When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 19


There was a situation similar to this that had happened before.

In high school, all the students were still shy about sexual-related ideas. One day, after school, a few students stayed behind to gossip with each other, they had discussed ideas about whether this guy or this girl already had “indecent contact”. At this time, Xu Xu was also present; there was one girl who was close with Xu Xu among them; she asked her what she thought about it.

Xu Xu doesn’t know who the couple they were talking about so she just said her honest opinion about the nature of this idea, ”Sex is a natural action of animals.”

All the female students didn’t even dare to mention the words “get on bed”*. They were stunned by Xu Xu’s belief.

*This is a direct translation: It’s weird but you know what it means right? 🙂

Over there, Zhao Han trembled while typing a word, “You…”

Xu Xu, “?”

Just after she typed the question mark, she immediately heard a calm voice echo from behind, “Xu Xu, get in my office this instant.”

Xu Xu turned around and immediately saw Ji Bai holding a cup of hot water; perhaps he had just came back from the break room. He glanced down at her once before turning around to return to his office.

Xu Xu felt that she didn’t say anything that was so excessive, but it still wasn’t good to let Ji Bai see it. She immediately stood up to follow him into his office.

Just when Xu Xu sat down, Ji Bai steadily spoke up, “To my standard, this morning’s workout is just a warm up, the abuse hasn’t started yet.”

Xu Xu : “…..”

Ji Bai took out a stack of documents and threw it at Xu Xu, “This is the report that the higher-ups need, you have to do it and turn it to me before leaving tomorrow.”

Xu Xu opened it and asked a couple of questions about the points which she didn’t understand. Ji Bai’s phone suddenly rang when he was about to answer Xu Xu’s questions.

It was an important call; Ji Bai held the phone and stood up, gesturing Xu Xu to wait for him. Then, he walked into the small meeting room next to his office.

Because Ji Bai didn’t let her go, Xu Xu obediently sat and waited for him. She had already gone over the documents after a short time, Ji Bai still hadn’t returned. Xu Xu, in boredom, raised her head to observe the surroundings.

It was only the beginning of the evening; the sunlight shone through the window into the office, coloring the floor the color of warm yellow.

The office chair in Ji Bai’s office was made from real leather and was also spacious. