When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 33

The way their father raised and treated Xu Jun and Xu Xu had always been in an open and calmly manner. He wasn’t strict but let them freely polish their natural personalities. That’s why Xu Jun, at the early age, started to pursue money and status; the things he believed to be symbols of success in this society. And Xu Xu chose the simplest and most necessary things being a person suitable with her excellent skills and profession, truth and conscience.

The two siblings were busy that sometimes they didn’t meet for months, but that hadn’t made their relationship distant. Because they each had their own strengths and always had been understanding and respectful toward each other, their love for each other gradually deepened as time passed.


But if to say there could be someone around Xu Xu that can hide such a big secret without mistake, that person can only be Xu Jun. Because she never analyzed her brother who had always loved and protected her since they were young. Whenever she faced him, her mind can’t function properly.


Around three or four o’clock in the afternoon, few people were at the waiting lounge for their flight, the sun outside was blinding. Xu Xu stood before the huge glass wall, staring at the blue sky for a moment. Then she turned around and walked towards Ji Bai who’s not far from her.


Last night after he handed her the photo, Ji Bai said, “Before Xu Jun gets crossed out from being a suspect, you’re suspended from all work related to this case.”


Ji Bai was holding his phone to read the news, his tall body was leaning on the light blue chair in the waiting lounge. He looked calm and unaffected by the unexpected discovery yesterday that he gave off an aura comparable to the deep sea without the slightest waves.


He noticed Xu Xu standing quietly in front of him. He spoke without looking up, “just say what you have to say.”


Xu Xu stared intensely at his angular face, she thought for a moment then said, “Master, you can investigate me as the suspect’s sister.”


Ji Bai’s lips slightly curved up as he glanced up to look at her.

Yesterday, her face was solemn and gloomy. But now, it is restored to the calm and usual demeanor.

Very good.


Seeing that Ji Bai didn’t say anything, Xu Xu continued, “First, I believe Ye Zi Xi is the woman my brother loved the most. Although he had a lot of girlfriends, but by my father’s influence and education, we always have been prudent and have a traditional view on marriage. He never proposed to another woman.”


Ji Bai interrupted her,“Prudent and traditional view about marriage, specifically referring to what?”


Ji Bai thought for a couple of seconds, “Try hard to succeeded at the first one. Even if there are conflicts between husband and wife, wouldn’t let it affected the elders and children.”


Ji Bai: “Just one person until the end?”


Xu Xu: “It could be put that way, this is the ideal state.”


Ji Bai smiled faintly, “Very good, continue.”


His tone when he said “very good” made Xu Xu feel a little strange. But it was a fleeting moment, she continued to present her analysis.


“Xu Jun doesn’t have the motive to kill. Firstly, even if they’re lovers right now, there isn’t a need to conceal their relationship. It’s highly likely that the mystery lover is someone else.
Secondly, even if ZI Xi and Xu Jun had a romantic relationship that we don’t know about; Xu Jun had nothing in the past. He was young and frivolous, he could have been crazy because of love. But now, through the years in the business environment, he had changed a lot. If he couldn’t have Zi Xi even though he loved her, he would scheme and take revenge against the rival in terms of finance. But murder to vent his anger, he wouldn’t just lose Zi Xi but there’s a high chance of him losing everything. He wouldn’t act in such a stupid manner.


Thirdly, I think Xu Jun is the greatest lead of this case and the fact that he hid his past relations with Zi Xi. It’s nothing if he only hid it from everyone, but hiding it even from me cannot be justified. He must know some of Zi Xi’s secrets that he cannot mention to his little sister who is a police officer. Chances are, it is something illegal. We have to carefully interrogate Xu Jun; perhaps we could find out the reason why ZI Xi was murdered.”


After giving her theories, she stared at Ji Bai. She wanted to catch any change in his expression.  However, Ji Bai was still the same as before, so she could not see through him.


“I only believe in evidence. Whether he’s innocent or not, I’ll be sure after he’s investigated.” Ji Bai said lightly.


Xu Xu nodded. She was about to sit down when she suddenly heard him continue, “However, as for my personal feelings, I hope he’s innocent.”


Xu Xu was stunned.


The takeoff time was approaching; the large waiting lounge gradually became crowded bustling with noises from many people who came and left the lounge.


Ji Bai sat calmly  within the chaotic environment. His voice was mellow and deep, neither slow nor fast. His deep black eyes showed a rare gentle look, a faint smile also appeared on his handsome face.
Xu Xu stood before him, silently facing him. The noisy surrounding seemed to disappear, a warm and secure feeling spreading through her.


