings. Her mood was slightly chaotic, she could only sigh, replying: “I just changed with time.” After a while, she sighed and said: “Moreover, not sure I’ll get him.”

Edited by No.1 Proofreader 

Yes, now their love is mutual. It’s funny how both of them don’t notice, probably because Xu Xu is dense and her methods are a bit off. You’ll see in next chapter how she does it. And, I see that the author hints that Shiyong will get caught eventually… I want more, but I guess that’s better than nothing.

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  1. thanks a lot!
    yes—-! zhang shiyong is going to prison—! woo woo—! but i wanted him to face a heavier sentence! he’s the mastermind, right?! also, good for you, ye qiao! just divorce that horrid man! ugh! wah—-! zi xiao! i feel so sorry for him! i think he’ll be a better man after this…i hope so!
    ji bai,you—! you can be jealous however you like, but don’t mask it with work-related stuff! hmph! -makes a funny face at him-
    xu xu and xu jun’s sibling relationship is so cute and wonderful—-! i was laughing so hard when xu xu told him that he’s the third person to hug her in recent times! and then xu jun got all shocked and protective, rofl! wahaha, that last scene was really interesting lol—-!

      • yeah, he’s mixing it—! i don’t actually mind him mixing it, but odn’t use work as an excuse to cover for your own personal reasons! ahaha! i know right—That sibling scene was adorable—!

      • Of course he wouldn’t say oh I’m saying it because I’m jealous since he thinks Xu Xu doesn’t like him yet, he doesn’t want to lose the chance before starting. But he afraid of other rival take her away before she falls for him.. very complicated. lol

      • yeah, it’s very complicated—! haha, i understood that, too! but he doesn’t have to bring work into it! i mean, the case is closed, and the officers are allowed to socialise with whoever they want!

      • Because he doesn’t have any other reasons lol actually it’s a reasonable explanation, it’s actually that way from my understanding. People really care about how others talk and think..

      • haha, it’s reasonable, sure! but he has other motives behind it, lol, which is the part that makes me unhappy, rofl! and actually, i think protocol and people talking would usually only refer to when the case is ongoing, not when the case is already completed. i mean, otherwise, there’d be a lot of restrictions with regards to socialising for officers…hahaha! well, people talk regardless of what anyone does, so…whatls that saying? ‘you can’t please everyone’or something!

      • yeah of course I wouldn’t say that it’s acceptable but I don’t think it’s a big deal. I actually thought Xu Xu would argue against that but I guess because she didn’t actually care about Zi Xi~~~ Well that’s ideal, honestly no matter how it’s good to not think about people and actually don’t care if they talk bs but personally I only manage to do it like half of the time. It’s hard and when people talk it definitely affects your reputation regardless if it’s true or not. And people who don’t know you will judge you on that eventually it gets in the way of what you want to do.

      • haha, it’s not that big a deal, but i just don’t like him masking his motives with work, lol! zi xi? you mean zi xiao, right? all these similar-sounding names—!
        haha, that’s right, peer/societal pressure is hard to shake off! but, well, i think people who know what they want, and are able to use actions to prove themselves, would not really care about it. the feeling of light-heartedness when you don’t care is great though, haha!

  2. Wow, the intricate mind of Shiyong…..I am amazed. For Ji Bai to figure it out, no wonder he’s the number one investigator. Is it true that the author is only hinting that Shiyong is going to get caught, but not actually writing the details? I can’t wait for these two to date. Both of them are so serious so I wonder who’s going to be the initiator.

    • Yeah, I don’t remember she is going to dig much into this.. but I might be wrong since I read it quite a while ago. And their romance is quite “hot” despite them being serious lol.. a lot of like sweet like candy moments ahead

  3. Thanks for the update. Glad everything wrapped up. Things are getting cute with JB and XX. So many funny moments.

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  6. Thankies for this update!

    I like Ji Bai’s way of thinking in pursuing Xu Xu, that he should be low-key and pragmatic so that it will not affect BOTH of their reputation. In office romance, it is best to avoid it (Remember How I Met Your Mother’s “Don’t kill the bar~”?) but if not possible, JB’s way is really preferable. Many may like out-loud way of pursuing, but I hate to be put on the spot.

    Zhang Shiyong is the classic villain; ingenious schemer behind the scenes, will kill if bothersome, manipulator, a womanizer, and a good pretender. Dang, usually they’re hard to catch. JB and XX, ganbare~

    • Yeah so true, it’s like forcing that person to give you a chance if you put them in the spot.. T_T Oh yes I hate him but I have to applause him for his intelligent. It’s better if it’s to do good than evils like he’s doing now though.

      • True true. I actually hate love stories of female leads who already has a boyfriend and the back story was that she was forced back then to accept him because of peer pressure and not love.

        The guy’s ruthlessly a genius. He would be a cool male lead material if he was only a Fu Hei (black belly), and not a cheater and a schemer of murder.

      • Oh yes exactly I can’t see it as beautiful love. Mutual agreement to be together is the basic. Oh yes, he would be perfect without the cheater and mastermind behind the murder.

  7. Hi quick question. I can’t open the next chapter. Is it because it hasn’t been translated yet?

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