When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 28

When Ji Bai said the two inferences, Xu Xu’s heart skipped a beat. A lot of details flashed through her mind, vaguely, but very descriptive.

Once again, Ji Bai’s deep voice was heard, as he calmly said: “The wound on the victim’s abdominal area is messy and indecisive, with multiple cuts. This demonstrates that it probably took the killer multiple stabs before succeeding while the other four wounds were done cleanly, it was a  different level of skill. That’s why I’ve predicted/inferred that the murder was done by two people.

“I agree.” Officer Wu nodded.

One officer asked: “Could it still be possible that it was done by the same person? He was too tense, at first, to do it well, then became skilled later on.

Officer Wu replied: “The location and angle of the stab wounds are different, I predict that they weren’t done by the same person.”

Xu Xu didn’t have any research experience in stab wounds but having heard up to this point, she immediately related it to her expertise: “From an amateur to becoming skilled, it requires a long period of progress. It isn’t possible for the first stab to be hesitant and rusty, then for the second stab to be done cleanly and skilfully. This also demonstrates a difference in mindsets during the commitment of the crime. One mindset is hesitant and fearful while the other is determined. There can’t possibly be such a difference in mindsets in such a short time period.

“What about the affair?” One officer questioned.

Xu Xu looked at Ji Bai. His calm eyes released a light of sharpness. Because there was no smile on his face, he looked strict and cold.

“It’s unusual for one wardrobe to have quite a lot of clothes while the others only have a few. The clothes are messy, not arranged in accordance to season or material, and are spread out in all of the wardrobes. The shoe rack is the same. Looking at this villa, Ye Zi Xi is a neat person. That’s why it is likely that someone’s clothes in one of the wardrobes have been taken away. He moved Ye Zi Xi’s clothes into it to disguise that. In addition, although there is no direct evidence of a man ever living in this villa, but by observing the whole of the villa’s interior design, the black leather sofa, the heavy, dark colors, and the calligraphy frames on the wall, it doesn’t look like the place of a woman who is living alone. Isn’t that right, Xu Xu?”

Xu Xu nodded, after hearing him call on her all of a  sudden: “If Ye Zi Xi were to live alone, it is more likely that she would choose a modern minimalist, or a more sophisticated interior design.”

Officer Wu added: “A single, unmarried woman, stayed in a villa located in the mountain in the middle of the night, it is possible that she’s secretly dating. With Ye Zi Xi’s fame, if it were a normal relationship, it would have been discovered long ago. Moreover, with her position and wealth, why didn’t she choose a developed location for her villa, instead of choosing an isolated location like Lin Shan Mountain?”

“According to the preliminary analysis results, we can place her lover as the primary suspect. But we cannot disregard any other possibilities.”

It was already noon when they came back to the police station. Everybody hastily went to eat.

Ji Bai asked: “Where is Ye Zi Xiao?”

Zhao Han pointed to the interrogation room.

Xu Xu also looked up, and saw Ye Zi Xiao in the small room, sitting there motionless, with his disheveled hair and an expressionless face. Next to his hand was a lunchbox and a cup of tea, still completely untouched.

“The fourth son of the Ye family is quite good-natured.” Someone said: “He didn’t see the message because he was in deep sleep. Can’t blame him for that.”

Someone else said: “Right, it would have been too late, no matter what. Ye Zi Xi sent the message when she was about to die. Five stab wounds were inflicted after she was dead. This indicates that the killers came back after leaving, or that she sent the message while the killer wasn’t looking. The killer had yet to leave the villa at that time. With Ye Zi Xiao departing from the city, it would take at least an hour to get to the villa. Ye Zi Xi would already be dead, by then. We didn’t find the victim’s cellphone at the crime scene, so it’s probable that the killer took it away when he found it.

Yao Meng wasn’t at the crime scene this morning. Hearing what everyone said, she sighed: “To see his sister’s dead body, it must have been heart-rending for him.”Then, she gently touched Xu Xu’s arm.

Xu Xu understood the meaning, Yao Meng was hinting to her to go comfort Ye Zi Xiao, because she was aware that Xu Xu knew him.

But Xu Xu didn’t know how to comfort Zi Xiao. In this situation, words were useless. Moreover, she wasn’t good at talking.  

At this time, Ji bai stood up: “I’ll go talk to him.”

Xu Xu immediately stood up, following him.

Ye Zi Xiao had calmed down after spending the whole morning at the police station. He tried hard not to think about Ye Zi Xi’s body, lying in the pool of blood. Right then, when his mind was blank, he could hear footsteps, and Ji bai’s figure appeared at the doorway, behind him, was Xu Xu.

