When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo : Part 21

On Sunday evening, Xu Xu cooked up a pot of porridge to replenish her body. But there is still half remaining after she eats her fill. Xu Xu doesn’t like to waste food so she decided to have it as breakfast at the station tomorrow. Even then, she won’t be able to finish the whole pot. Suddenly, she thought of Ji Bai so she sends him a message. ”I just made a pot of porridge. There are a lot, do you want to have some for breakfast tomorrow?”

Ji Bai quickly replied, “What kind of porridge?”

“Red Bean porridge”

Ji Bai replied, “Sure.”

Everything continued on fine, Xu Xu slowly gets used to the evil training. Although Ji Bai and her trains together every morning, they don’t speak much to each other. Each person focuses on his or her own track. Xu Xu always prepares breakfast for Ji Bai whenever she brings breakfast for herself.

When they do talk, they only ever talk about work-related things. Yang Yu’s case is completely finished. Recently, there isn’t any big case.

There wasn’t any public announcement about the case in order to avoid commotion among the citizens. There are a few people who knows about it though they thought of it as a prank by youngsters. The case didn’t have any influence on the society of L city.

The whole team knows about how Ji Bai trains Xu Xu to strengthen her physical ability. Everybody gave a few words of encouragement to Xu Xu right in front of Ji Bai at lunch today. All of them said, “while the process is deadly, the result is very bright. Three years back, Ji Bai ordered someone to train his or her physical ability. It was a weak officer. He started out running 30 lapses around the track field everyday. He is now strong with 8 packs, he runs well and able to fight well. He is a leader of a station in the west area.”

Xu Xu nods in agreement.

It was only then that Yao Meng found out that Ji Bai personally trains Xu Xu.

She doesn’t come close to chat and laugh with everyone like usual but silently observes the intent smile on Ji Bai’s face and Xu Xu’s slightly blushing face.

Yao Meng feels irritated. She has feelings for Ji Bai so a part of her felt that this is unacceptable while feeling helpless at the same time. Moreover, she feels a kind of loneliness from being left behind and she can’t change the situation.

From the time Ji Bai came back, Yao Meng started to have feelings for him.

She clearly remembered, he wore a black jacket that day. He is big and tall, very eye-catching, more handsome than any other man she has ever met. From that moment on, Yao Meng felt that he is very excellent whether in his appearance or ability.

If she were to talk about the goal she want to work towards, she can surely say her goal is to be someone like Ji Bai. Ji Bai and her are of the same type – appearance and ability wise and they are both matured.

However, the man who made her look back at him; the person of high position in the team for some reason chose Xu Xu as his student. She had to follow officer N, an officer who will retire soon. If one only counts the background of an officer, she is already a head lower than Xu Xu.

He personally trains Xu Xu every morning now. The two are always together; Yao Meng suspects something will happen between them.

She doesn’t want that and she is afraid to see it happen.

Because he doesn’t have any family in the L city, Ji Bai is almost always the last person to leave the office.

Today, Xu Xu stays until late because she have to finish a task that Ji Bai had gave her. Yao Meng also hasn’t left, she isn’t sure of her emotions at this moment. She understands that doing this is a bit irrational but she can’t help doing it after she heard the fact that Ji Bai is training Xu Xu. Seeing that Ji Bai’s light is still on, she doesn’t want to leave all of the sudden.

At 9 PM, Ji Bai turned off the light to leave. Hearing his footsteps, Yao Meng quickly turns off her computer and stands up then lower her head to reorganize her bag.

Ji Bai eyed Xu Xu who is still focused on typing then looked over Yao Meng’s direction, “Why haven’t you leave yet?”

Yao Meng smiles: “I’m leaving, I had something I needed to finish.”

Ji Bai walked up to Xu Xu, stopped, “You aren’t going home yet? Can you wake up tomorrow?”

Xu Xu suddenly realized the time, she looked at the clock and said, “Yes” then started to clean up her stuff.

The three of them went down together, Xu Xu and Ji Bai went down to the parking lot to get their cars. Yao Meng tucks in her sleeves and waved to say goodbye, “Then I’m going first.” She turned around feeling a bit disappointed and thinking that she’s ridiculous. She feels like she is putting on a terrible show.

“Wait.” Just then, she heard the deep voice of Ji Bai. Yao Meng’s heart almost fell out of her chest. She turns around to look at him, she can clearly hear her own loud heartbeat.

“There isn’t any bus left, how are you getting home?” Ji Bai asked.

Yao Meng shyly rubbed her head, “I forgot about the time… Maybe I can still catch the last bus?” After saying that, she looked up at Ji Bai. However when her eyes met his deep eyes, she looked down, afraid that he can clearly see the hopeful look in her eyes.

Seeing her unnatural look, Ji Bai smiled then looked somewhere else, ”Let Xu Xu take you home. Her home is in the same direction as yours.”

Xu Xu and Yao Meng were stunned.

Xu Xu turns to Yao Meng, “Really? The same direction?”

Yao Meng was quiet for a couple of seconds before she said her home address.

