When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 32

The bed in the master bedroom was large, Xu Xu occupied less than half even after lying down with her arms and leg spread out. She turned around to look at the bustling night through the window, she was inexplicably a little perturbed.

She originally thought it was due to the change of environment but lying with eyes closed for a moment, she realized perhaps it was due to hunger. She looked at the clock. She ate on the plane during the flight around five o’clock and it’s now eleven. She couldn’t endure her  hunger thus after a while, she quickly got out of bed.

Ji Bai watched the evening news for a moment and was about to sleep when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside the hallway.

He opened the door to see a small figure wearing a white robe and was walking slowly towards the dining room. Ji Bai was a bit surprised; he thought she would wear bear or floral pajamas. He did not expected her to wear a wide open neck robe with a belt around the waist, the kind that matured women wears. But Ji Bai smiled; the robe was obviously too large and long on her, it made her look like a little girl who is secretly wearing an adult’s clothes.

Naturally, the reason for Xu Xu’s choice of pajamas was very simple. Xu Xu is twenty-four years old woman, of course, she would wear pajamas that most women would wear.

Ji Bai walked to the dining room. He could smell the pizza aroma from afar and awaken his hunger.  Xu Xu was sitting in front of the sparkling clean table, an arm supporting her chin as she ate slowly. The satin sleeping robe falls along the curves of her body from neck to ankle prettily like jade, displaying a bit of delicate temperament that Xu Xu doesn’t normally shows.  A slipper fell on the floor, but she didn’t care and continued to gently swing her barefoot.

Xu Xu wasn’t surprised to see Ji Bai. She looked down to put on the slipper  then asked, “Do you want to eat something?”

Ji Bai sat next to Xu Xu. He noticed that her night meal was quite colorful. A slice of pizza, a small plate of fruits, and a glass of milk that looked very appetizing. Presumably with her physique, she doesn’t have to worry about gaining weight.

Xu Xu put a slice of pizza in the microwave, then stood by the kitchen’s countertop to cut fruits for Ji Bai. She doesn’t have the habit of serving others, but tonight, the level of respect she had for Ji Bai had risen higher. Because of her character, due to higher level of respect, she felt closer to him. While cutting the fruits, Xu Xu thought she should change the way she calls him to master/teacher.

The kitchen’s countertop was across the dining table. Xu Xu lowered her head focusing on cutting the fruits. Ji Bai had one arm resting on the empty chair beside him and the other hand was playing with the lighter all the while staring at her.

Perhaps because a man and a woman are together alone at night, just by looking at Xu Xu’s soft hair falling down her forehead and ears, Ji Bai inexplicably felt indescribable sensations aside from being itchy, hot and dry. . It’s the same sensation that he felt that the time she called him “third brother”. Also the mature pajamas with wide opened collar are revealing her snow-white skin, as white as her glass of milk in front of him.

Once his food was prepared, the two of them finished everything. Ji Bai picked up the plates and was about to clean up when Xu Xu quickly stood up, “Master, let me do it.”

Ji Bai glanced at her once.

Xu Xu understood clearly what his glance meant. She thought for a moment but couldn’t think of nicer way to say it, so she directly spoke out her intent, “Master, I’ll respect you more from now on, I will work harder on learning from you.”

Ji Bai looked at Xu Xu’s redden cheeks, “.. good.”

His big figure was sitting still; Xu Xu naturally had to bent down to clean up the plates. Her body was moving in front of Ji Bai’s face at a very close distance. In fact, her pajamas were very large so you can’t see any curves. But because of that, Ji Bai suddenly remembered the unusual soft and firm sensation still lingered on his fingertips from many days ago.

At that time, He just laughed it off. But recalling it now, that feeling felt incredible.
Ji Bai isn’t a teenager anymore. After he got back to his bedroom, he stood by the window to look at the beautiful view of Beijing at night, thinking of Xu Xu.

Recently he seemed to have taken the habit of noticing her.. As long as she appeared, his eyes falls on her whether intentionally or unconsciously. Everything about her is pleasing to his eyes; her short hair, her small figure and even her being stubborn.

Xu Xu does not give him an intense feeling. Truthfully, perhaps because of his character and professional reasons, he never had that feeling for any woman. But being with her, he felt relaxed and comfortable.

She isn’t the ideal he had in mind to be his partner. He thought, he is nearly thirty this year, he will more likely go for a woman who is matured and intellectual. During the time Xu Xu was wearing a very matured pajamas, she still looked like a child, but he still think it was nice.

Ji Bai understood himself very well, he doesn’t want to play around, and he is never the type to jump into something for the sake of experiencing. He assumed his girlfriend would be his wife in the future.

Ji Bai thought for a long time. In the end, he decided that after they finished the case at hand, he would take a step further to get a better understanding of Xu Xu to confirmed his feelings her.

After that, he would give his all in pursuing her.


The relationships between them are of colleagues, super-subordinate, master/teacher/-student.. aren’t these favorable conditions?