She gratefully thought, he said “personal feelings”, he must be taking into account the master-student relationship. He really is a cold and strict master/teacher on the surface but warmhearted on the inside.


Looking into the obvious eyes full of respect from Xu Xu, Ji Bai thought: She definitely didn’t get the signal like this. Fine, he’s not impatient. He will make detailed preparations then take action.


Good news came faster than they’ve expected.


When the plane landed, Ji Bai received a call as soon as he turned the phone on. After a brief conversation, he turned around to look at Xu Xu who is a few steps behind him: “It seems you can’t take a break.”


Xu Xu stopped in place.


Ji Bai looked at her with warm eyes: “Xu Jun has an alibi. On the day of the murder, he was working overtime at the company till twenty-three hours, then went out to eat with two colleagues until early in the morning. He’s no longer a suspect, currently at the police station, and wanting to talk to you.”


Xu Xu sighed in relieve, a smile appeared on her face.


This is the first time Ji Bai saw such a bright smile on Xu Xu’s face, her face is full of happiness.  But even so, she was not like other women, without the unnecessary words or actions. She stood in place and looked at him while smiling.


It made him feel comfortable and safe.


At this time, Xu Xu’s eyes are full of appreciation and gratitude: Ji Bai must have ordered people to investigate at the beginning, Xu Jun can be eliminated as a suspect so quickly.


Thought to this, Xu Xu stepped forward and reached two hands out toward Ji Bai.


Ji Bai’s heart trembled slightly. Does she want to hug him? Even if it is just out of gratitude, he, of course, wouldn’t refuse.


After that…


Xu Xu’s hands grabbed Ji Bai’s hand, bowed low, and in a solemn tone said: “Thank you, Master. Thank you so much.”


There was only a small window in the interrogation room at the police station, the

Yellow light shone down on the modest table and chairs. The gray walls are chilled and stern. Xu Jun was wearing a black suit standing in front of the narrow window. His tall body stood out.


Hearing the footsteps, he turned around and faintly smiled: “Xu Xu, the coffee at your workplace is too unbearable to drink.”


Xu Xu didn’t answer, she sat down and went straight to the point: “Why didn’t you tell about Ye Xi?”


Xu Jun was no longer smiling, he looked out in the night out of the window for a moment before answering: “Sorry, I just don’t want to mention her.”


Xu Xu was shocked.


The two of them were silent for a moment, Xu Xu once again spoke up: “Alright, I understand. What are you still hiding? No matter what kind of illegal things she did while she was alive, that no longer matters because she’s dead. You should tell us  everything you know so we can catch the murderer.”


Xu Jun stared at her and Xu Xu calmly faced him. After a while, Xu Jun walked back to the table to sit down, lit up a cigarette, then remained silent.


In twenty-seven years of his life, Xu Jun had never met a woman who made him feel a burning passion like Yi Zi Xi. He used to promise Ye Zi Xi, he would use his money to help her build a dream for her.


But she couldn’t wait for him.


When the shares were being swallowed, Y Company being swallowed was like a needle prick deep in her heart.   The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Zi Xi was about to graduate, a subordinate of her father told her that her father was sick that year, if Ye Land had been willing to sell the factory to get the money for the medical treatment then perhaps her father wouldn’t have died.


“Jun, the company was named Long Xi, my father used my name for it.” Zi Xi said that and walked away. She was determined to win back the shares that belonged to her.


After years in the business world, Xu Jun understood a few points. In reality, how can there be so much of a coincidence? The news Ye Lan didn’t want to give up the factory for the treatment for her father, perhaps was done by someone from Ye family. It was just a dirty trick to borrow someone else to kill, but it was too late.


“Because of the shares, Zi Xi came back to the Y corporation?” Xu Xu asked: “What did she do?  Perhaps she was killed for reasons related to this?”


Xu Jun shook his head: “I’m not sure. I just know these past years she has been, step by step, following the plan, but she refused to disclose it to me.”

Xu Xu asked again: “Your current relationship?


“After she came back to Lin City, we’ve stayed together for a few nights. Just that. “ Xu Jun answered.
“Does she have a lover in Lin city?”

Xu Jun silent for a moment: “One time, I drove to follow her after work.”


And then? He saw a black haired man pass by, the man’s face was blocked the car’s window. He had a big tall build wearing formal suits and ties. He hugged her waist, Xu Jun vaguely saw him put his hand inside Zi Xi’s shirt.  Zi Xi’s whole body leaned on to him tightly.  He had never once seen Zi Xi so pathetically docile like that.

