When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 34

Yip’s headquarter was located in the heart of Central Business District. Within the magnificent office buildings, the dark gray tall skyscraper seems grand and striking.


To avoid alerting them, Ji Bai hadn’t come with many people today. He, Xu Xu, and officer Wu waited at an elegant reception room for a moment, when the door is opened, Yao Meng smiled and came together with a reception staff.

“Boss, everything is arranged, we can begin now.” Yao Meng sounded clear and direct.


The efficiency is always high whenever Yao Meng got involved in liaison work. Ji Bai smiled and nodded: “You worked hard.”


The marble floor was sparkling; the spacious office area was quiet and busy. There is only the sound of typing on the keyboard and footsteps. Ji bai and Xu Xu followed the administration staff through the long and narrow aisle full of sunlight. Time and again a staff would look up to observe Xu Xu and Ji Bai. Their eyes having doubts, vigilance, but also interest.

The office of the oldest brother, Ye Zi Qiang, was at the end of the hallway.

The major industries of Yip included real estate, auto parts production and trade, IT, and food. Ye Zi Qiang was in charge of production and purchase of materials.


The spacious office could accommodate up to fifty people. But, the décor is consistent with the general office area outside, without any personalized luxuries.


Ji Bai faintly smiled as he sat down: “Excuse us, thank you for your cooperation with the police.”


Ye Zi Qiang’s expressionless face showed a trace of a smile: “I should, I wish for the murderer to get caught soon.” He’s forty this year, tall and has a slightly fattened build making you looked a bit aggressive. The smile helped him look a lot gentler.


While the two were speaking, Xu Xu quickly observed the surroundings. The bookshelf was full to the brim, most of them are on economic management, as well as some military books,  and several Swiss Army knives as decorations. Could be said that the interests of the eldest son of the Ye family had the manly style similar to his masculine appearance. Other than that, there are also some books and magazines more confusingly scattered in the shelf like fashion, cars, movies, and bestseller novels.


In addition to the office supplies on the table, there was box of cigarette, keys. Xu Xu couldn’t find anything out of the usual.


After asking a few perfunctory questions, Ji Bai cut to the chase: “According to the procedure, we need to ask for your schedule on the day of the murder.”

Ye Zi Qiang stared at Ji Bai. Because the smile on his face stopped, he looked a bit fierce: “The policed already asked about it.”

Ji Bai very lightly smiled: “We will ask in more detail this time.”


Ye Zi Qiang lowered his voice: “Fine. I also have a meeting at ten, try to do it as fast as possible.”


Ye Zi with Qiang’s statement was consistent with the previous one done with officer Wu: “Around six thirty that day, I ate dinner with third sister’s husband Zhang Shi Yong. We drove around the city to buy my wife pastries at generations old bakery and then drove home. On the way, I received a call from second sister about the approval of a batch of raw materials. I was about to drive home, however midway I received a call from overseas telephone marketers. I turned back to the company, worked from ten o’clock till two in the morning.”

Xu Xu raised her head to observe him. His expression was cold and stern, but also a little nervous. His face was a little red, and he kept drinking tea frequently.

After the conversation ended with Ye Zi Qiang, Ji bai did not immediately go to see the second sister Ye Jin but took Xu Xu down the first floor. The two went out to the isolated secluded garden in front of the skyscraper to exchange opinions.

Ji Bai whispered: “What do you think?”


Xu Xu thought for a moment then replied: “According to our description of the murderer, one of the two is impulsive and indecisive. Ye Zi’s mentality isn’t great, obviously shifting toward the direction to go against us. However, just relying on this point, we cannot establish a certain inference. A lot of people are likely to be tense when answering questions from the police.”

Moreover, according to the information of officer Wu’s investigation, everyone was aware of Ye Zi Qiang’s honest and straightforward personality. He followed his father to work in this business since he was young. The police arrested him several times because of fighting while doing business. Perhaps because of the reason you just analyzed, he cannot relax in front of the police. Not to mention, he has an alibi.


Ji Bai was silent for a moment, nodded: “We should go back.”

When they reached the main entrance, Ji Bai’s phone rang. The secretary-superintendent called to ask about the progress of the case. Ji Bai waved his hand motioned her to go up first.