Although Xu Xu’s ruthless rejection was already a distant memory, as if it happened on another planet, but knowing that she was participating in the interrogation, Ye Zi Xiao still felt uncomfortable.  

Because this was for the official records, Ji Bai started to ask for his name, age, and other basic information, and Ye Zi Xiao answered. At this time, Xu Xu lowered her head and was writing, occasionally looking up at him. Her calming eyes helped Ye Zi Xiao relax while feeling an inexplicable sorrow.  

His expression did not escape Ji Bai’s eyes. He continued to ask: “Where were you from eight last night to 5 in the morning today?”

His expression did not escape the eyes of the, as he quietly continued asking: “Last night, from eight to five, where were you?”
“I stayed in the bar until 9:00 pm, then I went back to my villa in Jialin Court.”

“Do you have any eyewitnesses?”Ji Bai asked.

“No, I don’t. I can’t possibly kill my sister, you don’t need to suspect me.”

Ji Bai and Xu Xu looked at Ye Zi Xiao, and Xu Xu spoke up: “Think about it once again, carefully.”

“I said no.”Zi Xiao coldly replied, staring intensely at the table.

Suddenly, Ji Bai turned to Xu Xu: “You go out first, get another person to come record the statement.”

Xu Xu was silent for a moment, then got up and walked out.

Ye Zi Xiao did not look at her, as he supported his head with one hand. After a moment, Yao Meng walked in. Ji Bai said: “You can tell the truth now. Murder is a serious felony, we hope you can avoid being a suspect as soon as possible.”

After leaving the room, Xu Xu did not immediately return to her desk, but instead sat on one of the chairs in the corridor.

She knew Ye Zi Xiao was lying. He was wearing his clothes from yesterday.
Sitting silently for a moment, what came to mind, were images of the murder scenes again, a dull feeling overcame her, and attacked her heart. 

The fact was, that Zi Xi and she wasn’t close.

They had met this month, and it was always Zi Xi who called her and arranged to meet her. She seemed to really like Xu Xu, and so naturally expressed her attitude/feeling of wanting to become friends with her.
This kind of attitude surprised Xu Xu and made her feel a little uncomfortable. In addition, because she was busy with work, Xu Xu would only meet with Zi Xi once or twice, out of the ten times that she asked her.

But Ye Xi did not seem to mind Xu Xu’s attitude. She kept the right distance and showed kindness and consideration. Slowly, Xu Xu became accustomed to her presence. Xu Jun had asked her one time: “You are going to eat with Ye Zi Xi again? You are closer to her than me. She answered: “Because we’re friends.”

Sometimes, Xu Xu analyzed the relationship she had with Ye Zi Xi. Since young, there were only men in the family. She had never lived with an older women, thus she lacked the love  that came from women. The appearance of an older and mature friend, with a gentle personality, like Zi Xi, was able to fill that gap.

Having filled the emotional gap, it often meant people would become happier.

But now, Ye Zi Xi was dead.

From morning until now, even though her mind was focused on work, but somewhere in her mind, a part of it was numb, and hard to breathe.

She finally understood that this feeling was called sorrow.

She felt really bad now because she had always passively accepted Ye Zi Xi’s friendship.


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35 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 28

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  2. thank you—-!
    always interesting to see how they come to those inferences! hm…yeah, then it’s very likely that there are two killers, i guess…however, poor ye zi xiao. pity him. oh—i get it now, why ye zi xiao didn’t tell the truth. he didn’t want xu xu to find out that he was with a woman, lol! well, that’s why they say that investigating officers shouldn’t be personally involved, ’cause it does affect investigation…not xu xu’s fault, though. oh no—! my feels! i feel so sorry for xu xu—! -sobs- to lose a friend! urgh..-clutches heart-

    • Yeah, it was so obvious he lied….well, too bad for him but obvious again his fault. He likes someone but couldn’t stay away from one night stands. I wouldn’t trust someone like that no matter how great they are. But yea, poor Zi Xi… *cries* and poor Xu Xu. She finally found a female friend who is really nice and sincere toward her.

      • yeah, him trying to lie to xu xu, with her superb observation skills…it’s like hitting against the wall, he’s just injuring himself, lol! well, in his defense(??haha), he was already wholly rejected by xu xu, and he wanted comfort(??again lol) hahaha! i think he’s a good guy, though, just a bit…uh…like xu xu said, pursues excitement a bit too much,haha!
        really though, author taking away ze xi! no—! i was looking forward to ze xi and xu xu’s long-lasting and true friendship—! but, it was a pretty good move, i suppose? but still, i want ze xi alive—!