“Who is that man?” Xu Xu asked.


“I don’t know, but Zi Xi was determined with her goals. I think, she wouldn’t do things meaninglessly.”

While the siblings was conversing in the room, Ji Bai and other colleagues, separated by a dark glass, stood outside. Hearing this, Zhao Han hesitated: “what he meant…”
Ji Bai lightly replied: “what he meant was that the man is likely to be an accomplice with Zi Xi in Ye family.”


After she finished  getting the official statement, Xu Xu sent Xu Jun home. Upon arrival, she was about to return to the police station, when Xu Jun suddenly said: “I want to see the photos of Zi Xi when she died.”

Xu Xu went silent for a moment then nodded: “I will get it for you, but you need to be mentally prepared.”

Xu Jun looked at the photos for a long time. Finally, he raised two hands hiding his face and lowered his head.

Xu Xu came closer, pulled him in her arms. She felt drops of water falling down her arms, Xu Xu’s heart pained, she asked: “At the police station, I didn’t ask you. Why didn’t you want to mention her? Even to me and father, you don’t want to talk to us?”

Xu Jun didn’t answer.

How could she tell his little sister, that after breaking up with that woman, the fact, he couldn’t sleep all night and lay wide awake until dawn for a few years.


How could he tell her, that hearing about that woman’s death,  even though he was standing in the warm conference room, but it was as if he was standing in the cold empty vast wilderness?

Xu Jun raised his head, looking at his sister worried expression, he rubbed her hair and smiled: “You wouldn’t understand.”


Xu Xu silently thought this isn’t about understanding or not.  Any decision in a person’s life would bring a mixture of gain and loss; Zi Xi chose the wrong path.

Late at night, the team combined the previous information and new information that Xu Jun had given and held a brief meeting.


Officer Wu reported the overall situation:

“First, large-scale investigation of the suspicious person like criminal trespassing burglary. No result.

Second, the team completely searched the whole Lin Shan surrounding area, but still did not find any traces of any valuable evidence.


Third, from the day of the incident, the team arranged 24-hour surveillance of the Ye family members. But till now, there aren’t any abnormalities; there aren’t any loopholes in their statements.


Big said: “According to the current situation, there isn’t any motive for murder. There is high credibility in Xu Jun’s statement so it is most likely that the secret plan for revenge of Zi Xi’s got leaked out to the Ye family, created conflicts, that’s why she got murdered.”


“The accomplice who worked with Xi Zi against the Ye family cannot be children of Ye.” Yao Meng said, “ It’s likely to be among the two son-in-laws.”

Ji Bai said: “I agree with everyone’s prediction. The next phase would be to focus on the Ye family. Officer Wu, do they all have alibis?”


Officer Wu looked at the data, said: “Most people have their alibis but after two days of in-depth investigation, we found one problem.”


“What is the problem?”

Officer Wu replied: “People with the most definite alibi are Ye Lan and the oldest son Ye Zi Qiang. There was always a helper in Ye Lan’s room, he didn’t go out that night. Moreover, his health isn’t suitable for driving. After ten o’clock at night, Ye Zi Qiang was at the company handling the affairs of overseas distributors, the security camera can prove that.


Xu Xu nodded: “According to Xu Jun’s description, the man should be around thirty something to forty.”


Officer Wu continued: “That night, the second couple and the youngest couple were back before ten o’clock and didn’t leave home after that. We investigated and found out that Ye Lan doesn’t like cameras so Ye family doesn’t have CCTV. The Ye place is very big, the villas inside are quite far apart. If they were to leave home in the middle of the night, it’s possible for them to leave unnoticed. That’s why, the suspicious members left are the second couple and the youngest daughter couple.

“We’re going to visit Ye family tomorrow.” Ji Bai said.

The next day.

When the secretary informed that the police had once again come to their house, the first son, Ye Zi Qiang, was sitting in his office hearing the report was slightly shocked.

The second daughter, Ye Jin was having a departmental meeting, she thought for a moment then nodded. “I know.”

The second son-in-law Wu Tse who had just arrived at the office, holding the cup of coffee looked at the secretary in silence.

The youngest daughter who was standing by the window looking at cars on the street, frowned and said to the secretary: “ It isn’t over?”