After ending the call, Ji Bai smoked a cigarette for a moment before coming back in. Just after a few steps, he sees Xu Xu standing with her back facing him, next to the fountain in the building. Her small figure stood straight, Zi Xiao in suits was standing facing her saying something. His tall figure almost concealed all of Xu Xu.


Ji Bai put out the cigarette and walked toward them.


These past few days, Ye Zi Xiao’s life and work had returned to normal, but his mind often pondered about the brutal crime scene that day. Earlier this morning, after hearing that the police team was coming to investigate, he was suddenly flashed with an unthinkable idea. Perhaps the police suspected that the lover of Zi Xi and the murderer that killed her is one of the Ye family members?


This thought was unsettling for him. Hearing that Ji Bai and Xu Xu were speaking with Ye Zi Qiang on the lower floor, he had quickly gone down, just in time to meet Xu Xu.


Xu Xu, of course, wouldn’t leak anything, and consistently answered his questions: “ Cannot be disclose.” But he had already thought about her reaction beforehand and thus stopped questioning her.


While conversed about a couple of things and looking at Xu Xu’s  fresh and calm face, his remorseful feelings disappeared quite a bit.  In his heart he felt the stirring of the familiar mixed feelings: a little bitter, a little sweet, and uncomfortable feeling entangling with desire.

“ You’re really busy these days, right?”Zi Xiao unconsciously softened: “It must be very tiring, thank you for everything that you do because of Ye Xi.”


Xu Xu slowly answered: “No need”


Her distant behavior made Zi Xi felt unbearable, he blurted out: “Xu Xu, I’ll change.”


Xu Xu stunned. She didn’t get to answer before she heard a sullen voice from behind: “Change what?”


Before Ye Zi Xi, Ji Bai is the man “Xu Xu rejected” and  “no other relationship outside of work”.  Because of Zi Xi’s case, after a few meetings, he had a good impression of him.


Ye Zi Xiao smiled and nodded: “Nothing”, he turned toward Xu Xu.” I don’t want to bother you any longer, just go ahead with your work.”


Xu Xu nodded. He was about to walk away when he suddenly saw Ji Bai raise his hand and lightly tap Xu Xu’s crown, very naturally, lightly smiled and said to her: “Lets go.”

Xu Xu: “Yes.”


Ye Zi Xiao looked at Ji Bai right at the time  to see Ji Bai also look at him.


As the elevator started going up higher; inside the elevator, there were only Ji Bai and Xu Xu. It was quiet for a while before Ji Bai suddenly said: “It has been so busy recently, it’s tough on you.”


Xu Xu immediately replied: “It’s okay.”


“You don’t even have time to go on blind dates.” Ji Bai smiled.


His rare pleasant expression made Xu Xu slightly embarrassed. She explained: “I’m not anxious, it’s my family. They don’t want to delay it after the case is closed, they will introduce another candidate for me.”


Ji Bai: “Oh, let’s go.”


Their second subject is the oldest daughter Ye Jin.


She was in charge of departments including finance, administration, and human resources. Her office reflected her personality type: very clean and bright. The documents were all well organized. Although there aren’t any luxurious furnishings, but it also made one feel clean and comfortable.


Ye Jin is thirty-five this year, after graduating with computer science degree, she started building the business together with her father, uncle, and brother more than ten years ago. Because of her introverted personality, she is only responsible for the administrative affairs in the company.  She is thin, has short hair, and wore glasses. Among the children of Ye family, her appearance is the most average, and also has a slightly stiff demeanor.


According to her statement: on the day of the incident, she left the company at seven thirty, ate dinner by herself at a small restaurant on the street. After that, she received a call from work related to the money used for materials of a real estate project, so she called for Ye Zi Qiang. After finishing the discussion, she reached the Ye family home at around eight to ten o’clock, did not leave home until the next day.


Ji Bai attentively listened, nodded, then added: “According to the procedures, I need to ask you something, I asked this question of all personnel associated to the case. After ten o’clock, is there anyone who could prove that you stayed home and didn’t go out afterward?”


Ye Jin thoughts for a second before replied: “Does my husband count?”

Ji Bai: “Anyone else?”


Ye Jin thoughts deeply, shook: “That day, around ten o’clock, I went down to sit in the garden for a while. By that time, all the helpers were asleep, I didn’t see anyone.”

When Ji bai finished questioning, Xu Xu pointed out: “I need to see all the work logs and materials of the departments that you are in charge of, if there are any confidential information, it can be removed.”  