Earlier than six the next morning, Xu Xu was still in her deep sleep then she was awaken when she heard the knock on her door.. She thought that there was an emergency thus she hurriedly ran to the door without putting her slippers on.

She opened the door and saw Ji Bai who was in sport clothing, his tall and slender figure leaning against the door’s frame. He looked down at her and said, “Change your clothes, we’re going out for a run.”

Xu Xu doubted. After Ye Zi’s case occurred, they had stopped the morning workout routine.

“Why?” She asked, “You’re not waiting until the case is finished?”

Ji bai smiled faintly then said, “The more stressful it is, the more critical to keep our body in good health and clear mind.”
“Yes.” Xu Xu realized the prodigal person from yesterday had returned to normal.
The hotel’s garden was sparsely populated and peaceful in the morning.. They ran for a while before Xu Xu noticed something unusual. Ji Bai always ran ahead of her without a trace but today after he ran some distance, he is stopping or slowing down to wait for her. Then, he would run along side with her.

After the third time he stopped to wait for her, Xu Xu couldn’t endure it anymore.

She asked him, “Why do you slow down to wait for me today?”


Ji Bai replied naturally, “Not familiar with the place, easy to get lost.”


Xu Xu understood what he meant. She looked at his handsome face that was slightly touched by the sunrise, “Thank you. You don’t have to worry about me. I’ve seen the map of the hotel, impossible for me to get lost.”

Ji Bai turned to look at Xu Xu then smiled, “Very good. But I haven’t seen the map, that’s why we should run together.”

Xu Xu replied, “Yes.”

The two ran together, ate together then went back to their respective rooms to take a shower. They were watching the morning news together when Shu Hang pressed the doorbell just right on the agreed time..

Before arriving in Beijing, Ji Bai already contacted the local police and received the list of students who attended H University that year. After cross-checking the list, the team found that there were more than a hundred people who were living and working in Lin City; most were ruled out as suspects. However, this was just the first step.

The main focus for this morning was to visit the teachers and close friends of Ye Zi Xi that year.  Whether the mysterious lover had any connection to  Ye Zi Xi’s death, they’re not sure, but they can’t overlook any clues.

Because Shu Hang told a few friends earlier that Ji Bai would come to investigate, the university happily cooperated. The two investigated the whole morning without any result. Even though the teachers and students that stayed at the college were impressed with the beautiful and excellence of Ye Zi Xi that year, they never heard that she had a boyfriend.

At lunchtime, Xu Xu told Ji Bai that she would call for delivery. Ji Bai was about to answer when his phone rang. It was Shu Hang and he said that he has helped them make a couple’s reservation at a restaurant nearby. . Ji Bai turned around to tell Xu Xu not to order delivery, they were going out for lunch.

By afternoon, there was finally some progress.

They found a woman named Tian Tian, who were Ye Zi Xi’s good friend that year, now living in Beijing. Ji Bai contacted her and  Tian Tian burst into tears after hearing the news. After calming down, she sniffed and said, “Officer, let’s meet to talk about it.”

From her attitude, Ji Bai and Xu Xu both believed they would soon find the answer.

An hour later. Tian Tian reached H university. She told them about the past.

On her first year studying in graduate school, Ye Zi Xi loved a man who lived in another city. Being relatively low-key in romance, other than this close friend, nobody else knew she had a boyfriend.

“It was around six to seven years ago.” Tian Tian recalled, “At that time, Ye Zi Xi really loved that man. He was younger than Ye Zi Xi, he haven’t graduated from college. He frequently came to Beijing, he takes the whole night on the train to come here. Each time he came, Ye Zi Xi doesn’t come to school for several days. Both summer and winter vacations, they rented a place off campus and were sticking together like clues for several months.
She recalled passionately, Ji Bai and Xu Xu listened in silence.

“Later…” Tian Tian whispered, “Ye Zi Xi got pregnant, but in the end she aborted it. Although sad, but she happily revealed the boyfriend proposed to her and after he graduated he would marry her. After a few months, they suddenly broke up. During that time, Ye Zi Xi was very depressed. She loved him that much…”

“Where is he from? What’s his name?” asked JI Bai.

“Lin City, who called…” Tian Tian thought, “I think I still have a photo of them. I live not far from here, we can go to pick it up.”

Xu Xu was stunned, the anxiousness from yesterday night appeared once again, there seemed to be an important clue that she missed.

Ji Bai nodded, he turned around to see Xu Xu’s pale face, he gently placed his hand on her shoulder naturally, “What’s wrong?”
Xu Xu didn’t pay attention to his action, she whispered, “I’m alright, I was thinking of something.”

This image reminded him of last night, how she obediently cut fruits for him and her slightly blushing face when she called him “master” He smiled faintly, “We’re going to get the photo, you take a break.” Ji Bai did not wait for Xu Xu to refuse, he had gone with Tian Tian.
Ji Bai was in trance for a moment after he received the photo. In the photo, the handsome light skinned man lowered his head to kiss the woman’s neck. He looked focused and passionate. The woman’s long hair was waving in the air, her smile was bright like a flower in full bloom. The happiness in her couldn’t be hidden.

