When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 30

In fact, she got teary-eyed but had quickly suppressed it. However, her eyes still got red, inevitably.

After a brief silence, Xu Xu frowned then turned her head away to escape from Ji Bai’s eyes, “ I haven’t cried in a long time.”

Seeing her distressed look, Ji Bai smiled. He was just about to get up when his eyes unintentionally glanced down.

Even the skin on her neck was fragile and pale, the blue veins faintly visible. Perhaps due to embarrassment, she was red from her neck to her ears. He had never seen anyone with skin that was so fragile as if it would break if touched.

Because Ji Bai was still crouching, Xu Xu quickly noticed and turned her head, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Ji Bai glanced at her, calm and composed, he said, “What do you think?” He then stood up and walked away.
Xu Xu thought he probably wanted to observe her. So, she also got up and followed him back to the office.

As he entered the room, Ji Bai immediately felt the unusual atmosphere. Zhao Han signalled him with his eyes, and several other officers were frowning. He turned his head and immediately encountered Yao Meng sitting in her spot, staring at the computer screen, typing, but her eyes were red.

Ji Bai didn’t care and walked into his office. After a moment, he heard Xu Xu’s gentle voice: “Yao Meng, do you have time, we…”

Ye Zi Xiao was sent home by a police car. Ye Zi Xiao’s mansion was covered in bright sunlight, and the surroundings were very peaceful.  He was just lying down for a while in the room when the door was opened.

The person who walked in was his father Ye Lan. Seeing his youngest son’s frowning face, he sat down at the bedside, and smiled: “Why aren’t you at the company and instead, hiding here?”

Ye Zi Xiao sat up: “Dad, Zi Xi’s dead.”

Ye Lan’s expression froze in place for many seconds.

Ye Zi Xiao took a deep breath: “She was murdered. The killer might be accomplices from the blade case…” Having said to this point, his voice was choked.

Ye Lan was sixty-five this year but still looked to be in his early fifties. At this time, perhaps due to suppressing his expression, every wrinkle on his face seemed to tremble.

He did not say anything to Ye Zi Xiao, and also did not ask anything. He stood up, slowly, step by step walked out of the room. From Zi Xiao’s angle, his back was trembling, sluggish and he looked older than every moment in the past.

The police soon called the Ye family, informing them of Ye Zi Xi, moreover, requesting to speak with them. Ye Lan directly answered the phone.

That night, Ye Lan did not come down for dinner.

When Ye Zi Xiao went down to the dining room, everyone else had already gathered.

Even after taking a shower and changing clothes, his face still looked awful. The third sister, Ye Qiao, glanced at him once and asked: “Where is Zi Xi? Why didn’t she come back with you?”

Ye Zi Xiao did not immediately answer, but he went to sit at his place. Everyone was used to his temper, so they didn’t care. Suddenly, everyone heard him say: “Zi Xi’s dead.”

The dining room became frighteningly quiet. Only Ye Zi Xiao picked up the chopsticks and began to eat.

The first one to speak was the eldest brother, Ye Zi Qiang: “Fourth brother, what kind of joke is that?”

Ye Zi Xiao slammed the chopsticks on the table: “I’m joking? You must be happy now. You always suspected Zi Xi will come back to steal the family fortune. Shit, she’s dead, you can be at ease now.

Ye Zi Qiang turned red in seconds: “You… you…

“Zi Xiao!” The person who yelled at him was Ye Qiao: “What are you talking about? What happened to Zi Xi?”

Ye Zi Xiao coldly looked at her: “Third sister, how many times did you sabotage Zi Xi in the company these few years? Don’t you also think like the eldest brother? Now that she’s dead, do you even feel guilty?”

Ye Qiao’s expression turned sour, and she became silent.

The room turned silent, the atmosphere was tenser than before.

Ye Zi Xiao took a deep breath to calm himself down: “Zi Xi was murdered last night.”

He did not want to mention the message and did not want to mention Ye Zi Xi’s tragic death even more, only saying: “I was called by the police for questioning, the murderer is probably related to the previous blade case. The police are investigating.”

Everyone pondered in silence, no one said a word.