Because from beginning to the end, Xu Xu was in silent to record everything, Jin Ye inevitably turned to look at her attentively.


Ji Bai smiled and added: “Not only your departments but if possible, it’s best to get us all the basic information of all the departments in this company. This is part of the procedure, it will not take up too much of everyone’s time. “


After they left Ye Jin’s office and reached a deserted corner in the hallway, Ji Bai glanced at Xu Xu, he asked in his deep voice with a trace of laughter: “You want to see Ye Jin work documents to analyze her?”

Xu Xu nodded.



Ji Bai faintly smiled: “ You have to do it in a roundabout way, you cannot be straightforward like that.”


Xu Xu: “I understand.”


Ji Bai looked at her slightly crooked and lowered head, he slowly said: “Of course, you don’t have to do so with me.”

Xu Xu looked up at him and smiled: “I understand, you said before that you don’t like it.”


Ji Bai is accustomed to Xu Xu’s reactions. He looked straight into her eyes, just smiled and did not explain.


Ye Jin’s secretary handed Ji Bai a computer and explained: “The company has five major systems: the administrative office, business approval, financial management…. The administrative office is the main system, the other four systems can be signed in through this system.”


Ji Bai skimmed through it once, smiled and asked: “ Not bad, very fast.”


The secretary laughed: “Yes, the administrative system is the oldest, was set up in the first few years the company started. The other four systems were set up around five to six years ago, the company spent tens of millions to invite well known foreign IT companies  to specifically design them. Now Zi Xiao has returned, he manages the system.”


While Ji Bai was checking all the basic information of the company, Xu Xu looked over the various departments work systems, processes, and logs.

At noon, the four of them ate lunch together. There were dozens of minutes before the start of Yip corporation work time, the four of them went to the nearby park, to exchange information from their investigation from this morning.


Officer Wu talked to the Ye family last time, so he took Yao Meng to see some of the company’s employees, didn’t find any valuable discovery.

Ji bai looked at Xu Xu: “Tell me your analysis.”


Xu Xu nodded: “ Currently, there aren’t any suspicion points about Ye Zi Qiang. And about Ye Jin… “ She stopped for a moment: “about administrative of departments, all the departments that she is in charge of are the most simplest and strictest among all the departments and subsidiaries.  In addition, I looked over the basic statistical data of the administrative systems, The average transfer time of documents is about 1-2 days in other departments, but it only takes four hours in her departments. So I think her ability to work is excellent. But there isn’t any other discovery, I will not form any predictions.”


Officer Wu and Yao Meng were surprised. Because they had met Ye Jin, they thought that she was a gentle and kind person, her results in the company and assessment from others were average. She is the least outstanding out of the all the executives within the company.

Ji Bai faintly smiled: “I agree. Not only that, Ye Jin matched with the characteristics of the second, high IQ, killer. She also doesn’t have an alibi. Because of that, she is currently one of the main suspects, we need to focus on observing her.”


This time, both officer Wu and Yao Meng were shocked, and Xu Xu stared at Ji Bai.

Ji Bai looked back at the skyscraper of Yip headquarter that weren’t far from there, Ji Bai talked about the situation of the IT systems of Yip quarter: “ The company spent tens of millions to design the IT systems, but still kept the old original system and also made it the main system. It shows that the person who designed original system is excellent, able to look and see ahead, that’s why was able to create a system that can connect with the foreigner system few years later.  And ten years ago, there were only a few dozen employees at YIP with only Ye Jin with computer background. Moreover, the company is still small then, there is no record of hired external IT company. A girl who just graduated from university, to be able to design such a system, that means her IQ and insight,  is inevitably excellent.

The three were silent. After a moment, Yao Meng asked: “It seems that Ye Jin is likely to be the highly intelligent killer?”

Ji bai lightly replied: “Not necessary. Among the children of Yi family, Ye Jin isn’t the only one with high IQ.”


Thoughts? Who is the most suspicious to you so far?

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  2. thanks a lot—!
    [Ye Zi Xi smiled and nodded: “Nothing”, he turned toward Xu Xu.” I don’t want to bother you any longer, just go ahead with your work.”]
    ye zi xi->ye zi xiao
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  3. Thank you….its difficult to make a guess at this stage since there are other family members yet to be interviewed by them….

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