WASL Fundraiser


So I have three people (poor elders in vn) in mind and will ask my friend who is visiting Vietnam to give them the money directly. I’ll give each person 100 dollars.

While I don’t like taking pictures because I don’t think it’s necessary. In my opinion, when you do something like this, you just do and not takes pictures to showoff or anything.

But for the sake of proof, I will, however, won’t post it here for everyone to see but only send to those who wish to see. So make sure to send me an email by the end of the week so I can send you the pictures once I get them. Otherwise, if nobody emails me, I won’t ask my friend to take any at all since I don’t care and no one else cares for pictures anyway.

MAKE SURE TO SEND BY 01/07/2016 (don’t be shy, I won’t bite lol) 


I’ve decided to do a Fundraiser for When a Snail Loves (WASL) novel.

The target is ~500 dollars, and the fundraising will last for 2 weeks.

I’ll be releasing extra chapters depending on the amount of donations raised during the fundraiser. The rate is 20$ dollars per extra chapter.

If we manage to raise the target of 500$ by the end of the fundraiser (01/01/16), I will release all the remaining chapters of WASL on  (01/05/16). 

What is the fundraiser for?

  • All of the money will go toward the Poor and Sick Elders in Vietnam.
  • Nothing will go to me!!!!


  1. Because I especially care about the elders, they’re old and weak. Although there are many people who need help, but I am the most passionate about assisting the elders.


Don’t believe me?

I’ll provide proof that the needy and ill elders in Vietnam actually received the money.

If everything goes well then I’ll do it for my future novels as well.


You can also send the donation directly to crazyforhenovels@gmail.com.

Raised: $290 / $ 500

(275$ after PP fees)

Amazing Donors:


P.D. $50.00 | E.W. $15.00 | A.L. $25.00 

J. B. $20.00 |  W. R. $10.00 | Y. M. $5.00 | 

R.B. $5.00 | H.L $20.00 | R.Z $20.00 | 

 L.M. $30.00 | T.L $5.00 | C.W. $20.00 

A.H. $25.00 | A.J. $20.00 | M.B. $20.00

(Only initials to protect the donors privacy ^^)

 If you can’t donate due to your circumstances, please support in another way by clicking on this Link (adfly) (turned off adblocker)

Remember that like/follow/comment are ways that you can support me as well, it makes me feel very happy to see so many likes/comments/follows.

Contact me @ crazyforhenovels@gmail.com of any questions/concerns/etc.

Side story: Most money donated toward poor people in Vietnam almost never or small % (less 5) ever get to the people. So even though there is help from people from all around the world, the organization /government often take everything for themselves because they are corrupted.  SICK and SELFISH PEOPLE!! 

26 thoughts on “WASL Fundraiser

  1. Thank you for your effort…..its good to know that money donated will go directly to people who really deserved them……keep up your good work…..

  2. that’s a lovely idea – perhaps you could record your donations. It will be nice to track how you much has been donated …just an idea 🙂

  3. thanks!
    yeah, the problem with donating to overeas organisations is that you never know how much goes to actually helping people…urgh, now if only i had an online account or a credit card…-sobs- i’d give you real money, honestly. i agree, the best people to help are those who do not have the capability to work and make money for themselves.

    • Yeah, it’s always really stretchy. It’s the thought that counts and you are helping out as a proofreader so you’re helping by doing hard work of being my proofreader. XD

      • haha! i went to vietnam on a school trip once, abut two years ago. since there was also a community aspect to it, we bought food and brought stuff to give to this um, temple, which brings up children. i’d call it an orphanage, but most of the children were abandoned at the steps of the temple. we just played with the children and taught them a bit of english, but it was an enriching and interesting experience! always best to see the stuff go to where they’re intended!

      • Oh Nice, I actually never went to the palace. It’s far from where I used to live. XD

      • haha, i see! it’s pretty big—! and they were um, reconstructing it to become like the original state? like touching up on the historical remains, and adding on to the fallen ruins and stuff.

      • Ohhh it in the northern area, right? I never went that far before xD and I get what you meant. They often do that to preserve it.

      • -checks vietnam map- from what i remember, i went to both hoi an and hue for the trip!

      • alright then north xD , I lived in the South. I wanted to see Hoi An and Hue but I didn’t have time for that when I went back for an vacation. :X I also didn’t want to sit through more than 10 hours on train/car..

      • north it is, haha! oh, the historical sites were pretty nice! i was more interested in the palace then the temples, lol! however, where we went was not my choice…boohoo! yeah, i suspect that there’d be a long journey northwards!

      • Ohh yeah same, there aren’t much to see at temples .. at least to me… But yeah, since you went with a group. It is since the road and driving in Vn are horrible…it’s crazyy.

  4. What a fan-tas-tic Idea! And such a heartwarming gift to an unrecognized deprived group of the population. Bless your kind heart and wishing you loads of happiness, peace and a wonderful Xmas! It is a season of giving after all. An enlightened friend mentioned to me once : What are Blessings? Blessings exist when we share them with others!
    Thank you very much for your hard work and wonderful translations 🙂

    • Thank you, I’m glad and happy to hear that. Exactly, it’s such a wonderful time of the year too. Hope you’ll have a great Christmas as well =D

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