Never Leave Me Alone – Fei Wo Si Cun (HE)


Never leave me alone

Never Leave Me Alone

Everybody is searching for love, even those who feel they don’t have right to search for it. Honestly, love is impartial. After waited for a time, love will be here next to you. You just have to turn around to see it.

We will meet a lot of people in this life,

but we will earnestly and deeply love only one person. 

In this world, there are so many different kinds and forms of love

But, there is only one that belongs to you no matter how long you search.

That’s the message being conveys in this novel “Never Leave Me Alone By Fei Wo Si Cun”

A brief part of the novel

I haven’t dreamed about Su Yuesheng in a long time. Him in my dream is exactly like how he was 10 years ago, still a jerk. Wearing a white dress shirt sitting on the sofa with his slender long legs.The two seams of his khaki’s pant are so straight as if they were cut by a scissor. The sun’ light shines on his face. When smiling, the corner of his lips slightly turns up, as if he caught a cold. Of course, this is just my venomous words. Truthfully, everybody says Su Yuesheng is very handsome, even Xieni praised him: “Oh my, Mr.Su really looks like Tom Cruise…”

At those moments, I always wittily asked: “Turn out, Mr.Su ‘s features are like a foreigner? ”

“His features aren’t similar, but the temperament. It’s the temperament, don’t you understand?”Xieni glanced at me, ” You would understand no matter what I say.Do you know what a man is?What temperament is?”

What is temperament?Is it important?What is the sadness in the eyes, is it vital any longer?

Chinese Ebook | Vietnamese Ebook

About the author: This author actually had some novels turned into films. I will post up later the names and such. I know it has Vietnamese subtitles, but I’m not sure if anyone had subbed it in English though. Maybe I will do a recap of it if there is none in the future…

I’ve taken a liking to this novel. I’m thinking of doing this as my next novel. But I will post more foreword of novels and have you guys pick it by having a poll. I have a feeling this is going to be sad.. totally different than the current novel.

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4 thoughts on “Never Leave Me Alone – Fei Wo Si Cun (HE)

  1. Hi Tiffy, thank you for translating When A Snail Loves…..I just like any C novels but agree with you on an intelligent heroine….it is so interesting to read a a female lead with high IQ rather than a dumb bimbo who needs rescuing all the time. Hope you will translate this Never Leave Me Alone….anticipating. Keep up the good work!

  2. This seems interesting with some angst. I kinda love these type of stories. Hope you take this as your next translation project. Xie xie.

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