When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 29

Xu Xu was sitting, motionless and silent, when the phone suddenly rang from an unknown number.

A respectful and gentle voice came from the other line: “Hello, are you Ms.Xu Xu? Sorry to bother you, but I am the manager of XXX restaurant on the cruise ship. Ye Zi Xi and you have booked an appointment for lunch today, but I couldn’t get in contact with Ms. Ye…”

Xu Xu tightly held her cellphone, lowered her head, and stared at the shadow on the light blue-colored floor.

“Sorry, we can’t make it.”

Without the presence of Xu Xu, Ji Bai asked Ye Zi Xiao for more details, including his meeting with Ye Zi Xi. What he said to her, how long he had stayed with a female friend, and up to what time last night, and the location of it.

Facing Ji Bai, Ye Zi Xiao didn’t feel embarrassed. His face was emotionless, he was very cooperative with Ji Bai, answering all of the questions.

Ji Bai asked: “Why did you say “I’m sorry.” ”

Ye Zi Xiao was silent for a few seconds before speaking: “Xu Xu said that when Ye Zi Xi was injured, I didn’t dare to give her emergency treatment. I apologized because of that. You can ask Xu Xu about this.”

Yao Meng added: “Why were you alone for a few hours yesterday? Where did you go?”

Seeing Yao Meng’s beautiful face, Ye Zi Xiao suddenly remembered Xu Xu’s words: “Your interest and concern towards women is more intense than normal people.”

Ye Zi Xiao felt upset, tilting his head to look elsewhere, and not looking at Yao Meng’s eyes. He stiffly answered: “Because I quarreled with Xu Xu. Ms. Officer, I don’t want to answer personal questions.”

When he was finished with the interrogation, Ji Bai went back to the office and ordered people to find evidence proving Ye Zi Xiao’s statement. He quickly received the result, many people could testify that Ye Zi Xiao and a female had booked a hotel room.  The hotel manager on duty and the surveillance video could attest that Ye Zi Xiao had left the hotel at 5 am.

Ji Bai ordered his subordinates to let Ye Zi Xiao go. He held a box of cigarettes and walked out to the corridor. Thinking while lighting up his cigarette, he then heard a crisp voice: “Xu Xu, what’s wrong?” It was Yao Meng’s voice.

Ji Bai glanced up, the two girls were sitting at the corner in the corridor. It was next to the files room, and no one else was in sight.

“Nothing.” Xu Xu lowered her head.

Yao Meng sighed.

Ji Bai looked away. He leaned on the wall and smoked, pondering about the case.

At this time, Yao Meng said softly: “Xu Xu, you should talk about it if you are unhappy. We’re friends.” Xu Xu remained silent.

Yao Meng was also silent. Seeing Ye Zi Xiao yesterday, she couldn’t help but be surprised. He seemed to have feelings for Xu Xu. It was hard to imagine for her because they really weren’t compatible. Hearing that he was the fourth young master of the Ye family, she was even more shocked.

But Yao Meng didn’t like the type of men like Ye Zi Xiao, because in her mind, she had a kind of pride. This kind of rich young master made her feel that he was unattainable, at the same time, she also didn’t care about him.

So the fact that Ye Zi Xiao went to a hotel with a woman was unexpected, but it also made sense.

Yao Meng’s feelings towards Xu Xu were quite complicated. She felt that Xu Xu shouldn’t fall into the hands of a man like Ye Zi Xiao. But Yao Meng felt that she would feel more secure if he and Xu Xu were to get together.

Thinking for a moment, Yao Meng said: “ It’s because of Ye Zi Xiao, right? Xu Xu, you need to carefully consider. After all, his family background is different from us. However, if you really like him, then I’ll support you.”

At the other end of the corridor, Ji Bai once again glanced at them.

Surprisingly, Xu Xu didn’t raise her head, and directly interrupted Yao Meng’s words: “Why do you think I’m sad because of Ye Zi Xiao? I don’t want to talk right now, could you go away.”

Yao Meng totally did not expect this, that a gentle person like Xu Xu would suddenly say such harsh words like that. She turned red, and turned around to see Ji Bai standing not far from them. Yao Meng bit her lips, and without saying anything, got up and left.

Ji Bai followed Yao Meng’s figure, her eyes were teary. He then looked back at Xu Xu, who was still sitting motionless in place, her face was red. He put out the cigarette and walked straight to her.

The approaching footsteps, the familiar black shirt, and the faint tobacco smell. Seeing him, Xu Xu suddenly calmed down. The chaotic emotions in her mind quickly dissipated like mist under the sun.

What had she just done to Yao Meng? It was unbelievable that she had vented her misery on someone else

Xu Xu stared intensely at Ji Bai’s leather shoes: “I’m sorry, I’ll apologize to her.”

“Hm, what else?” Ji Bai asked.

Xu Xu hesitated, her hands placed on her knees, clenched into fists. This action did not escape Ji Bai’s eyes, he mercilessly picked out: “At the crime scene, why didn’t you mention Ye Zi Xi’s affair?”

Xu Xu, shocked, softly replied: “I didn’t notice it. Do you perhaps think that I deliberately concealed it?

Ji Bai stared at her: “It’s true that you didn’t notice. Because subconsciously, you couldn’t believe that Ye Zi Xi would have an indecent relationship with a married man, that’s why you were blind to such obvious details?”

Xu Xu was silent a moment, then replied: “I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.”

In fact, when Ji Bai had given his analysis at the scene, Xu Xu had realized her negligence, but she didn’t think deeply about it. Now that Ji bai had pointed it out, she understood that her emotions had affected her judgement.

