When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 36

“Xu Xu, only my girlfriend has the right to control me, my apprentice cannot.” Finishing the sentence, Ji Bai naturally stared at her.

Xu Xu also looked at him, she replied directly: “I don’t want to control you.”

Seeing her pure and sparkling eyes, Ji Bai felt stuffed in his chest. She had always been outspoken, to say it like that means she doesn’t have the slightest interest in him.

Irritation gradually spread throughout him, Ji Bai held the cigarette up his mouth.

Surprisingly, she went on to say: “Master, I was concerned about you.”

She looked serious and sincere. Perhaps Xu Xu rarely took the initiative to express good intention to others, her pale little face was flushed.

Ji Bai is silent for a moment then his mouth curls up.

He put out the cigarette then threw it  in the ashtray and looked at her: “Alright, I’ll listen to you.”

Xu Xu smiled and continued: “In fact, there are many methods to de-stress, smoking is an unhealthy method. I believe, you also know that; also, it isn’t hard to quit smoking.”Xu Xu said seriously.

Ji Bai listened to the soft voice beside him, his heart seemed to have become lazy and comfortable.

He thought: “Ji Bai, Ji Bai, her thoughts are simple and very slow.  Today, because of a few words from her, your mood has been up and down like a little child. You have to make her heart unconsciously follow you, you cannot lead her by the nose.”

He thought for a bit and then, Ji Bai dully said: “You’re right, but I’m a heavy smoker and it’s very difficult to quit. You are a professional, and concerned about me. You should help me quit smoking.”

Xu Xu nodded: “Yes. I’ll look up some information and we’ll make a plan.”

While the two were talking, the room’s door was pushed open.

Officer Wu was on the phone and nodded at the two of them. After, he pulled a chair to sit down, seeing that there were people who followed officer Wu, Ji Bai naturally changed his behavior, he was about to pull back his arm placed behind Xu Xu’s chair when Yao Meng walked in.

Seeing Ji Bai’s action and Xu Xu who was sitting obediently next to him, she felt shocked.

Ji Bai’s expression didn’t change, he also didn’t move his arm. He calmly gazed over Yao Meng’s face. Yao Meng’s mouth pulled out a smile, she put down her bag then sat down.

At this time, Ji Bai naturally pulled back his arm. Yao Meng dazedly once again met Ji Bai’s eyes. Seeing his placid face, a faint feeling of disbelief and lost arose in her heart. But since she couldn’t see through Ji Bai, so she could only drop her gaze.


After officer Wu hung up the phone,  his face was full of excitement: “Boss, there are two important new discoveries.”

What officer Wu discovered was justly very important.

Firstly, the second daughter had an alibi. According to her statement, that day later than eleven o’clock at night, she was sitting alone downstairs in the garden. The Ye family had a driver who is nearly fifty years old, and was on leave for the past few days, returned today. He told the police that on the night of the murder, he had seen Ye Jin. He lived in the worker’s place not far from the second daughter couple’s place.

Since he slept late every day, he had seen Ye Jin strolling in the garden.

Hearing of the sudden alibi, Ji Bai and Xu Xu frowned.

The second discovery was about the third daughter Qiao Shi.

The police had gone over the surveillance camera recordings on the roads around the crime scene area and of the Ye family home. Today, the police finally found photographic evidence that Qiao Shi drove pass by a camera at nine forty-seven on that night. That means she had gone out on that night.

After listening to Ji Bai and Xu Xu’s analysis, officer Wu agreed: “It seems that the main suspects are the youngest daughter and her husband. But boss, what is the evidence that you say?”

Ji Bai slightly smiled: “Clothes.”

Xu Xu enlightened: “The clothes that Zhang Shiyong took from the crime scene on that day.”

Ji Bai nodded.

Officer Wu reflected and Yao Meng hesitated.

JI Bai slowly explained: “From the messy closet at the villa, it can be predicted that after Zi Xi stopped breathing, Zhang Shiyong gathered all of his clothes and personal belongings. It was in the middle of the night then, how did he dispose of them?”

Throw them on the road? He wouldn’t do that. All of his clothes are famous hand-tailored,  the target will be easily found. The police quickly searched all the areas around Lin Shan. Throwing away clothes is the same as exposing oneself.

He wouldn’t bring it back to the company. All the elevators were equipped with cameras; the police would thoroughly check the camera recordings. The next morning after the incident, if he were to carry a large box of clothes, it would be too eye-catching.

His only option would be to bring it back home.

There was continuous incoming and outgoing of the police in the Ye family home, these past few days.

Moreover, the next morning after the murder took place, our team had already started monitoring the Ye family members twenty-four hours a day, he had no chance to get rid of it.”

Officer Wu continued: “His clothes must still be in his hands, there is a high probability that they are inside his car’s trunk. If we can find these clothes, we can find the clues to the case.”

Four people were silent for a while, Xu Xu asked: “Can we apply for a search warrant?”

Before Ji Bai could reply, Officer Wu shook his head: “At the moment, we haven’t found any evidence, but are only relying on our inferences, since the suspect is a renowned person in the city, it is more difficult to receive a search warrant.”

Everybody thought there was a breakthrough, who knew they would fall into this problematic situation. Officer Wu and the two women frowned, deep in thought, while Ji Bai was the only one smiling.

He unconsciously took out a cigarette, and was about to put it to his mouth, when he heard Xu Xu say: “Master!” Ji Bai looked toward her, the petite woman was earnestly staring at the cigarette on his hand.

There was an arising of sweet and comfortable feelings in him.

After that, he still held on to the cigarette, revealing a torn face. Finally, he solemnly nodded at Xu Xu and put down the cigarette.

Office Wu on the side laughed: “Xu Xu, are you controlling your master’s smoking habit?”

Xu Xu replied: “I am not controlling, Master is determined to quit smoking, I’m just supervising him. Officer Wu, do you want to quit smoking?”

Looking at this scene, the smile on Yao’s face stiffened but she quickly changed the subject: “Boss, without a warrant, what do we do?”

At this time, Ji Bai looked at her, and slowly replied: “Nothing, I’ll think of another way.”

When they were eating for a while, Ji Bai’s phone rang. Looking at the number on the screen, an emerging smile appeared on his lips, he got up and went outside.

On the other side of the line was Zi Xiao, his voice revealed hostility: “Officer Ji, I couldn’t answer the phone because I was busy with a meeting. What did you call me for?”

Ji bai said in a low voice: “About Ye Xi’s case, I’m asking for your help.”

Ye Zi Xi’s voice turned solemn: “Say it!”

Ji Bai leaned on the restaurant’s wall, looked up at the dark night sky, the stars in the sky were sparkling. He slowly said: “I believe you have noticed that there were missing clothes of Zi Xi’s lover at the villa. We predicted that there may be traces of the murderer on those clothes. The lover of Zi Xi probably could not find the opportunity to throw them away. This is a very important evidence. If possible, we want you to help us take notice of anyone who might have any suspicious behavior. We’re doing this because we hope that the Ye family can quickly be free from being suspects as soon as possible.

After Ye Zi Xiao listened, there was a moment of silence before he answered: “Fine, I will pay attention.”

The result was that while the meal wasn’t finished, Ji Bai once again received a phone call from Ye Zi Xiao, in an angry tone: “I have found the mystery lover and the clothes, come here fast.”

Ye Zi Xiao wasn’t a fool. Although Ji Bai didn’t say he was suspecting the Ye family members, just by he mentioning the Yip corporation, he thought of his family members.

When Zi Xiao received the call, he was at home for dinner. Today the police had come to the company to investigate, Ye Lang had requested everyone to come back for dinner. When everyone gathered, Ye Lan said: “From now on, we will hold a moment of silence for Ye Zi Xi before every meal.

No one objected and no one spoke up.

Ye Zi Xiao sat at the table, growing more and more angry. He coldly put down his chopsticks. Ignoring his father’s face and his third sister’s attempt at forestalling, he went out.

Because everyone was inside the house having dinner, their cars were parked outside in the flower garden. He stood in the dark and looked at the row of luxurious cars. Without a second thought, he immediately turned out to call for the captain of drivers and security captain of the Ye family.

“Open all of the trunks”

“Tell your people to stop anyone from, no one is allowed to come.”

The driver and security captains were stunned. Seeing them all standing still, Zi Xiao smiled: “Hurry! Otherwise tomorrow, all of you will be kicked out of here. Listen to me today, I’ll award each person 50,000 Yuan.” Ye Zi Xiao had always been the king in the family, his father’s precious youngest son, who would dare to go against him? The two captains usually have a good relationship with him so they were forced to agree.

The trunks were opened, one by one. Zi Xiao coldly inspected them. His action alerted everyone inside the house, everyone ran outside. Zi Qiang’s expression changed: “Fourth brother, what are you doing?”

Ye Zi Xiao did not bother to look at his brother, he shouted to the security team: “Stop them!” The security didn’t dare refuse to do so, everybody stood in place. He continued to open the trunks. Ye Jin stood under the porch in silence. Qiao Shi had her arms crossed on her chest, a cold and mocking smile on her face. Zhang Shiyong’s face slightly darkened, rushed forward: “Zi Xiao, what are you doing?”

