When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 25

“First of all, you are kind of conceited while you like to pursue danger and excitement. I’ve looked over all the projects of your company. Most of the projects that you have invested in are high in profit and risk. I’ve also noticed specifically that whenever a project started to gain profit, you would then focus on a new project. Even though you have already taken over the company for a while and overall made a profit in your projects, you don’t have one project that is excellent or considered being competitive in the industry. Most of them are not bad, but not excellent either. You, by nature, like to experience risks and dangers and don’t work safely and absolutely. By that, I feel that being with you have more risk financially than an average person…”

Zi Xiao is shocked and expression has become bad. He stares hard at Xu Xu but without saying a word.

Xu Xu calmly continues on, “Second, the time when Zi Xi was injured, you are the closest to her, but you didn’t immediately do first aid for her. You hesitated. We’ve learned in middle school that whenever a vein is cut and someone starts to bleed from that we have to apply pressure to a place close to that person’s heart. Why didn’t you do it?

“Is it right you thought about what if you make a mistake resulting in her death? You think you thought like because you care for her? Faced with life and death, you don’t have the courage to accept responsibilities…”

Zi Xiao’s face darkens, “What nonsense are you saying?”

Xu Xu doesn’t stop there, “Third, just then you misunderstood Ji Bai and I while we didn’t have any intimacy toward each other, but your response is far more than a typical person. Why? There are two possibilities. Because Ji Bai looks very excellent; if it were an average person, perhaps you wouldn’t have been that angry. This proves that you are insecure and not understanding. Another possibility is that you are very possessive. In the past, did any of your girlfriends break up with you because of your possessiveness?

“Fourth, you always care about appearance. Whenever we meet, you would always take care of your appearance from head to toe. There is also news about you on the Internet saying all of your girlfriends are beautiful.

“Seeing Yao Meng back then, you were clearly distracted. Of course, it is normal for men to like beautiful women. But you were angered back then; it would be difficult to be distracted. However, you got mesmerized by Yao Meng, this proves that you have a higher interest and excitement of women than normal men. You like to pursue exciting and new, moreover, you grew up in the state with the easygoing environment; my guess is that you had relationships that are just physical, right?

“So why do I have to accept a man who is irregular, impatience, and can’t face responsibility in the urgent situation, and also have a chance that you will go to bed with another woman at any time?”

After leaving the track field, Xu Xu returns to the restaurant.

She doesn’t feel pleasant on the inside.

Although soon after meeting him she made her decision about Zi Xiao, She always felt that she shouldn’t say all those words because it would hurt.

Xu Xu depressingly pushes the restaurant’s door. At this time, the place is pretty packed with people. Ji Bai still relaxingly sits at the place.

“Where is Yao Meng?” Xu Xu asks.

“She left,” Ji Bai replies.

“Oh.” Xu Xu picks up her purse on the chair. She knows that Ji Bai purposely waited for her to return. ”Thank you.”

Ji Bai stands up, Xu Xu follows. He doesn’t say anything so she also doesn’t say anything. The two are one step away from each other, silently walk outside.

The morning’s sunlight shines over the clean streets. Xu Xu looks up and immediately sees Ji Bai’s big figure, overshadowing her sight. His steps are calm, neither fast nor slow.

For some unknown reason, just silently walking like that helps Xu Xu’s chaos state of mind quickly disappear and replaces it with calm and warm feelings.

The two reach the parking lot to take their own cars and go on their way.

Xu Xu turns to Ji bai to say good-bye like usual. “Ji Bai, see you tomorrow.”

Ji Bai already figured that Xu Xu wouldn’t give him any explanation for the way she “kicked” him like that. But her face is very natural right now, not showing any kind of timidity….

“You thought about whether we are suitable or not? “ Ji Bai suddenly speaks up in a low tone.

Xu Xu is stupefied.

She said that just then because she doesn’t want to find a boyfriend who is an officer, that’s why Ji Bai is not suitable. Now that Ji Bai asks like that, even as a slow person, she knows that what she said is clearly “outrageous”. (1)

About to explain, Xu Xu saw the faint smile in Ji Bai’s black eyes.

“About that…” Xu Xu isn’t able to finish the sentence before Ji Bai turns around and walks away.

Zi Xiao drives fast, like flying, home. Looking at the signs quickly out of sight on the free way, his heart changes with the surrounding from furious to dejected and hopeless.

There weren’t any woman who criticized him that harshly, every sentence every word heavily placed on him without hesitation.

From young, Zi Xiao was already a “son of the world”. His family background taught him, and people like him, how to socialize with people, also learned trickery for benefits, thus living a life that is above others of the same age.

Xu Xu’s words like a sharp knife stabbed into Zi Xiao’s heart and cut to pieces the fake layer of money, making him feeling furious, then vulnerable.

Because what she said is exactly true. Because deep on the inside, Zi Xiao knows what kind of person he is.

One hour later, Zi Xiao got home. Everyone is present; his father, his big brother’s family, second sister’s family, third sister’s family, and Zi Xi. Seeing Zi Xiao’s depressed look, his third sister smiles, “Who caused trouble with our family’s young boss?”

Ye Lan speaks up to suggest, “Come here to eat.”

Zi Xiao just looks at Zi Xi with indifferent tone of voice, “That day, I’m truly sorry.”

Zi Xi is perplexed, but Zi Xiao already turned around and walks away.

That night, Zi Xiao received a phone call from a couple of friends telling him to come to the bar “Colorful”. This bar has good wine and beautiful women, a favorite place of sons of rich families.

