When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 26

The sunset shone over Lin Shan Mountain, which was as quiet as a painting.

This place was in the suburban area of city L, a low and ordinary mountain in the South, full of mountains and rivers. This place hadn’t been developed for tourism. If it weren’t for the murder, even a local like Xu Xu wouldn’t know of the luxury villa that existed on the hillside here.

When Ji Bai and Xu Xu arrived, there were several local police officers at the scene. The city police squad was still on their way here.

A white pebble path led straight up to the villa within the dense forest. The huge villa occupied a large area and was surrounded by high walls and huge iron gates.

A local police officer reported: “The villa’s security system has been entirely destroyed, and the iron gates weren’t closed.”

Ji Bai nodded and lead Xu Xu inside.

Xu Xu had been very quiet on the way here. Xu Xu’s brain had quickly recalled all the possible information and leads associated with Ye Zi Xi.  However, she felt as if she was suffocating. Whenever Ye Zi Xi’s gorgeous face flashed through her mind, that suffocating feeling became stronger and heavier. She became quieter than before.

Ji Bai did not notice Xu Xu’s mood. As his habit, he lit up a cigarette and smoked quietly in the car.

Over the years, whenever he heard of a murder, a cold air would appear for a short inside his heart he heard of a murder. That vast cold air breezed through then dissipated within seconds. After that, he still calmly, coldly, and sharply, observed every blood-dripping corpse.

A deep brown, coffee-colored gate opened, the smell of blood mixed with a rotting odor filled the air. Through the long corridors, Xu Xu could see the already dried blood on the white carpet under her foot, like countless small streams leading to the corpse which was  lying next to the sofa in the living room.

Even though Xu Xu had seen corpses before in the police academy, Xu Xu couldn’t help but be shocked for a second, seeing Ye Zi Xi like this. It was as if the world around her was standing still, leaving only Ye Zi Xi’s pale, bare, and tragic body.

On her arms, thighs, and abdomen, a total of five knives. They were clean and decisive stab wounds as if the killer/they had wanted to turn her into a pile of blood. Only the abdomen wound was messy, with the blood and flesh indistinctly mixed, and multiple cuts up and across the flesh. There was a long stab wound on her left chest, the dried blood making the wound look like a horrifying blooming flower.

Next to Ye Zi Xi’s right leg, there was a white coat, half-soaked with blood.

“Has anyone touched the body?” Ji Bai’s calm voice spoke, bringing Xu Xu back to the present instantly.

“Yes, it’s this young man, he found the body.” A policeman standing next to Ji Bai replied.

Xu Xu and Ji Bai glanced at the direction the policeman’s finger pointed to. A young man was sitting down, leaning on the white wall. Since they had entered the villa, the young man had been sitting there with both arms wrapped around his head, motionless.

Xu Xu stunned: “Ye Zi Xiao?”

The young man quickly raised his head to look at Xu Xu. In justJust in one night, this man’s handsome face has become restless, and his eyes were bloodshot: “Xu Xu………….”

“He was the one who called the police.” The policeman explained.

Ye Zi Xiao panicked as Xu Xu and Ji Bai came closer. Only now did he realize that his body was stiff and that it was difficult to move.

“Mr. Ye, please tell us everything you know.” Ji Bai said.

Ye Zi Xiao nodded, his eyes stopping on Xu Xu’s face. Xu Xu’s dark, clear eyes seemed to have flashed with sympathy for a moment. His heart trembled and he muttered: “Xu Xu, Zi Xi is dead… she died, she isn’t here anymore.

Xu Xu squatted down in front of Ye Zi Xiao. She looked straight at him and clearly said word by word: “I know you’re sad. Calm down and tell us everything that you know.”

This cool, calm voice of Xu Xu’s, as if it was filled with a stable force, soothed Ye Zi Xiao’s pained heart. Faced with the death of a loved one,


Ye Zi Xiao had never had such a strong desire to hold Xu Xu in his arms, craving that cold, soft scent of hers, like he did at that moment….He silently clenched his fists and took a phone out of his trouser pocket: “I received an SMS from her.”

Xu Xu took the phone and was shocked after reading the SMS. Then, she quickly handed it to Ji Bai.

“I’m at 3

Ave XXX Street Lin Shan Mountain, save me.” The sender was Ye Zi Xi at 22:17 yesterday night.

“What time did you get here?” Ji Bai asked Xu Xu turned to look at Ye Zi Xiao.

This question had previously been asked by the local police, but Ye Zi Xiao still trembled while answering it: “I was in deep sleep, so I saw the SMS at 5 AM in the morning.” Ye Zi Xiao, he was undoubtedly feeling guilty about it, because if he had seen the SMS sooner, then Ye Zi Xi could have been saved.

