When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 22


What you said is right, a person’s nature is very hard to control.

Hello, Xu Xu.

Xu Xu remained silent for a couple of seconds before holding on to the bouquet with difficulty. She wanted to find a place to throw the bouquet away. Yao Meng who is sitting in front of her looked over while leaning her chin on her hand, “Tell me honestly or else – you have a boyfriend, right?”

After what Yao Meng said, everybody looked in Xu Xu’s direction, their eyes showed hints of a smile. .

Xu Xu shook her head, “No.”

But nobody believed her, they excitedly asked questions about the future son in law of the police team. Xu Xu can’t help but answered honestly, “I went to an arranged date last week, but it wasn’t a success. However, the other person is a bit stubborn about it.”

Everybody was stunned because Xu Xu usually gives off an introverted and classy aura. . Surprisingly, she also wanted to find a boyfriend.

The police station is full of men and a few women. For a single lady who does not look bad like Xu Xu, of course, she gets quite a lot of attention from everyone. By lunchtime, the rumor went around  that there is a son from a rich family who is pursuing Xu Xu of the competence team of the station. Even the boss asked Ji Bai about it after they’ve finished their morning meeting: “I heard that Xu Xu of your team is getting married off? You have to invest him carefully for me, we are the family from the girl’s side.”

Ji Bai laughed, “I know.”

Xu Xu was busy the whole morning. By lunch, she doesn’t have an appetite to eat so she took her phone to an empty corner and dials Zi Xiao’s phone number. Nobody picked up after 5 times, Xu Xu is a bit angered. She then ran down to the station guard’s room to tell him if there is ever flowers for her again, he has to refuse it no matter what.

However, it seems that the guard received some sort of bribe, moreover he doesn’t think this is such a bad thing, therefore, he acts dumb about it, “What? I don’t know, I don’t have the right to decline….”

At this time, Zi Xiao checked his cell phone and saw all the missed calls while imagining Xu Xu’s dark face. He knew that she is going to be mad, also that doing what he did probably won’t get her to like him. But he still felt unsettled from the rejection last time. The purpose of sending her flowers is to get some kind of attention from her. He doesn’t care whether it is bad or good, first of all,, he wanted her attention to be on him.

Xu Xu didn’t eat lunch so she doesn’t know that she became a hot topic that everyone is gossiping about in the team. Someone said it is surprising that such a little girl could be seductive. Another said, there are a lot of single men in our team “quote” right superintendent?

Quote, “the women in the team shouldn’t marry people outside the team when there are men in the team” It means something like that…

Ji Bai lights up a cigarette, leaned back and smiled, “You guys can’t do it.”

Her brain wave is different from everyone else, afraid that a typical man wouldn’t be able to capture the signal.

Till now, Ji Bai had always predicted outcomes like a god; he is the king of prediction at this police station. Hearing what he said, everyone became curious. But Ji Bai didn’t answer when they asked for the reason, instead, he just stood up to pay.

When it is time to leave, Zi Xi called asking Xu Xu to a meal on Saturday.

After the knives case, they kept in contact. They occasionally call each other, and they also had tea together once. To be fair, Xu Xu has taken a liking to Zi Xi. She is outgoing and smart but at the same time gentle and independent. She always made others feel very comfortable.

Xu Xu agreed. Zi Xi is about to end the call, Xu Xu sudden remembered it and spoke up to ask, “Is Zi Xiao going to be there?”

Zi Xi laughed, “What did he do to make you avoid him as if you’re avoiding snaked and insects?”

Xu Xu answered, “He faked to be an engineer for an arranged date. After that, he also made trouble for me.”

Zi Xi laughed loudly then end with a promise, “Okay, don’t worry. I won’t let him bother us on our date.”

After hanging up the phone, Zi Xi immediate called Zi Xiao, “You can’t do it, you got disqualified, right?”

Zi Xiao answered, “Still early, I have been pursuing her for just a few days.”

Zi Xi laughed, “You can even pretend to be an engineer, what other tricks do you have left?”

“I have already investigated, everyday she runs in the morning at the police station’s track field. I’ll go there on the weekend.”

“What? You are planning to show off your muscles?”

“Of course. You think I work out everyday for fun? I will appear in front of her with this new appearance.”

Zi Xi smiled lightly then spoke slowly, “I find Xu Xu more and more interesting as I get to know her. Maybe you two will make a great couple, like Yin and Yang.”

This week, Xu Xu is tired of receiving all the flowers. But Zi Xiao never once appeared, also not receiving her calls. In the end, she doesn’t want to care about it any longer.

The sky is nice on the weekend. It is the end of spring so morning comes earlier than usual.

When Xu Xu reached the field, the sun was already up.

She saw Ji Bai sitting on an equipment, holding up a bottle of water that reached his mouth as she got there. Yao Meng was wearing a light brown workout outfit, her long hair is down, standing in front of Ji Bai. She doesn’t know what she said, but Ji Bai smiled lightly.

Xu Xu ran up to them, “Good morning.”

Yao Meng smiled sweetly, “Good morning.”

Xu Xu silently accepted. She forgot her purse leaving the house so she had to come back to get it.

She had to run an extra lap.

Xu Xu didn’t say anything and turned around to run to the running track.

Even with the presence of the outgoing Yao Meng,  the whole running time was still in silence. Yao Meng’s physical ability was excellent at the police academy, therefore, the placement of the 3 of them was: Ji Bai was in first place, next was Yao Meng, and of course, Xu Xu was last.

Xu Xu noticed that during the run, Yao Meng liked to compete with Ji Bai. Because Ji Bai left Xu Xu and Yao Meng a couple of laps behind, therefore, he often passed the two of them. Whenever this happens, Yao Meng would increase her speed like she wanted to be on the same level as him. But Yao Meng could only endure for some time before slowing down. At that time, she looked a bit down but was once again enthusiastic, as she turns her head to smile at Xu Xu with her face all red.

And Ji Bai still maintained his light smile as he continued to run at the speed.

While Xu Xu’s brain wave is indifferent, seeing their figures far from behind, she still felt a bit lonely.

Because Yao Meng was enthusiastic while Ji Bai was full of energy.

And she is like a snail, crawling slowly.


Thanks for your support :3 I took a bit too long this time, hope you enjoy this chapter.

FYI I’m only 1/10 of the novel so there are still a lot more developments…
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15 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 22

  1. thank you very much….finally a new chapter. I like this story very much. Is there an ebook that i can google translate…..

  2. thanks for ur update…me keep refresh everyday..love this story already..haahaaa..JB understand Xu Xu the best..

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  4. oooh, am I seeing a bit of awareness on xu xu’s part? I’m not too hopeful though. Besides I’m enjoying her cluelessness too much 🙂

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