When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 35

The first person that Xu Xu and Ji Bai were meeting in the afternoon was the second son-in-law Wu Xie. He was responsible for the company’s beverage business.


In the refined and elegantly decorated office, Wu Tse was sitting opposite to them, with a calm demeanor. He’s thirty-seven this year but still looks young as if only little older than thirty years old.


“What can I do for you?” Wu Tse smiled politely but distantly.


Ji Bai looked straight at him: “According to the procedure, we need to know of your schedule on the day of the murder.”

Wu Tse faintly nodded.


His statement was very simple and clear: That night he had a business dinner, later than nine o’clock, and arrived home at around ten. After that, he slept until dawn the next day.


About Ye Zi Xi, he said: “I was not very familiar with her. Other than work, we didn’t really associate with each other.”


After they spoke to Wu Tse, Ji bai and Xu Xu felt the same: He wasn’t nervous, although aloof, but he answered all the questions smoothly without hesitation, they could not find anything suspicious.


However, taking into account the characteristics of Ye Jin, there is a possibility that the couple conspired to commit the crime. They needed to see everyone before doing further analysis.


The following candidate is the third sister Qiao Shi.


Among the four children of Ye family, Qiao Shi had the best appearance. From the day they married, Qiao Shi and Zhang Shiyong had been the model couple, the famous well-matched beauty and a talented couple of the Ye family, and even within the whole of Lin City.


Ji bai asked: “On the night of the murder, from 7 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the morning the next day, where were you?

“I had dinner with a friend till nine o’clock, then went home.” Qiao Shi subtle replied: “Got up at seven o’clock the next day for work.”


“ Did you hear any unusual noises on that night?”


“No.” Ye Qiao looked straight at him without hesitation: “ I’m not following you, what kind of noise?”


Ji Bai smiled, quickly changed the topic: “Normal, how’s your relationship with Ye Zi Xi?”


Ye Qiao Shi pulled out a cigarette from the pack on the table, lit it and exhaled once, then replied: “Just normal.”


At the time, Xu Xu asked: “Do you know if Ye Zi Xi had any conflicts with anyone? Does she have a lover?”


Ye Qiao exhale the cigarette once again, lightly said: ” I don’t know if Ye Zi Xi had any conflicts with anyone. I’m not clear on her personal life.”


The evening sun was beautiful and warm, Ji Bai and Xu Xu stood in the green garden under the skyscraper. Ji bai lit up a cigarette and asked: “Any suspicious point?”


Xu Xu replied: “Yes. Answering other questions, Qiao Shi was relatively calm but when we asked about Ye Zi Xi, she unconsciously answered very slowly, and very clear. This reaction made me feel like she was trying to control her emotions. Perhaps she tried to cover something up.”


Ji Bai nodded: “ There is another suspicious point. Looking at Qiao shi’s hands, she started to smoke not too long ago.”


That idea had flashed through Xu Xu’s mind. In general, most adult people who suddenly get addicted to drugs or alcohol, mostly do so to reduce stress.


Ji Bai smiled: “Qiao Shi is young, beautiful, and rich, and her record shows her to be in good health. The subsidiary company she is managing is also performing very good. What made, a women like her, to suddenly develop this addiction?


Xu Xu pondered: “Family pressure; you mean her husband might be cheating?”


“I am not sure, but it’s a possibility.”


They thought silently for a moment, Xu Xu looked at the smoke flying around Ji Bai’s fingers, asked: “What about you? Why do you smoke?”


Ji Bai’s eyes stopped at the burning cigarette between his fingers.


He started to smoke heavily when he first joined the police force. A man in his early twenties, when faced with countless corpses, he used to rub his hands unable to sleep because of cases, cigarettes were necessary and precious? Later on, it had become a habit, whether there’s work or not he would take out a cigarette, he couldn’t quit nor tried to quit.


The thoughts flashed through his mind, Ji Bai lifted his eyes to look at Xu Xu, he didn’t answer but asked: “Why, you don’t like me smoking?”


Xu Xu looked at him surprised.


In her mind, Ji Bai is her boss, master, and colleague. He’s also a senior she respected. In reality, Xu Xu never thought: “ Ji Bai is a twenty-eight year old, single and handsome man who had been staying with her day and night.” But even so, she still felt his sentence was a little strange. Like ……a man was teasing a woman?


When this weird possibility flashed through her mind, she subconsciously looked into Ji Bai’s eyes, and carefully observed his expression. However, Ji Bai was an experienced man, Xu Xu had never been able to see through him. At this moment, She could only see the calmness in those black eyes.  