He had seen this man, he also knows who he is.

While Ji Bai was away, Xu Xu was standing by the window in the temporary office at H University. As she watched the green and beautiful campus, she thought: what was she doing six years ago? She was busy with college entrance exams. She forgot about everything else, she poured all her heart into books.

Xu Xu heard a familiar footstep coming from behind, she turned around and encountered Ji Bai’s pensive eyes.
The anxiousness and suspicion had finally been confirmed when Ji Bai handed her the photo.
“Xu Jun.”


Were you surprised to know that it’s Xu Jun? I know I did, even reading it who knows, how many times.

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  2. Thanks. That was a surprise. Wonder if YZX already knew this and tried to get close to her before. Good that JB is starting to notice XX, even decided to chase after her.

    • Probably, everyone knows everyone.. you know. I mean even Zi Xiao knows her brother so of course Zi Xi would know that Xu Xu is Xu Jun’s little sister. But i’m not sure if she became friends with Xu Xu because of that or not…

  3. She remembered something, next chapter will we find out what she had put to the back of her mind?

  4. thanks a lot!
    ah—! so that’s how he was involved—-! woah, that’s serious! but i highly doubt it was xu jun…
    anyway, i’m about 85% sure ji bai will fall in love with xu xu first, rofl! lol, so cute, the ji bai and xu xu moments. -fangirling-

    • Yup, it isn’t him but they were crazy about each other. But Zi Xi chose to leave him for greater purpose ( in her opinion, I think) Now I’m sure that she did not fall in love with him before him if that makes sense? haha jk yeah he is the one who made her fall for him.. sneak sneak Ji Bai.

      • lol—! well, xu jun is definitely not the type to lose cool, judging from his bloodline lol! hm, well, as long as he’s wooing her without bothering her, i think it’s fine. i don’t mind persistent guys, but those who are always trying to push their feelings are really disrespectful..

      • Oh i know what you meant xD but I mean he is the lover that she had in university but not necessarily the one recently though. And yeah he is, maybe the reason why he didn’t hold on to Zi Xi even though he was hurt him too. Hes just too understanding …

      • true true—! you understand, right? haha! yeah, even if he loved hed too, he probably understood she had reasons….i can’t imagine his shock, knowing that a few years later, by fa—te, his little sister makes friends with his ex-lover! the drama! hahaha!

      • Yeah she had reasons but I guess because how he was back then.. he couldn’t really help her accomplish her goals so he had to let her go despite everything else. Oh yeah, interesting how Zi Xi did that… because of Xu Xu or Xu Jun? more likely because of Xu Jun but who knows? 😀

      • true, he’s successful now, but back them, he was just a guy in college. right, i really hope she befriended xu xu because of xu xu, and not because of xu jun, but i suppose we’ll never know…-shakes head-

      • Yeah, she should have waited. But there’s no chance now… And yeah, we’ll neverrr know. I wish the author would do a side story for this. I really wanna know..

      • right, waiting! it would have been all right…-shakes head- that’s right, i wish there could be a side chapter, about ze xi’s and xu jun’s feelings—! ah—!

      • I don’t know if you checked the unedited chapters on google drive yet but it talks a bit about Xu Jun’s feelings…. I was like “aww” I want Xu Jun as my bf

  5. The reason why I read this chapter so late is because I didn’t get any notification… I don’t know why… The interaction between our lead pair has certainly become sweeter! And I specially liked it because there was no body to interfere since they were in a different city 😉
    But, now since Xu Jun becomes a suspect… there are so many loose ends in between… I know its definitely not Xu Jun who killed her… Thank you for the chapter!! 😄😄😘😘😘

    • wordpress is weird, sometimes. Yup, and there is more to come. It isn’t Xu Jun but he was the lover Zi Xi loved so much. The next chapter also made me cry T-T

      • Ohhh…. 😦 There is no doubt that it will be sad…
        Also I wanted to say this, since I am not earning now, I can’t donate to the fund raiser, but once I start earning and you put up another fund raiser, I’ll contribute for sure! 🙂

      • And I understand, it’s fine ^^ and for sure will be more because I just found so many good novelss, I just want to do them all lol and Im very thankful for your support till now.. 😀

    • I would say probably not because of his personality. I don’t think he’s that crazy knowing he’s Xu Xu’s brother… doesn’t look like the type to act reckless like that especially since the murder was done very sloppy.

  6. Hi Tiffy I finally finished p32, now I am hooked to it. Thank you, for your hard work, kindness on sharing this awesome novel. Keep up the great work. Love from Utah.

    • Thank you for your support =D I’m glad you’re liking the novel, and it’ll get even better from now.

  7. Oh m!I am surprised but while thinking it is not unexpected it was said that Xu Jun had differs gfs more that his clothing

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