“No one would have been able to predict that this would happen.” Ji Bai calmly said: “Don’t blame yourself.

Ye Zi Xiao nodded, smiling bitterly.

Xu Xu asked: “Is this Ye Zi Xi’s house?”

Ye Zi Xiao shook his head: “I’m not sure, she owns a lot of properties.”

Ye Zi Xiao recounted everything that happened this morning. After seeing the SMS at around 5 AM, he immediately drove here. When he got here, everything in the villa was as it was now. The only difference was that the white coat had covered Ye Zi Xi’s body. To determine whether Ye Zi Xi was dead or alive, he did not think further, lifting the white coat from her body, and saw the knife wounds on her body.

“Didn’t you catch the blade criminal from the last incident?” Ye Zi Xiao’s eyes were bloodshot, as he asked, “He has accomplices, right? Because she survived, that’s why they killed her?”

Ji Bai and Xu Xu ignored his questions. Even though with regards to the blade case, the police did not disclose it to the public, but they had informed the victims about the result of the case. Ye Zi Xi had definitely told him about it.

Today, the case had reappeared once again. The criminal had killed a woman who was a victim.

When Zhao Han arrived, Ji Bai directed him to escort Ye Zi Xiao back to the station.  His responsibility was comfort Ye Zi Xiao and take his statement in detail. While they were leaving, Xu Xu chased after them and asked: “Back then, how was the white coat covered on Ye Zi Xi’s body?”

Ye Zi Xiao’s eyebrow furrows, “What do you mean?”

“Was it messily or very neatly?” Xu Xu asked back.

Ye Zi Xiao recalled for a moment, then replied: “Not messily, it seemed that someone had placed it on her, leaving only her arms and legs visible. That was why, I lifted it up to see how she was.”

Xu Xu nodded: “I see.”


Hi, It’s me! I’m back. It has been a long time, thanks for still sticking around. I’m looking for proofreaders / editors for past chapters and incoming chapters. I would really appreciate it.

P.S: One of Ding Mo work has been turned into a film, it called “Love me if you dare. It’s very similar to this novel in term of genre and character. You can watch on viki.com or youtube I believe.

Also, this novel probably will be out in film next year because that’s on the schedule of showing in China, I heard.

Proofreader NO.1 edited this chapter. Thank you ^^

~Cheer Taffy


34 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 26

  1. thanks a lot—!
    oh, on film? is it a drama or a movie?
    anyway, awesome chapter—! no—- i really liked ze xi, she was so nice! such a pity…
    oh, you’re looking for a proofreader? i do proofreading, though i think your chapters are pretty good. i work best with google drive/documents. my email is midoriha.aoba@gmail.com do email me if you’d like any assistance!

      • oh, drama? i’m looking forward to it! hopefully they don’t butcher it!
        sure, no problem!

      • It depends on what company picked it up. They usually follow pretty closely to the novel however I hope they picked good actors for it. That’s my biggest concern. X:

      • -nods- right, hoping they follow it closely! oh, it’s true, the actors shouod be suitable! please don’t choose who’s popular, but who is most suitable and are good actors—!

      • It’s already airing and the first 12 episodes or so are on Viki. So far I really like it, but I haven’t read all of the book yet so we’ll see.

      • Oh no, we’re talking about this novel. I heard that it is going to be out next year. But yeah, love me if you dare is another of Ding Mo novel that out already.

      • oh really? nice, nice! viki doesn’t work for me…i’ll see if i can get some other websites! thanks for the heads up!

  2. welcome back !!
    thank you tiffybook for the wonderful update!! 🙂
    i am so excited for the drama as well!! i hope it goes according to the book >-<
    once again, thanks!! 🙂

  3. Welcome Back 🙂
    I’m a new fan and just found your website a couple of weeks ago.
    Then I got depressed cuz it seemed like you stopped translating.
    But still, I hopelessly kept coming back haha
    and today, I couldn’t believe my eyes!!


  4. God does answer prayer. I have prayed for so long that you continuing translating this novel…and here it is. I really thank you for it. Bless you

  5. Hi. Welcome back. Thanks for taking up this project. Hope that you will get all the help you need. God Bless.

  6. Thank you so much for continuing this translation!! I started reading chinese books less than a month ago and this was one of the first I read and soon one of my favorites! I thought you dropped it for good or something happened to you ;( I’m so glad you’re back!!!

  7. Welcome back. I missed you and this story so much. Thank you for introducing me to Ding Mo. I love his works.Also I had no idea Love me if you dare was based on Ding Mo’s work

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