      • True, he did get rejected. He wasn’t doing anything particularly “wrong” but still not trustworthy for bf material? I totally did not expected the victim to ever be Zi Xi, but I guess she wants to show difference sides of Xu Xu. She isn’t as calm or unfeeling as she looks. She just never had someone like that. Like no experience.. So sad and adorable to see that she didn’t know what she was feeling and why she felt all those “strange things”

      • hm, yeah, with regards to boyfriend material, though…i was guessing about him! if he has a girlfriend, and another girl hits on him, would he stay true to his girlfriend, or just cheat on her? him being a good guy, he might do the earlier. but, him being an entitled rich guy, even if he cheats on his girlfriend and she finds out, he’d say that the other girl was the one seducing him, or something. i don’t know, i’m hoping he’s the earlier…and he strikes me as the earlier, too. true, we wouldn’t see the side of xu xu feeling sorrow if not for the death of someone she’s close to…especially since xu xu is able to separate personal feelings from work very well. i’m just hoping the author doesn’t kill xu jun, i’ll really seriously cry if that happens, not that i didn’t feel sad about ze xi, of course…-sniffs-

      • Yes, I have doubts about him. I wish he is the first one too. But this author seems to like 1v1 couple, he doesn’t like to do much to third person problems but my idea came from read 2 of his novels so his other novels might be different. I’m not so sure. I can ensure you that Xu Jun lives but a spoiler he will get involved in this case. It going to get very interesting from now. I’m not sure how much of spoiler you want to know so but yeah don’t worry xD

      • yes, stay true to the girlfriend! well, 1vs1 couple is fine! i mean, the investigations are quite interesting already, and the romance is more like a bonus, lol! well, styles usually don’t change as much, unless the author really wants to…try out a different writing style? though, usually that doesn’t happen. oh no—spoiler—! i don’t really mind, but, some people might. lol, better not to discuss it, i suppose! well, glad he lives, yay! what? he gets involved! woah…! ok, no more spoilers, for the sake of the others, ahaha!

      • Yeah I thought so too, I need to start reading his other novels though. But I can the similarities in the characters between his novels. Yeah… lol alright that’s true.

      • lol, you can read the other novels, and they can be your future projects! ahaha!-shifty eyes- there usually are similarities, but only a little..
        well, some people are sensitive to spoilers, ahaha!

      • woo, awesome characters yay! oh, but if we’re talking about really cool, amlmost the best, female characters, gu yun from ‘a mistaken marriage match: generation of military councillors’ is incredibly cool! and i like the plots the author comes up with, too! the series was partly translates at clovers7nook.wordepress.com, and translation is being continued by nuttyisprocrastinating,wordpress.com—!gu yun is really super cool!

      • Ahh lol I see what kind of girl you like now. xD the superwoman type of female lead right? I used to read a lot of time travel Chinese novel…probably 90% of all the good ones cause I was so into time travel concept to the point where I wished that I could travel back in time just in the novels.But you know most of them had to die to go back, some didn’t but most… :X

      • lol—! yes, i like cool female leads! but i love good couples just as well! wahaha! i’m not very particular about the time-travelling concept, though i admit to having a liking to historical/xianxia, haha! i do read a few wuxia and present-day stories though! oh, it’s true, they usually die, or have some sort of an experience, resulting in them travelling back, lol!

      • Yeah same there is just something fun about historical novels but it can be tiring to read at times than modern time novels.

      • true true! especially when they start using all those ancient terms for me, ahaha! but well, i think the attractiveness is that it’d not something we’ll experience in everyday life, haha!

      • Yeah I can’t keep up with it especially when it comes to martial art terms. It’s too crazy, sometimes I just pass those. I mean I don’t really have to know know it xD just need to know the basic lol .. And yeah, it’s exciting and different.

      • haha! it’s true! i totally just skip over martial arts levels and stuff, maybejust know the basics! but when there are textwalls explaining the difference, i’m just like, ‘ok—-i’ll just move on—‘ ahaha! yeah, i read to escape form real life, so i’d prefer something interesting!

      • So me there, it’s just too much and too confusing. There is no way I’m going to memorize all of it so might as well just move on. … xD Yes me too too too

      • -high fives- i know, right—! sometimes i feel like the author just shouldn’t put the effort to make it so complicated, and just get on with the plot, but i acknowledge that some people really do want to understand…

  3. Thanks for the update and big hug of appreciation to the dear volunteer that proof read. Sad ZX had to be killed off. I was having goose bumps at the rate she was trying to get close to XX. Looking forward to the next chapter. Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. thank you so much for the chapter!! 🙂
    xu xu is very smart with high IQ but low EQ, so i find that it is very sad that she lost a friend especially since it is hard for her to make friends… 😦
    but once again, thank you ! 🙂

    • It’s hard, emotions are the hardest to control. This is why in rl , I don’t think they let you work on a case if you know the victim/ suspect. 🙂

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