Reaching the place, Zi Xiao returned to normal, just not as talkative as usual. A friend sees that he is not quite happy so immediately winks at the woman sitting next to him. She is the youngest daughter of a business family in the city, and has liked Zi Xiao for a long time. She holds up the cup of wine. “ Zi Xiao, you came here to play so you should forget all of you troubles. Seeing you like this is very painful for me.”

Zi Xiao looks at the blurry face and the full body of the woman. Xu Xu’s words suddenly pop up in his head, “Why do I have to accept a man like you?”

He immediately wraps his arms around her neck and kisses her.

After that, the two of them reserve a room. While crazily at it with the woman, Zi Xiao thought to himself, “Xu Xu, what you said is exactly right, I am that type of man. You made me feel very uncomfortable, and very miserable.”

The weather is very nice the next day, when Xu Xu reaches the track field the sky is the color of clear ocean blue like a fabric covering the earth.

While running, Xu Xu is a bit distracted. She thought about calling Zi Xiao to comfort him a little bit. But remembering his conceited personality, if she were to call then it is as if pouring oil into the fire, everything she said would be in vain. Let’s see what happened, then decide.

After running for two laps, Xu Xu sees that Ji Bai ahead suddenly stops, looks down to hear a phone call. Seeing his back damp with sweat make her remember what he said yesterday.

She heard from Zhao Han that Ji Bai really hates being follow around by women. She really needs to explain to him that she isn’t aimlessly dreaming. She said not suitable because of his occupation as an officer. Truthfully, he could be seen as someone working in the science field. He has outside appearance and is strong with determination and sharp…

All of this analyze passes fast by Xu Xu’s brain. She doesn’t have time to think deeply about it before she could hear fast footsteps coming from behind. For the next seconds, she could feel a body full of sweat is coming fast close to her. Not waiting for her to run back, her collar is grabbed and her still running legs stopped. Xu Xu’s collar got pulled by Ji Bai.

“What are you doing?” Xu Xu furrows her brows while turning back.

Ji Bai’s face is full of sweat, his expression is dark, and his black eyes are spreading cold air.

“Quickly follow me. At house 3, street DM, mountain LA, a dead body of a woman was found.”

Xu Xu jolts. Ji Bai stops for a moment before continuing to say, “The dead person is Zi Xi.”

(1) It makes it seem like she thinks Ji Bai likes her or something.


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    • Yup, but she is right though. He is great but not exactly boyfriend/husband material. I wouldn’t feel safe with him either.
      & yeah so sad for her, she is awesome :X

  1. thank you for the chapter. i am so envious of her, if i could so clearly see before i jump to some relationship, i would have really a perfect life. chichichi

    • Most people aren’t clear head when it comes to relationship though xD Xu Xu is just one of the few exceptions.

  2. Oh wow! Happy birthday tiffy book!
    This is going to be interesting…murder care…
    Thank you for this translation!

  3. Hi 🙂
    I’ve just finish reading this. I really love this story.
    And i agree with xu xu. Zhi xiao is a selfish man that think that he always can get everything that he want. Glad that xu xu keep him in the place
    Why zhi yi is dead? Xu xu must be shock and sad.
    Thanks for the update 🙂
    Wait patiently for the next chap

  4. Just read all the parts in one go.. loveeeeee it sooooooooo much!!! 😀 Thanks for diligently translating the whole book! 😀 Hope to see the next part soon! 😀 Great job!!! 😀

    (p.s.: I might be able to help you edit the book if you want to.. However as I am still in university it might not be fast.. and as I do not understand Vietnamese or Chinese I would only be able to help you edit the english translation. 🙂 )

  5. Hello!! Just finished all your translations in one sitting – very good! Keen to get onto the next chapter, hope all is well at your end and maybe you are just busy with life and work?

    Can’t wait for the next updates!

  6. Thanks for working so hard on this! In one of your posts you mentioned that your computer shutdown and you lost all your work on the post; that is such a frustrating thing! Thanks for not just giving up then.

    Don’t feel pressure to keep working on this, but know you have readers who are enjoying it.

    Thanks for the pleasant reading!

  7. Aiyo…this is frustrating…I feel like hanging on top of the building….ms. tiffy when are you going to continue your translations?…:(

  8. Hello! New reader here. Just finished all the chapters! Thank you for translating. This is absolutely an amazing story. Waiting eagerly for your next updates! Please update soon 🙏

  9. Hii tiffy
    I like to read when a snail loves
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  10. I hope you won’t give up on translating this novel. 😦 I’ve loved everything you’ve posted so far, and I’m fascinated by the characters and story.
    I’d love to edit anything & everything you translate in the future for English spelling and grammar. (you can contact me by clicking on my name above the post and using the contact form on my wordpress blog to shoot me an email).

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    Please continue to translate…
    Where are u?
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    Have a great day

  12. Missing ur translation… Always checking this website and hopin that there’s a good news… 😦

    Please continue to translate…
    Where are u?
    We are missing ur translation..

    Have a great day

  13. Hi i’m a new reader and i enjoy your this story so much. I notice that its been a while you’ve posted new translation. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS come on line again.

  14. Hi, this is such a good novel. Thank you for all your hard work! Can I ask if you plan on continuing the translation?? I really desire the rest of the book.

  15. Thanks a lot—-!
    No, zhi yi! Well, zhi xiao knowsm but he was totally asking for it! This next case will teach xu xu to detach herself from personal emotions… zhi yi! Why-why her—-! No—-!

  16. Hi! I’m also a fan of Ding Mo. I really like this book as well!:)
    Thanks for sharing the chapters with us!! I noticed u haven’t been updating recently, is everything alright?
    Wishing you well~

    • Work and college have been a lot. Just exhausted from that. Thank you for your concern. I will update more frequently from now on.

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