The third son in law Zhang Shi Yong who was in the office having a meeting with another group of executives. He heard the notification and only stopped a little and smiled politely to the guests: “I’m sorry, we can only discuss up to here today, I will invite you to dinner to apologize another day. Bring the officers in, please.

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That was an interesting chapter, It’s so sad for Xu Jun.

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  2. thanks a lot!
    ji—-bai—-! i saw what you were doing there! when you asked about xu xu’s tradirional view on marriage, you were also finding out information about xu xu for your later pursuit, huh—-?!? lolol! ji bai, you—! and i’m thinking, he probably thought that she was similar to him in that way, and made him fall in love more, rofl!
    ji bai…that signal? no, no, too low-key! haha! anywaym she wouldn’t assume anything from such a thing! wah–! xu xu’s smile! so adorable—! lol, ji bai thinking that she wants to hug him! haha, no, doesn’t really fit her personality!
    x-xu jun…xu jun—–! no—-! he lay awake thinking of the woman he’d had a mutual love with, all this while -sobs- xu jun—! no—-!
    i really hope it’s not one of the ye family members…seriously…

    • Yes I laughed so hard on that part- asking about her view on marriage. XD — Xu Xu is slow and of course she would never get what he’s trying to do- she never thought he would like her, anyway, knowing her personality. / Yeah poor him, he didn’t want to tell his sister because he didn’t want her to look at him differently. :X

      • i know, right—! i was like,’ ji bai, i know what you’re doing! what the heck—!’ so amusing, lol!
        true, i think xu jun also didn’t want to think about the fact that the girl he loved was dead…no—-!

      • Yeah I don’t think he ever stopped loving her still afterall these years…..

      • so true, so true! no—-! now i can’t even hope for them to be together?! no—!

      • yeah, why’s the author hurting me like this—? i can’t even hope for them to get back together again—!

      • Yup her novels are always HE for mc so I’m happy with that. There are a lot of authors who specialize in SE novels, you can’t read if you have a faint heart. I cried like crazy everything I read those.

      • Haha yay for he! Yeah, se are so painful. There are those rare times when i want some angst, but i would usually just read short stories for that. I read to be happy, the sad stuff only for the occasional times,please! Yay happy endings!

      • Yeah, unless it’s really really interesting like Bu Bu Jing Xin. I cried so much watching and reading it but I’ve never regret it. It worths every tear. =D

      • oh yeah, bu bu jing xin, i watched it! haha, i shipped her with the 14th prince, so i liked that she ended up staying with him in the end…but it hurt so much that she didn’t get to see 4th prince, in the end…-flips table-

      • Yeah same they were pretty cute together. I believe he likes her the whole time but couldnt do anything because his older brother taken interested or like her… I feel bad for him and yeah it’s sooooo sad I cried so bad for them. She thought he hates her when she dies and he thought she hated him..

      • right? they were really cute! true, i think he had taken an interest in her earlier than 4th prince, and it seems to me,like he did more for her, too. when the emperor suggested her marrying 14th prince,i was going ‘do it, do it—! marry him! my ship!’, but she rejected it…-shakes head-
        it really was very sad! i totally cried when she died, and by 14th prince’s side, at that! argh…! well, she dies thinking he hated her, but from her letter, the 4th prince would’ve known that she didn’t hate him? though he probably thought that since he didn’t come for her, she hated him for that…-sobs-

      • yeah before but he couldn’t do anything because he is on 8th prince side. If she married him then there would be no tragic.. honestly she is too stubborn at times and it kind led to the end like that. If she cares more about herself if its better and don’t bother of their fight for the throne .. but I guess she can’t

      • true…i think the fact that she knew who would be the next emperor really affected her decisions…that’s right, she had fallen in love with the 8th prince first, and then 4th prince, right…

      • Yeah, true that. What she said to 8th prince ultimately led to 13rd prince entrapment…. she actually affected a lot of things that happened within the princes.

      • that’s true, that’s true! it’s because of the knowledge she has…since she’s from the future i was so sad when 8th prince used his and ruoxi’s past relationship to get 4th prince to let ruoxi go, though…my heart—!

      • Yeah I know, that’s when I realize that 8th prince actually love her a lot because doing that will add oil to the fire since 4th prince already hating so much

  3. Thank you…..Xu Xu now has to learn to saperate her personal feeling during investigation….haha……Ji Bai hoping for a hug…..😁😄😉

  4. Thanks for the update. JB is so sly. While asking questions on the case, he was getting XX’s view on marriage. Funny. He thought XX was going to hug him. Pity XJ. He still loves ZX.

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