When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 24

Spring’s morning sunshine is very gentle, e, the soft light shining over the tablecloth makes the air give off a warm sensation. Xu Xu was sitting straight with a serious demeanor. Her face changed from red to pale like a chicken with its hair up ready to battle any given moment now.

Alright, he won’t take into consideration “the way she kicked him like that”.

Because that’s Xu Xu’s way. She has the most complex way of thinking yet while having the simplest heart.

However, this stranger that just appeared; Ji Bai coldly glared at Zi Xiao then looked down to continue reading his newspaper. Xu Xu surely can take care of this on her own.

Xu Xu wanted to be done with this as soon as possible but as soon as she’s finished, the two men turned silent.

The atmosphere had become stranger than before.

Right at this time, the restaurant bell rang once “ding dong”. Yao Meng walked in holding 3 cups of milk tea. Seeing Zi Xiao, she was caught off guard but because she doesn’t know anything, she  glanced at Xu Xu with question in her eyes.

Zi Xiao was stunned to see Yao Meng then looked at Ji Bai.

Of course since Xu Xu already clarified her relationship with Ji Bai, he doesn’t have any other reason to be angry. He changed his expression as quickly as turning a page. He happily smiled and held out his hand towards Ji Bai, “I apologize, I misunderstood. I’m Zi Xiao.”

Ji Bai glanced at Zi Xiao without changing his expression, held his hand, “Ji Bai.”

Zi Xiao stopped but doesn’t show any sign of anger. She glanced over the dishes on the table, smiled and said, “It’s my bad today, let me treat everyone.”

Zi Xiao was about take out his money, Ji Bai said while smiling, “No need, put it on my tab.” He goes here often so he’s very familiar with the boss of the restaurant. He already gave him money so he doesn’t have to bother to pay every time.

Zi Xiao smiled and looked towards Xu Xu with a helpless and pleasing look. Xu Xu sighed and stood up, “Let talk outside.”

Of course Zi Xiao wanted that so he quickly stood up while and helped Xu Xu pull her chair.

When the two left the restaurant,  Yao Meng opened her mouth, “Her purse is still here.”

“She is coming back.” Ji Bai replied.

“Oh.” Yao Meng held a spoon stirring her milk tea.

The two of them remained silent before Yao Meng happily smiled and said, “That’s right, I have been wanting to train recently. If it is me, how many laps should I run per day?”

“Any is fine.”

“Oh, but Xu Xu runs 10 laps so I shouldn’t run any less than that, right?”

At this time, Ji Bai looked up at her.

Of course, Yao Meng was a very pretty girl. She has a clear pale face with a tint of blush. Her eyes are big looking at him without any kind of shyness rather an anticipation and hopefulness.

Ji Bai smiled brightly, “Good officers know how to manage their time. Xu Xu is weak in the physical ability aspect so she has to invest time in training. Your physical ability is excellent so you should focus on your work and case, don’t ask me these kind of basic understanding.”

Xu Xu and Zi Xiao walked through the track field to an empty spot without any people, Xu Xu spoke, “I won’t change my decision, don’t waste anymore time. You already caused a lot of trouble for me. I hope this time you understand.”

Zi Xiao didn’t answer right away but turned elsewhere to light a cigarette and quietly watched a group of people running under the sun. After a moment, he spoke, ”You said that you don’t like people of my type, why?”

Xu Xu thought for a couple of seconds before she answered, “There is no reason.”

Zi Xiao turned around, his body leaned in to Xu Xu, “What type of person am I?”

Xu Xu had to step back once. She was about to answer when Zi Xiao continued,  “Xu Xu, is it right that because you think you are very smart, you know how to judge people? Through what you call analyzation, you think I’m not good enough for you?

Xu Xu, reality is not that simple. You are an introverted person so do you think there are that many men who would be into your type? There are many people like me who would like you? Are there many people who could give you a life that many women could never get in their whole life? Xu Xu, I’m not that bad, why won’t you accept me, to the point of not even giving me a chance?”

Seeing that Xu Xu didn’t say anything, Zi Xiao continued, “Don’t you think that the reason why you still haven’t got a boyfriend is because you are too stubborn and high? Don’t you think that in this area, you are a failure?”