It took a while before third sister’s husband, Zhang Shi Yong Chen Sheng, asked: “Did they catch the killer?” His voice turned several times colder: “What is the police doing?”
Ye Zi Xiao had a lot of respect for this brother-in-law, and he shook his head: “Not yet, it isn’t the suspect from last time, he has been caught. This might have been done by his accomplices, exactly like animals!

Everyone was silent, and there was a heavy atmosphere. After a while, the second sister Ye Jin, who had been silent, put down the chopsticks: “I’m full.” Her husband saw that she didn’t touch any food, and hugged her shoulders: “You eat too little.” Ye Jin shook her head, stood up and walked to Ye Zi Xiao’s side. She placed her hand on Zi Xiao’s shoulder, her eyes were teary.

The second sister had an introverted and gentle personality. Other than Zi Xi, Zi Xiao had the best relationship with her. He grabbed her hand: “Second sister..”

While everyone was immersed in the heavy atmosphere, the news of Zi Xi’s death had gradually spread to the public. Everyone in the force suspended all leave, throwing themselves into the investigation, regardless of day or night. Xu Xu sent a message to Xu Jun, saying that she was very busy, and not to contact her if there wasn’t anything important. Xu Jun was accustomed to his sister’s state, only replying with one word “Alright”, and not bothering her any longer after that.

After a day of investigating, the team had a brief meeting to report the results.

The first one who reported was Officer Wu, He, Yao Meng, and another officer who was responsible for the investigation of Ye Zi Xi’s everyday relationships.

“ We asked relatives, friends, and co-workers of the victim in Lin City. The victim had great relationships with people and never had a major conflict with anyone. Everyone says she’s single, and nobody heard that she recently had a boyfriend.”

This result disappointed everyone.

Yao Meng added: “We have applied for authorization for an in-depth investigation of the victim’s personal data, including email records, phone records, purchase records… If there is really a secret lover, there must be some kind of trace of it.”

Ji Bai nodded, and Xu Xu quickly wrote down the details of the meeting.  

Because Ye Zi Xi was an entrepreneur, Ogo, along with Zhao Han, investigated about her wealth.  

Officer Ogo solemnly reported: “The victim is responsible for the Group’s overseas investments. There are some losses and some gains in investments. Overall, there isn’t anything out of the ordinary.”

Ji Bai interrupted him: “What kind of investment losses?”

Ogo answered: “There are real estates, also export trades. Last night, the largest investment loss resulted in USD 100 million damage. The partner is a Chinese-European. He is wanted after fleeing with the money. However, this is just a small grain of sand in the desert to the L Corporation.”


Xu Xu attentively listened. At this point, there weren’t any unusual details.

At this time, Zhao Han stood up and said: “ I found one of the earliest documents of Longxi group.” He distributed it to everybody. Xu Xu scanned it over quickly, and quickly found clues.

L Corporation’s earliest chairman was not Ye Lan, but a person called Ye Lan Chi. Xu Xu was about to speak when Ji Bai already spoke: “Ye Lan Chi is Ye Zi Xi’s father?”

Zhao Han nodded, explaining:” Ye Lan Chi passed away when Ye Zi Xi was three years old. Her uncle, Ye Lan, became the Chairman. At that time, the company had no stock. After it was later listed for stocks, the adult Zi Xi got 3%.

Hearing this, everyone predicted that perhaps Zi Xi’s death was caused by the disputes over the family’s fortune?

Ji Bai was silent for a few seconds, then turned to Officer Wu: “Within the time frame of the murder, is there anyone in the Ye family who doesn’t have an alibi?”

Officer Wu flipped through the notebook in his hands and replied: “The time of death is from 21:00 until 5 in the morning the next day. It is quite a large time frame, and most of them said they were sleeping. We need to conduct further investigation on this.”

Ngo said: “The text message was sent at 22:17. According to the forensic report, after a serious chest injury, the victim won’t be able to survive for more than an hour. Can we infer that the time of death was between 22 to 23:30? Shouldn’t we focus on verifying the alibis during this time frame?”

Zhao Han retorted: “What if the killer sent the message in order to confuse the time of death?



Two voices voiced at the same time, it was Xu Xu and Ji Bai.
Everyone hesitated. Everyone knew that Ji Bai was the best in the team, and they were all clear of Xu Xu’s promising talent since her arrival, it was “*The later storm superseding the earlier storm”. They did not expect them, the teacher and student, to have contradicting ideas.