When saying this, Xu Xu still had her head down. From Ji Bai’s perspective, her slim shoulders were slightly slouched forward, and her head was buried low. The short, soft hair fell down on her forehead. He could faintly see the facial features on the pale face,and the thin neck was also visible. It was unlike a mature woman, but more like a stubborn and weak teenager.

It was her first time at the crime scene, and the decreased was also her friend. Truthfully, Ji bai was very satisfied with her performance.

However, satisfaction was one thing, education was another matter.

Ji Bai wanted to lecture her a bit more, but seeing her weary look, he suddenly had no mood to continue.

He did not speak, and Xu Xu thought that he had finished. As she was about to get up and leave, Ji Bai suddenly crouched down.

His dark eyes were on the same level as her, and he thoughtfully stared at her.

Their faces were close, and Xu Xu was taken aback. The tall Ji Bai was crouched in front of her, still as a statue. This made her feel baffled.

Eye to eye for a moment, Ji Bai looked deeply into Xu Xu’s pair of red eyes, and finally said: “You won’t do it again, don’t cry.”

Xu Xu: “…..”


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29 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 29

  1. thank you—-!
    aw—-i feel really sad for xu xu! well, yao meng had good intentions, it’s just, xu xu isn’t the type to really need consolation. i think she’s more of the type where, to comfort her, you can just sit by her side silently. anyway, heh, nice, ji bai distracting her, but also comforting her! how rare of him! also, i’m glad he acknowledged that xu xu did really well, though i wish he’d say to occasionally to her!-shakes fist at him- lol! everyone should have some worthy praise occasionally!

    • Yeah I think she needs time to sort it out by herself. She is one independent girl/woman XD. She also isn’t used to that anyway since she grew up in the family full of guys. But yeah Ji bai way of teaching is tough. That’s why she never had female student but Xu Xu is an exception. At least he tried to be nice?

      • haha, it’s good that she’s independent, makes her quite admirable. true, only her father and brother, haha! true, ji bai is tough on himself and the person his mentoring, i’ll put it as a positive thing, saying that he has a good work ethic, lol!
        i think ji bai doesn’t like teaching people in general, it seems! yeah, he’s trying! but only in a horrible situation like this…he should give xu xu more well-deserved praise too—!

      • True, Ji Bai didn’t even want to mentor anyone but Xu Xu stand out to him so that’s why she is worthy of being his student. He just doesn’t like to deal with people in general .. I think.. He wants to do his things while others do their things.. It seems that he isn’t only like that with her but everyone though. I think he will? but I’m just guessing though cause I don’t remember

      • oh, true! i feel like he’s friendly with people, but has only a few close friends. when it comes to work, though, he gets really serious, haha! he’s particularly tough on her because she’s his student, it’s been said. well, i think ji bai doesn’t praise her enough, lol!

      • Yup, he needs to learn how to praise ..people in general. Even if someone did well, I feel like he would still pick on what they did wrong instead of encouraging them.

      • i know, i get that feeling too! he’ll only comfort people when they’re serioudl distraught, or something, lol!

  2. Thank you…why would Yao Meng feel more secured if YZX and XuXu were together?.. Did I get that wrong…😯

    • Yao Meng likes Ji Bai but he didn’t pick her but chose Xu Xu instead. If Xu Xu is out of the way then Yao Meng feels a sense of security cause she knows Xu Xu won’t get together with Ji Bai…

  3. Poor Xu Xu… ;_; Yao Meng… your behavior is not attractive. Always trying to get your way while acting like the good guy…

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

    • Yeah that’s pretty much her personality, she plays the good girl and wants everyone to like her. I don’t think it’s wrong but it’s fake. :X

  4. Thanks. I feel bad for XuXu. Yao Meng’s behavior is pretty selfish. XuXu has always been a good friend to YM yet YM can only think of herself in such a heartbreaking situation.

    • Well, Yao Meng actually thinks that Xu Xu is sad because of Zi Xiao. I don’t think how she came up with that since she obviously doesn’t look like she cares about him… I gotta give her prop for her wide imagination. She expected more from because she is also an expert but I guess not.

  5. You guys are spot on about Yao Meng. Girl needs to get her priorities straight. I guess the rules about the cop knowing the victim are different in China. If this was in the U.S. XuXu would already be off the case even if she is the best woman for the job. I wonder how long it’ll take Ji Bai to admit his feelings for XuXu. Clearly he isn’t to comforting type but going as far as he did just to tell her not to cry😊… I hope they find the killer soon.

    • Yeah, but I think it’s understandable cause anyone can be bit selfish it comes to feelings. Don’t you think so? XD Well I think he is warming up to her. I’m sure he realizes it soon.

    • Yeah, they are rival afterall.. in work and love. I can understand because she isn’t even close to Xu Xu anyway..I don’t even know why she even try.

  6. Thanks for the translation and the one who helped with the prove reading. Wow 67 chapters…, I hope you will have the endurance to translate it. Reading your tsanlation is like a dose of daily vitamin for me. please…please don’t be in hiatus again. bless your heart for giving us, reader, the joy in reading your work.

  7. Tiffy thank you for translating this novel. I just loved Ji Bai and XuXu. These characters fit like a glove and they compliment each other. They understand each other with no need for word. You and your friends did a great job

  8. i have a question. If this is chapter 29 is 17 that means that there are 50 chapters more. so that means that this story has more than 100 chapters if you translate it right?

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