When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 23

When Ji Bai once again passed by Xu Xu, she unintentionally followed Yao Meng and increased her speed. Who knew that just when she did it, Ji Bai turned around to look at her with disdained eyes, “You have a lot of energy?”

Xu Xu slowed down without realizing it.

After their workout, , Yao Meng suggested that they go to the QD restaurant for breakfast, ”Don’t you like to eat breakfast there like shrimp dim sum, red bean soup, and white radish bread? I heard that restaurant is not bad, I will treat you today.”

Ji Bai nodded, “It isn’t too bad, I go there quite often.”

Xu Xu silently pondered; I also like to eat those dishes.

The restaurant is really not bad; it is clean and has a warm atmosphere. The air has a light and pleasant scent of food. Because it is quite early, the restaurant is pretty empty. The three of them found a table to sit down.

While waiting for the food, the three of them nosily conversed. However, mostly Yao Meng and Ji Bai conversed while Xu Xu listened quietly.

Facing Yao Meng, Ji Bai maintained an outgoing and carefree appearance, his eyes smiling intently  and his tone is gentle without any trace of sternness. He also sometimes joked around, making Yao Meng laugh happily.

But when he spoke with  Xu Xu, his tone was if not cold, it’s commanding.

“Why are you dazed sitting there?”

“Give me the menu.”

Xu Xu realized this made her felt a bit disheartened but she doesn’t think much of it since she is used to it.

Honestly, Ji Bai intentionally acted strict with Xu Xu to discipline her. After that, it had became a habit. Looking at her dumbfounded look, he felt really good.

Eating for a moment, Yao Meng stood up,”I’m going to the restaurant next door to buy milk tea. That restaurant’s milk tea is handmade so it’s very tasty.”

There was only Ji Bai and Xu Xu at the table. The two of them were holding the restaurant’s newspaper, they were not speaking to each other.

Reading for a while, Xu Xu could tell something is off. She looked up; Ji Bai already let go of his newspaper and was looking behind her with a cold expression.

Xu Xu turned around and immediately saw Zi Xiao in a white sportwear, his two hands are in his pants’ pocket,  his expression pale. .

Zi Xiao woke up especially early today. He was already at the track field before 8 AM but he couldn’t find Xu Xu anywhere. Unable to do what he planned, he felt disappointed so he has been driving around the area. Who knew that he would accidently find Xu Xu and a man eating breakfast.

As he came closer,  he could see that the two of them were eating the same breakfast; even the newspaper that they were holding was the same. When the man finished with his food, Xu Xu voluntarily stood up to get more for him. The man didn’t even looked at her and just freely continued to eat.

The moment she saw Zi Xiao, Xu Xu immediately furrowed her brows and obviously looked unhappy..

Zi Xiao smiled and walked closer then pulled out a chair to sit down. He didn’t pay attention to Ji Bai but just attentively stared at Xu Xu, the corner of his mouth curled up, “If you already have a boyfriend then you should have said so. Even though I kept coming on to you, I’m not so bad to become the third person.”

Xu Xu furrowed brows, “Boyfriend?”

Zi Xiao glanced at Ji Bai, and Ji Bai also looked at him with uncaring eyes. But in Zi Xiao’s eyes, this man is showing an arrogant attitude, even challenging him.

Honestly, if Xu Xu sat with a man who was short and ugly then Zi Xiao wouldn’t be angered this much. He wouldn’t necessarily think that they are in  a man and woman relationship.

He always determined that within those people who are pursuing Xu Xu, there was definitely no one who was better than him. That’s why when getting rejected by Xu Xu, although he was angry about it he was still full of confident.

Meeting Ji Bai, his confidence was shaken. The man who’s in front of him was tall and handsome with an extraordinary air and a calming demeanor. Moreover, if they weren’t close then she wouldn’t personally pour tea for him.

This thought really pricked his heart. Xu Xu always treated him coldly but she acted so obedient in front of another man.

Seeing Zi Xiao’s eyes, Xu Xu could tell that he had misunderstood, ”He is my superior.”

Zi Xiao sarcastically said, “Because he is the superintendent of the police station?” Zi Xiao doesn’t believe this young man is Xu Xu’s superior.