*The newer person becoming better than the more experienced person, and has the chance of replacing them.

Ji Bai looked at Xu Xu with a spark of interest in his eyes. Xu Xu didn’t look at him but solemnly thought.

At this time, Yao Meng raised her hand: “I also think that it’s “unlikely”, the message was probably sent by the victim.” She then showed eyes of encouragement to Xu Xu. Xu Xu understood Yao Meng and nodded in response.


Two forensic psychologist professionals went against the idea of the vice-captain, this aroused everyone’s interest. Ji Bai satisfied everyone’s curiosity, and called: “Xu Xu, you speak first.”


Xu Xu said: “The message reveals the relationship between the victim and the murderer. The murderer has high IQ, and would carefully conduct his actions. He deliberately arranged the crime scene to look like the blade case, thus he wouldn’t leave such an obvious clue.”

Yao Meng also said: “I have a similar view to that. If the murderer sent the message, he could have sent a vague message to achieve the purpose of confusing the time of death.”


After listening to the words of both of them, there were many people who nodded. Then, everyone turned to Ji Bai.


Ji Bai smiled, slightly raising his long black brows, and then his eyes fell upon XuXu: “Your conclusion comes from an ideal situation, but we aren’t clear of the process of how the murder occurred. We can’t eliminate any kind of surprise factor that would the murderer to send the message. Moreover, don’t forget that there’s a chance of a second killer.
Everyone nodded, and Ji Bai changed the topic: “But I agree that we should focus on investigating the alibi of the Ye family members from 22 to 23:30. Look at the log of calls from Ye Xi’s phone.”

Xu Xu flipped open the information on hand, the message sent from 22:17 was in the record, and also showing the IP address, there was nothing unusual about it.
Ji Bai went on to say: “IP belongs to the area of Lin Mountain, it is confirmed that the message was sent from the villa, and the phone’s signal disappeared at 23:30. We did not find the cellphone at the scene.


Xu Xu suddenly felt that everything was clear. Between that time frame, at least one of the killers was still at the villa, otherwise, where was the phone?

But….. Ji Bai knew the area instantly after looking at the IP address, could it be that he had the IP addressed in the Lin City memorized?

It seemed that she didn’t try hard enough.

The focus directions seemed to have been determined. One was to continue to find the secret love, the other was to verify the alibis of the Ye family members. Ji Bai was about to announce the adjournment of the meeting when the phone rang. He said a few words, then hung up the phone and turned to everyone: “It’s Ye Zi Xiao, he said that he had suddenly thought of a man.”

Ye Zi Xiao wasn’t stupid. After 2 days, his mood was slowly recovering, and he also started to think about certain problems: “Why is Ye Zi Xi living alone in a villa in the Lin mountain area? Why did Ji Bai speak about the male-female relationships of Ye Zi Xi when he was taking my statement?”

Could it be that Ye Zi Xi really had a lover?

He suddenly remembered one thing. It was probably two years ago when he broke up with his girlfriend. The reason was what Xu Xu predicted, the woman was also an arrogant woman, and couldn’t stand his machismo. At that time, it was quite upsetting, so he went to find Ye Zi Xi to go for a drink.

Half-drunk, he vaguely remembered Ye Zi Xi wearing a long dress and leaning on the railing. She was looking up to see the stars with a self-deprecating look in her eyes.  

Ye Zi Xi also said: “Zi Xiao, you haven’t met that person. Your sadness is nothing. The real sadness is uncomfortable to the point that you want to die.”

Ye Zi Xiao rushed to the police station, and Ji Bai and Xu Xu talked to him. While repeating those words, he unknowingly looked at Xu Xu. Xu Xu had been attentively observing Ye Zi Xiao when she suddenly met with his eyes. Understanding a little, she naturally lowered her head.

Then Ji Bai’s deep and powerful voice sounded: “Mr.Ye, do you have any other clues? What you just said is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.”

Ye Zi Xiao said, that he wasn’t clear who it was, but that it must a man that Ye Zi Xi met when she studied at the graduate school in Beijing. This was because she didn’t have any other boyfriend after returning to Lin City.