Zi Xiao thought about Xu Xu for a long time before speaking his mind. He is partly emotional, but he also wanted to wake her up from her stubbornness.

Xu Xu felt a bit hurt, she turned around and emotionlessly said, “I don’t want to say much about this.”

Seeing Xu Xu’s icy facial expression, Zi Xiao was really angered. Without thinking, he grabbed Xu Xu’s arms. This soft feeling made Zi Xiao’s heart tremble a little. He suddenly remembered the touch when he held Xu Xu’s hand back from the arranged meeting.

Zi Xiao lowered his head, right where his eyes could see Xu Xu’s clear white face. Her cold black eyes looked back at him.

Zi Xiao‘s head turned fuzzy, he quickly lowered his lips to kiss Xu Xu.

Xu Xu froze and quickly turned her head to dodge. But the hot air from Zi Xiao’s lips still caught her cheek. That feeling made Xu Xu’s face to immediately turn red, no longer holding an indifferent look.

In Zi Xiao’s eyes, what he said really hit her. She doesn’t understand that she was too rigid and too much of a bookworm. There is still a chance for them to be together, he just need to work at it to make her change her decision.

Zi Xiao also knew that what he did was rash of him. He lets go of Xu Xu’s arms. He was about to apologize, when Xu Xu spoke in a very cold tone that proved that she was very angry, “You asked me, what type of person you are. Alright, I’m going to tell you.”

Zi Xiao was shock. Seeing her calm eyes, he suddenly felt this isn’t good.


Do you think I’ve stopped at a good part? xD

Sorry, I’m suppose to post early but I had to redo this part because I lost it all when my laptop suddenly shuts down. Everything was gone so I had to do it again. Too depressing so it took me a while to feel like doing it.

Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this chapter. I know I did…

Xu Xu is going to say 3 things about Zhi Xiao that she doesn’t like and not the one for her.

Anyone knows what it is? If anyone guesses right, I will make the next chapter x2 longer than usual and be up in 2 days.

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25 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 24

  1. Oh I can’t wait~ I think she might tell him something along the line where he’s annoying, too pushy, or too self-loving lol xD Hmmm…probably something about his job too on how it wouldn’t match her job schedule or something

  2. ciao. thanks for chapter. what about: narcisstic, dishonest and tactless. but i am sure that for xuxu it would be something much more tricky. chichichi. oh, maybe that she is looking for househusband. chichi

    • Lol @ househusband, yea you’re right that she is more … clear on what she doesn’t like about him.

  3. i like seeing this cold XuXu.. Xu Xu will knocks some sense to Zhi Xiao’s brain.. hope it will make Zhi Xiao left soon

  4. Maybe overconfident, cocky and childish..because he is rich and thinks that he knows everything and all people are the same..
    can’t wait for the next chapter..

    • Yeah, me too. Just a little but I’m not sure if he really likes Xu Xu that much or he is just into her just for the excitement or you know because she is hard to get.

  5. I think his job, he doesn’t respect her (as evidenced by his inability to take not for an answer and constantly trying to trick her into dating him) and his tendency to make assumptions. I’m starting to wonder if it will take a physical punch to knock some sense into this guy.

  6. It’s too tempting not to try to guess. Maybe she’ll say he’s a person who’s used to having what he wants and is too proud. Full of himself and bothersome?
    He so went the wrong way to pursue her. And to call her a failure. I don´t think if you want her, hurt her will work.
    I found what Ji Bai said to Yao Meng a little harsh though he was smiling.

    • Uhm not quite but in way I guess.And totally, it gave me the chill. I didn’t think he would say it while smiling. That makes it worst.

  7. Thanks . I can’t guesses perfectly but maybe in a line that he is so annoying and ego higher than a my.

  8. Thanks a lot!
    Ah—-yao meng came back! Lol to ji bai giving her the cold shoulder! I’m sure he’s noticed that she likes him, ahahaha! Zhi xiao, what kind of words are those?! Have you forgptten that her brother is also quite well-off?! Huh—?! If xu huan heard you say those words….he’s never let you near his sister again!

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