Xu Xu furrowed her brows.

Zi Xiao crossed his arms and leaned back; he attentively stared at Xu Xu without saying a word. Ji Bai casually observed the two of them.

Perhaps the atmosphere between them is strange, the two new customers who came in and all the workers of the restaurant glanced over their direction.

Xu Xu doesn’t like others being curious about them and randomly guess like this.

She also doesn’t want to fight with Zi Xiao in a crowded place. She felt very anxious so she said, “It is really a misunderstanding, he isn’t my boyfriend. We aren’t suitable; he and I also aren’t suitable. Your behavior is really nonsense.”

When Xu Xu stopped, Zi Xiao was stunned while Ji Bai raised his eyes while looking at her.

One of his childhood friends told him that the reason he is still single was because he was too picky.

Ji Bai doesn’t agree or decline, but there was one thing that he was sure of – his woman has to be one of a kind like a priceless treasure in this world.

However today, his small student without hesitation kicked him aside.

This feeling … is very strange.

Ji Bai personally trained Xu Xu these past few weeks. He was very please of his small student. She is smart, diligent, calm, and likeable. There was never a need to remind her twice when it comes to work. She can figure out his intention before he finished saying everything.. Sometimes, she even showed ideas that really shocks him.

She is a gem that had luckily fallen into his hand. He has to carefully sharpen it, cannot let it be ruined.

His close friend Shu Hang immediately sighed hearing that Ji Bai got a female student, “If it was someone else, maybe there will be an exciting love relationship between a teacher-student. But you? There is an 80% chance that you’ll see her as male to train, right?”

Ji Bai only smiled.

Of course he will be strict but not to the point of seeing her as a male.

In the eyes of a man who is 28 years old like Ji Bai, a girl who is 24 years old like Xu Xu in the end is just a little girl who haven’t came in much contact with the real world.


I feel a little bad for Zhi Xiao but well, I don’t think he deserves Xu Xu.. so yeah…& It’s nice to see that Ji Bai acknowledges Xu Xu’s ability.

Here is the next part to make up for the long hiatus I did eventhough I promised that there will be a part once everyday 2 days.

The next part will be out in 2 days xD

Thank you for your support, it really motivates me to do this. It really made me happy to see that this blog’s views this month is double last month and there is still 3 days left. Anyway, be sure to comment to share what you like/hate/thought of this part or this novel.

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23 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 23

  1. “his small student without hesitation kicked him aside” that was what I was thinking when she said they weren’t suitable >.<

  2. Thanks for the translation. Zhi Xiao is too cocky for my taste. At this point is Ji Bai interested in her yet, as a female?

  3. I think Yao Meng trigger the interest in Xu Xu to Ji Bai even though, she commented to Zhi Xiao that they r not suited with one another. Yeah! Can’t wait for the next chapter. Thank you.

  4. Frankly I think that it is good to give JB some competition…….so when XX said that they are both not compatible……I chuckled and said serve him right……JB shouldnt be so cold towards XX. Now at least he knows that ZX is after her too……but somehow I read that you said that both leads decline the interest of others in them…..sigh what a waste …….JB should be given some competition for the heart of XX….

    Merci, Tiffy that you are so consistent in uploading…..

  5. There isn’t anything wrong having a bit of competition. JB is too cocky. Now, I hope he’s going to treat her better. I love how calm XX is. Thank you for your post!

    • Yup she doesn’t like him yet :3 I like that, I don’t like to read novel when people fall in love at first sight and stuff. X:

  6. Thank you very much—-!
    Lol, well, this face-off is pretty amuzing! Yeah, i can see zhi xiao doesn’t really see xu xu for herself, but more of someone to be conquered!no good, no good! You must like xu xu for herself! Lol, yao meng’s going to come back soon, i think! Also, well, ji bai treating her strictly, it’s understandable, but he’s not unreasonable, so it shows that he acknowledges her abilities!

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  8. ” just a little girl who haven’t came in much contact with the real world”….pride goeth before a fall Ji Bai lol, can’t wait to see the mighty lion get rocked by his little snail. thanks translators!

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