After Ye Zi Xiao left, Ji Bai called Zhao Han to tell him: “ I’m going on a trip to Beijing, book me a flight for today and tomorrow for the return flight.” He had made up his mind to use all his connections to investigate, surely he would find clues that way.

Zhao Han nodded: “Who are you going with?” Previously, Ji Bai would always bring a young officer along every time he went on a trip.
Ji Bai looked at the crowd outside, then at Xu Xu who was buried in her desk by his office door. She was moving the mouse, quickly going through all the documents regarding the Ye family’s (L Corporation), looking like a small, fast motor.
At the airport in the afternoon, Ji Bai was waiting for a moment, and saw that Xu Xu was carrying a bag in one hand and her other thin hand was carrying a heavy laptop case, she was on the phone while walking:”You don’t need to ask your friend to pick me up. I’m at the airport. Xu Jun, I’m very busy, good bye.”
Xu Xu hung up the phone, then quickly walked to Ji Bai’s side. At this time, the intercom announced  it was time to check in, Ji Bai then took the bags in her hands: “Let’s go.”
Xu Xu’s hands were suddenly empty while Ji Bai was carrying the 3 bags of the two of them. However, he could still carry them easily, and his tall and handsome appearance stood out in the crowd.
In the bureau, he  was very strict, but outside, he was such a gentlemen. This teacher was not bad.


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  2. thanks a lot—-!
    congrats on getting 100 followers!
    woo, long chapter! ahaha! anyway, lol, ji bai noticing xu xu’s loks! hehehe! yes, get more attracted to her, ji bai! anyway, from the looks of things, and also according to my hopes, i’m hoping that ji bai will fall in love first! minor detail, some might say, but well, it’s just my hope, lol!
    oh, it was interesting when hers&yao meng’s clashed withji bai’s opinion!interesting—! it’s great that yao meng and xu xu made up!
    that detail that zi xiao revealed though, hm, how unfortunate for zi xi! also, him looking at xu xu while he said it, ahaha!
    ooh, teacher and student investigating to the capital? let’s go—-! i’m looking forward to it!
    regarding spoilers, i’m okay with it, but i know some people really don’t like it. -shrugs- to each their own, right?
    time to reveal some information about myself—-!
    i’m singaporean, a student. ethnicity? hm— under singapore’s four major categories, i’m considered malay. but i prefer to think in specifics, wahaha, so i’m mixed, actually! more interesting info…let’s see, all my blood-related great-grandparents are immigrants. that’s interesting, right??rofl!

    • I’m not so sure who fell in love first. I think they just mutually like each other and work hard to make the other like them. It’s quite funny that they didn’t realize each other feelings… both oblivious….Yeah that’s very interesting, unlike me.I’m boring like a potato xD.. I never thought you would be Malay / Singaporean lol I thought you’re living in US xD Btw, I find Singapore to be quite nice. I want to visit the place one day.

      • judging from the chapters so far, it seems ji bai’s noticing her earlier than xu xu is noticing him, haha! well, yay for mutually liking each other, ahaha! lol, well, regarding their romance, it’s for the future chapters, i guess! but it seems to be a very slow romance, lol!

        haha, i’m sure you have interesting stuff, too! learning about a different person is often very interesting, especially those from a different country, ahaha!
        lol, US, me?? hm, no, maybe i’ll be a tourist there, but i don’t want to live there, haha!

        well, i guess there are pros and cons to everything! in singapore, main attraction is the food—! so much food, so many cultures, ahaha! love the food! woo–!

      • yeah because of the case, there will be more romance after the case and then some more focus on romance.. and lol I see I agree it isnt that great over here.. yup I saw the foods and thought I must visit Singapore one day.. food is my everything 🙂 yeah

      • lol, well, a mixture of interesting cases and romance is good!
        oh,it isn’t that great? unfortunate, the news i read and hear don’t make it sound better, too…
        yes, food is the main attraction—! so many different types of food—
        do you like ice-cream? there’s this one shop that has an ice-cream buffet, ahaha!

      • not that great but still better than many places buy news are always just nothing blown out of proportion. I wouldn’t trust 90% of the news, they are businesses afterall. …. YES ice creammmmmm, nobody hates ice cream. If they do, I feel sad for them lol

      • well, more than news, i see and hear more from social media, which is news from people on the ground, who are really living the situation. i feel that that is more believable news, haha! yeah, and news businesses are relly selective and biased. don’t really trust ’em, lol!
        woo, ice-cream! with the weather in singapore, unless it’s raining, ice-cream all year round—-!