Actually, Ye Zi Xiao thought he would find stuff in Wu Tse’s car, who knew, the trunk would be empty. At this time, he was standing in front of BMW X5, the captain of drivers said he didn’t have the car keys.

“Brother in law, don’t get involved, this is none of your business.” Ye Zi Xiao said to ShiYong then looked up to the crowd standing in front of the porch: “Who’s car is this?”

Zhang ShiYong face was quite horrible: “It’s my car.”

Zi Xiao shocked, he stared at the brother in law whom he always respected: “Your car? Open it.”

Zhang Shiyong coldly spoke up: “I don’t like other people touching my stuff.”

Zi Xiao glared at him, a vague thought flashed through his mind. He shouted loudly to the security captain beside him: “Break it.”

After that, the car’s trunk was cracked open. There was a large suitcase on the inside full of men’s suits, pajamas, underwear, and shoes. Other than that, there were cups, toiletries scattered. Everyone did not say anything, Zhang ShiYong said in a somber tone: “What are you looking for in the end?”

Zi Xiao immediately grabbed Zhang Shiyong’s tie, threw a fist which landed on his face: “Damn it, I can’t believe it’s actually you.”

When Ji Bai arrived, Ye Zi Xiao was sitting on the car with a badly swollen face. A bunch of security guards were beside him, not allowing anyone to come close. Zhang Shiyong’s hair was messy and clothes were disheveled, he stood a few steps away, frowning.

Other Ye family members were silent. Ye Lan still did not show up.

Seeing Ji Bai, Ye Zi Xiao jumped from the car: “officer, I want to hand over evidence.”

Seeing his shabby appearance, Xu Xu did not say anything. Noticing Ji bai’s indifferent face, she suddenly understood. Before when Ji bai said that he’ll think of a way to find the clothes, he had asked for Zi Xiao’s help and expected Zi Xiao would do it like this.

Zhang Shiyong was officially invited to the police station. He wore a black suit and sat under the bright blazing lights in the interrogation room. He did not show any kind of tension; one side of his face was bruised, looking hideous and out of  place.

“I do not understand why I was taken to the police station in the middle of the night.” He looked calm: “I’ll wait for my lawyer.”

Officer Wu and Ji Bai personally interrogated him. Officer Wu threw down an appraisal report: “Stop faking it. Tailored Italian suit made in Italy? It is Consistent with Ye Zi Xi purchasing record, she gave it to you, right? Your shoes have traces of the dirt from the crime scene. You probably do not know that? The soil’s components of each place of the world are different. Moreover, your toiletries have Ye Zi Xi’s DNA, how do you explain that?”

Xu Xu, Yao Meng, and everyone else stood on the other side of the dark glass, quietly observe.

But facing with irrefutable evidence, Zhang ShiYong hesitated a little. After that, he leaned back on the chair, completely relaxed. “It’s true, Ye Zi Xi was my mistress. But I did not kill her, and there isn’t an accomplice.  Women are just toys. I have a lot of women; she can be considered the woman I was together with for the longest. Is that enough?”

On this side of the glass, Yao Meng chastised: “Beast”. Xu Xu frowned.

Ji Bai calmly continued: “At the night of the murder, you went to the scene?”

Zhang Shi Yong lifted his eyes to look at Ji bai: “I went, but when I arrived, she was already dead.”

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    woah—-! lol, ji bai making it clear(er) to yao meng! unbelievable! also, so cute that he’s totally wrapped around xu xu’s little finger, and she doesn’t even know it, lol! oh? so he decided to ask for zi xiao’s help, eh? indeed, zi xiao has a powerful influence within his family.
    zi xi….such a horrid choice you made….

  2. Thanks so much for all the chapters. I wonder if it was the wife who is the killer instead of ZSY. It’s like he helped her cover up her crime or they are both guilty.

    I feel sorry for Ji Bai. Xu Xu is making it pretty clear that she’s not interested in him as a man. He’ll have to work hard 😛

    • The wife seems suspicious but It shouldn’t be that simple.. she is hiding something but I don’t really think it’s her.

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    • Yup, to take back the shares in the company that she lost and maybe more. That guy has quite a bit of power and status. What I got so far is that she needs his help so she became his mistress.

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    • Yup, it was translated throughout the week but just edited recently by our latest proofreader so that’s how I ended up releasing 4 chapters in a day =D I know right, I scream like a fan girl every time

  7. Oh gosh and the thick plot slowly reveals the true killer. Yet I’m clueless of the entire picture, it’s obvious there’s 2 killers is it really ZSY and his wife or is it?

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