But Xu Xu immediately relaxed. His sentence was exactly like how it sounded: Does she not like his smoking behavior. So she nodded: “I don’t like it. It’s best that you stop, it’s a health hazard.”


Ji bai was about to speak, Xu Xu’s phone suddenly rang. The secretary informed that she and Ji Bai could go see Zhang Shiyong.


According to the documents, Zhang Shiyong before getting married to Ye Qiao was the second son of another well-known entrepreneur in another city. He studied Masters in Europe, managing a subsidiary real estate company, a joint venture of the two corporations. The company has a large faculty and capability, showing Zhang Shiyong’s ability, which is equivalent to holding half of Yip Corporation.


A cool toned office showed luxury and masculinity everywhere. Zhang Shiyong wore a black suit, he slowly turned around. Under the light, one can faintly see the trace of laughter on his face: “Officers, you two have waited long.”


Even though Xu Xu wasn’t the type of person that can easily feel the attraction of a man, but upon seeing Zhang Shiyong, she’s slightly stunned. His appearance and demeanor are outstanding. He was standing there quietly, dissipated all over the gentle temperament of mature men.


“Mr. Zhang, sorry to bother you.” Ji Bai smiled and shook hands with Zhang Shiyong. Zhang Shiyong stole a glance and smiled deeper:”Officer Ji, I have heard so much about you.”


Xu Xu looked at Ji Bai’s tilted face. It was different from Zhang Shiyong’s powerful aura and every action, Ji bai was calm and natural, and does not give pressure on others. It seems that Ji Bai would make others feel more comfortable.


About his schedule on the night of the murder, his attitude was relaxed and calm: “I had a meeting until eight that night, almost nine arrived home. I cannot give you an alibi.”


Mentioning Zi Xi, Zhang Shiyong only slightly frowned: “I really admired her, such a pity.”


Leaving Zhang Shiyong’s office, Ji Bai evaluated: “Very cautious.”


Xu Xu frowned: “If I were Zi Xi, I would definitely choose Zhang Shiyong.”


JI Bai was lighting his cigarette, hearing her say this, stopped and glanced up to look at her and slowly said: “No supposition. We will discuss this back at the police station.”


When twilight came, Ji Bai and Xu Xu returned to the police station. They found a small restaurant by the police station and waited for officer Wu and Yao Meng.


Ji Bai tossed Xu Xu the menu, and went out. Looking at the sky he pondered for a long time, Ji Bai felt his mind is clear, his mood slightly relaxed.


Ji Bai returned back to the room to see Xu Xu’s anxious look, who was waiting for the summarized conclusion for today.


Ji Bai sat down: “According to the current situation, the second daughter and her husband along with the third sister and her husband have the probability of being the killers. However,  Zi Xi’s lover and ally are most likely to be Zhang Shiyong.”


Xu Xu nodded: “Whether it is his characteristics, strength, or abilities, in the Yip corporation, he is the best choice for Ye Zi Xi. Qiao Shi’s suspicious behavior supports that fact along with it.”


At that time, the waiter brought some cold dishes in. Ji bai held the menu and called for a pot of tea. Xu Xu’s as relaxed as he is, suddenly she frowned: “But what we discussed is only a possibility, we don’t have any pieces of evidence.”


Ji Bai picked up a cup of tea, coldly said: “There is evidence, the evidence is in his possession.”


Xu Xu was stunned. She was, after all, with very little experience, Ji bai had said evidence, but she is still clueless. But Xu Xu knew Ji bai had already found a clue to say that. Even though she was doubting, Xu Xu was still amazed and filled with admiration for him.


The dark night could be seen out of the window, and yellow light shone brightly inside the room. . Ji Bai looked into the clear of black eyes of hers. The obvious admiration that could be seen in them stirred Ji bai’s heart. Everyone said Xu Xu’s eyes were nice but like a piece of wood, but in reality, she has a pair of talking eyes.. but … just with very few words.


The trace of a smile on Ji Bai’s lips deepened as he continued to deepen her admiration for him: “ Tomorrow at the latest, the evidence will be in our hands. Within three days, the case will be closed. The superintendent demanded the case be solved within a week, perhaps it won’t take that long.”


This time, Xu Xu was completely stunned, she looked at him without blinking an eye.


Ji Bai laughed and patted the chair beside him: “Sit over here, I will explain it to you.”