      • there are things that right but even ppls can be biased toward their own situation. It’s true there are bad things but It isn’t as bad as ppls made it out to me..some ppls dont do anything but whine. However, we do need to change a lot of things. And haha I eat ice cream even in the winterrr 🙂 there are mostly rain here in my state lol

      • that’s true, that’s true! change, huh? yeah, i guess policies and stuff?
        lol, ice-cream in the winter? oh, but it’s mostly rain, eh, then that’s fine—! ahaha!

      • yeah it doesn’t matter cause its warm inside anyway xD there is rain and cold at the same time though

      • ahaha, true—! but i like rainy weather, though! so cosy, especially when i have nothing urgent to do, so i can laze around, lol!

      • yup it’s nice but it sucks sometimes because I can’t do any outdoor activities cause of it

  3. Hey~ thank you once again for a quick post and for the amazinnnnnng proofreader!!! ❤

    Like the previous comment, whoaaa it's a longer chapter!!! Yay! I liked this part in particular, because Ji Bai is already noticing Xuxu! Way to go boy !! And the way the way he's such a gentleman to Xuxu! What a lucky girl indeed! I wonder how long it would take before they start to show signs of inclinations hahaha

    As for spoilers, i'm good with them hahahahaha not a problem at all!!!


    Short intro about me: hey i'm a filipino-chinese from the philippines! I'm currently a first year law student hahaha

  4. I always read with excitement and feels sad when it is ended and need to wait for another chapter. Thanks for you and the proofreader no one.

    I don’t mind spoiler…., to me it just give more spice..hahaha.

    Seemed Jibai has already shown interest to Xuxu.

    • Thats great to hear ^^ yup I think so too. Cliche but its true that she is different.. fragile but tough at the same time

  5. Thank you for updates…..
    I am Indian and currently searching job…. I like Chinese novels and this one is one of my favourites . always waiting for updates….

    • Cool 🙂 gl for your job search, Im about to do that too since Im graduating sooon .. such a scary thing for me

  6. Thanks for the update. Things are moving especially in JB ‘s attention to XX. Love to read more about them.
    Congrats on the increased following. Appreciate the proof reader too.
    I am a working adult in Malaysia. Studied in Spore and Australia before coming back to Malaysia. Only handicap is I cannot read and write Chinese. Very thankful to you for taking up this translation project.

  7. I’m Malaysian and just graduated from a medical school ^___^ In the process of applying for residency aka housemanship and happily wasting time watching dramas these days. Thank your for your hard work!

  8. Whoa…it’s longer than previous n I just love it. Thank you Tiffy.
    I’m originally from Indonesia but I live in US (Seattle, WA)

    • Yeah Im trying to catch up on the chapters xD glad you liked it… and whoooo Im living there too :O This is crazyyyy, the world is so big yet you’re living there too xD

  9. I do like spoiler hehehee
    Because I sometimes can’t wait any longer to see what happen next with the story etc. Wkwkkwk

    I’m actually from Indonesia. I’m Chinese Indonesian, but I can’t speak or read chinese (ping yin). I just can speak and read chinese little since I learn that at school.
    I’m just graduated from univ.
    I like ur translation.. Hehehee
    I use yuna or una as my name on this page because my email name is unauniuno@hotmail.com *just a random name*
    Well its not my real name btw. Hehe

    I’m really in love w/ chinse novel. And I think that its almost 10 months since I read chinese novel. Hehehehe
    I firstly discover chinese novel (that being translated) from shushengbar hehe really love that website. I’m actually don’t know that there’s something like this (chinese novel translated by so many greaat and good people). I’m feeling grateful toward them who make effort to translate the novels for us who can not read chinese.
    im actually looking for boss and me and also silent separation (u’ve got the same name as her. Tiffany hehehe) when suddenly I found that drama were come from novel Ehhehee

    Thanks for the translation. Have a great day 😀

    • Oh cool facts 🙂 oh yes I found that there are so many good Chinese novels from there too. Oh have you found those novel yet? I think there are english translations for them. Yeah Chinese actually made a lot of films originated from famous novels. I recommend you to read The song of desert if you haven’t read it yet, there is also a drama on it since it’s super famous.