Xu Xu considered, it is really in the same direction, “Let’s go. If we were to work overtime again, we can go home together.”

They left the police station, Ji Bai drove to the west direction. Xu Xu drove Yao Meng to the East direction. Yao Meng massaged her face, she smiled and  said, “Turns out Ji Bai knows where we live.”

Xu Xu quietly said, “Yeah.”

“Is Ji Bai very strict?”

“Of course.”

Yao Meng smiled, “I see that he is normally gentle. Is it fun to practice with him?”

Xu Xu feelt this question is a bit strange. “Fun?” She shook her head, “I don’t know, we don’t speak much.”

Yao Meng was surprised, but she quickly smiled bright, “Truthfully, I am about to start working out, maybe I will workout with you two.”

Xu Xu turned to look at Yao Meng.

Yao Meng was stunned hearing Xu Xu say, “Are you sure you can wake up at 4:30 AM everyday? You have to run 10 lapses and you cannot rest on Saturday and Sunday?”

Yao Meng suddenly laughed, raised her hand to pinch Xu Xu, ”Xu Xu, sometimes you are really cute that others can’t help but want to pinch you once.” She stopped for a moment then continued,  “My house is too far from here. If I can wake up early on the weekends then I will come, if I can’t wake up then you have to continue to endure this hardship by yourself.”

When Xu Xu reached the office the next morning, she suddenly felt as if she was struck by lightning in the head.

After a moment, as she came back from the bathroom, she saw a big bouquet of white and red roses on her desk. The bouquet is wrapped by light yellow plaid paper; it looks very pretty and eye-catching.

There is a small card placed inside the flower bouquet, the handwriting is beautiful.

You are right, consciousness is very hard to control.


I don’t like how Yao Meng thinks she should be the choice for Ji Bai…

Anyway, Can you figure out what she wants to do? :3

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24 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo : Part 21

  1. Yao Meng’s actions are pretty obvious and she seems like the annoying cunning type? Well I don’t think Xu Xu will be fazed by her thanks to her innocent personality lol. I hope Yao Meng manages to annoy and piss off Ji Bai 😜

  2. Yao Meng’s not the first and probably won’t be the last to toss herself at Jai Bei. I wonder how long it will take for him to peel her off of him?

  3. Hmm, Yao Meng found a ray of hope when she found out they don´t talk during workout. She will definitely come to practice too. Why miss the chance?
    I didn´t like when she pinched Xu Xu. It´s like… she would do something like that to a child. And I think she kinda looks down on Xu Xu. She doesn´t understand why Ji Bai chose Xu Xu but found herself to be worthy of such honor?
    And why did she found her cute at the time??
    At first I was thinking that persistent guy from previous chapter send her roses but maybe it was Yao Mei who did it.

    Anyway, Ji Bai accepts Xu Xu´s breakfast ^^.

    Btw there is two times the same text in your post.

  4. somehow i can understand her since she is in love… But i hope she won’t get so annoying with her tricks. Because i like xuxu-jibai. Can’t she become friend for xuxu?

  5. Yup, she’s annoying. I don’t like evil 2nd leads, so hopefully she won’t wreak too much havoc. The story is really coming along. Thanks for your translations!

  6. thank you so much! hope it will go nicely and he start to know his own feelings…. best is when man is first in love 😉 he mostly act better than girls (at least in dramas etc.) I think at least

  7. Thanks for the translations! Yao men seems to be the main love rival in this story…
    I hope she won’t sabotage Xu Xu and ji Bai relationship.
    btw, how many chapters are left?

  8. Thanks for the translations! Yao men seems to be the main love rival in this story…
    I hope she won’t sabotage Xu Xu and ji Bai relationship.
    btw, how many chapters are left?

    • You’re welcome, there are so many left. I only did 1/10 of the novel. It isn’t going to be only about romance but mystery too so couple more cases.

  9. Thank you for translating this novel……xu xu’s character is very interesting. Looking forward to future updates…..

  10. I do find myself rooting for the 2nd male lead sometimes, so I was thinking that if XX just kept quiet when ZX asked for her decision, instead of downright rejecting him (causing him to now pursue her out of his pride of being rejected) how would JB react to this? Would it make for a better plot with some friendly competition?

    Waiting is really a virtue….hehe ….for the next update! Thanks Tiffy

  11. Thanks a lot!
    Hm, the chapter was repeated two times…? Well, it doesn’t really bother me, jsut wanted to mention it.
    Heh, i kind of expected yao meng to have feelings for ji bai! So she is the love rival for him, not that she has any sort of chance, i mean. Xu xu and ji bai are still really cute together—-!

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  13. No fooling Ji Bai. He for sure has caught on. Hope romance between leads is not at the very end…thanks!

    • I agree, Yao Meng doesn’t stand a chance with Ji Bai. Xu Xu won’t even notice Yao Meng plans because she could care less. Lol lol

  14. I dislike Yao Meng..the way she acts is two faced..lol.but she doesn´t stand a chance..Ji Bai already knows what is going on. Thank you so much for this chapter.

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