Xu Xu just wanted to quickly know the answer, so she didn’t notice that the “sit over here”  had what kind of connection with this “explanation” of his. She quickly stood up and walked over to him to sit down, and looked up, waiting.


Ji Bai, very naturally, placed one arm on the back of her chair. Habitually finding the lighter, lit a cigarette, exhaled and blew out a circle of white smoke.  When Ji Bai was about to speak, Xu Xu’s gaze followed the cigarette, frowning she said: “Today, didn’t I just tell you to stop smoking?”


Ji Bai didn’t look away from the little woman who was only half a foot away from him, his heart trembled a bit. He slowly answered: “Xu Xu, only my girlfriend has the right to control me, my student cannot do so.”


Xu Xu immediately turned around and stared at him.


On the same peaceful night, in this city, there’s someone who is on the road to happiness, while for some people every minute and every second is a torment.  


Inside the Yip skyscraper, the third sister, Qiao Shi was in the office pondering.


Looking down from the glass window, the surface of this tall building is like an abyss. Qiao Shi lit a cigarette and was about to put it in her mouth when it was immediately snatched by a hand.


She turned around to see a man with a faint smile on his face. He’s tall and handsome as usual, extremely attractive with manly features, which is vaguely reflected on the window making it impossible for people to resist but, also terrified at the same time.


Zhang Shiyong looked at the terrified face of his wife’s which held fake composure. He faintly smiled, raised his hand to throw away Qiao Shi’s just lit cigarette into the trash.


Ye Qiao expression changed again, and became ashen, she clenched her teeth and spit out one word: “Beast!”


Zhang Shiyong didn’t smile as he grabbed her waist. Ye Qiao tried hard to push him away, but he only hugged her tighter. Seeing the trembling figure in his arms, he suddenly laughed and lowered his head to bite Qiao Shi’s neck hard: “Zi Xi wasn’t as beautiful as you, didn’t have as many shares as you, and also wasn’t as wild in bed as you. Now she’s dead, what you are unsatisfied about?”


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I know everyone is anxious for more chapters since we’re at an interesting part so I’m releasing all the extra chapters instead of waiting after the fundraiser finished.

Once again, I’m very appreciated of the donations so far. Thank you so much.A lot more chapters will be released soon.


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  2. thank you—-!
    lol, xu xu just being curious about why he smokes, and getting teased! and she realised that she was getting teased, haha! good job, xu xu! just tell him to quit! lol—! him telling her to sit beside him, and also telling her that he’ll only let his girlfriend control him. that hint?! i thought younwere starting your pursuit after the case, ji bai?! oh, well, hm…the case is closed in his mind, it seems, so he’ll start his pursuit now, lol!
    zhang shiyong, you…! -throws stuff at him- horrid guy!

  3. Holy crap, that guy’s an assh@le… poor dead girl… sister-in-law!!!!!!! I miss you sister-in-law!!! Why did your life end in tragedy and also such a jerk!!! ;_;

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

  4. Thanks for the many updates. Pleasant sunrise. I don’t think he’s the killer. I think each party thinks the other is the killer. But what a pity. She had to die.

  5. Even though she is the victim, and I feel pity that she is killed, I cannot help that she is on the path of ruining other people’s lives. Yes, the brother-in-law is also equally guilty for being an adulterer, but man, her own sister’s husband? That’s too evil. No matter how bad the sister and the brother-in-law is, cheating on your own sister is so sad. I hope the sister is not the killer as her fate is too sad to have a cheater of a husband, a sister who slept with her own husband and being a muderess to boot (and ends up in jail or dead). That will be too pitiful. 2 out of 3 is bad enough. Thank you Tiffy!!!!

    • I understand what you mean. She made a bad decision. I guess what happened in the past made her feel that she should do whatever it takes to get what belonged to her. Moreover, I don’t think the Ye family loves her nor she loves them. They’re just family in name seeing how they hate each other and especially her because she always been afraid she will become and take everything away from them. Remember how Xi Xiao was like ” You guys must be so happy that she’s dead”. I do feel sorry for Ye Qiao aka the cousin but she made a bad decision as well, to stay with her husband despite everything. I bet he cheated on her before but she lets it go. I honestly think the husband is the worst, he’s so manipulative. She isn’t the killer, she’s just the scapegoat for the real murderers.

  6. “Today, didn’t I just tell you to stop smoking?”

    “Xu Xu, only my girlfriend has the right to control me, my student cannot do so.”

    lol. Sneaky, JB.

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