  10. Hello a silent reader is leaving a comment~
    I don’t mind if you spoiler us, I am always impatiently waiting for the updates ^-^
    I suspect that the murderer nr.1 is her old bf who for what ever reason has a gf/wife/and maybe child, the one who is a europe-chinese who flew with the money, that guys gf found out about this affair is murderer nr.2. She tool revenge on the victim and mutilated her too

    So about myself, I am a student who lives in Austria, Europe. My parents are both pure-blooded Chinese people but I can’t speak and even less write and read Chinese since I don’t like the restrictive way of traditional Chinese parents so I rebelled against learning more about the language while I was younger

  11. Hi Tiffy! I’m my mom’s caretaker and I live in the US. I’m Black and I don’t mind spoilers, but an alert would be nice. Thank you for continuing the book because I know all about how real life can change plans for you. 😀

  12. Thank you for translating ! I don’t mind spoilers at all. I’m pretty much looking forward to what happens next and spoilers add spice to the wait XD.
    I’m a post grad student in the Philippines. My roots trace back to Spain but it pretty diluted now, haha

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    I m Bangladeshi. Recently done post graduation. Searching job. Can’t speak, understand, read Chinese. So totally depended on you who are translating novels. Again thanks.

  14. Oooooh~ XuXu~~ *wink wink, nudge nudge*
    Hello~ I’m Michelle, I’m African American, I live in the U.S. and I’m highschool student. Long story short, my Chinese novel obsession sparted with my korean culture obsession xD Thank you and proofreader for giving your time and hard work so we can all enjoy this wonderful story~

  15. HI, This is my first post after reading 30 chapters of urs. I simply loving this novel. And thanks a lot for your hard work in translating this novel!
    Regrading myself, I am an Indian, working. But I love reading novels. Regarding spoilers, I dnt mind.

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    regarding the spoilers I really do not mind them actually I like spoilers me too I always want to know what will heppen next.
    about myself I am an Engineering curently working in UAE but I am from Algeria in north Africa and I am muslim.
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  17. Thanks for the chapter. I don’t mind spoilers.

    I’m a working adult living in London, UK. I grew up in Scotland and I’m Black.

  18. Hi Tiffy, love your books and effort! Cannot wait for the story to unfold further… the suspense is killing me 🙂

    I am originally from Malaysia, Chinese and currently residing in Northern California – ie. San Francisco. You are most welcome to stay with me if you are around my neighbourhood 🙂

    • oh my lol I might take your offer on that xD I wanna go disney world somedayyy, I can’t believe I haven’t yet

  19. Thank you…..and thanks too to our no 1 proofreader as well. Love reading about our OTP’s slow and steady development of their love life.
    I am a full time housewife with 3 daughters who is so happy to find a community of chinese novels lovers. Forever grateful to people like you who took precious time to translate and share them with us here.
    Love spoilers as well….good luck to you dear in all your projects….

    • Thank you 😀 that’s cool, I have to say that I could never become a full time mom because I think it’s very hard and don’t get enough credit tbh. It’s a freaking 24 hr/7 days job. It’s crazy that people think of it as easy. X: and thank you for your support as always ^^

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    I guess their love still blossom earlier than in he has come, close your eyes.
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    • Cool 😀 great to see older readers. I don’t think you can be too old for Chinese novels. They’re good, I just couldn’t find the same romance novels in English. Love is different if you know what I mean xD

  21. Hi there

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    Cha Yo XuXu

  25. I can´t stop reading. Thank you so much for translating this novel and thus making it possible for us nun-Chinese-speakers to enjoy this wonderful story.

  26. Greetings from Canada! This conversation may be outdated but wanted to let you know how appreciative I am that you generously give your time to do this. I’m a CBC (Canadian born Chinese) mother but do not know a word of Chinese. I didn’t even know Chinese translated novels like this existed but I’m sooooo hooked now! I feel that I’m getting to know much more of my Chinese roots. I love the gentle development of love in Ding Mo’s novels… I would appreciate any recommendations of other novels (translated to English) that I should read. Thanks!

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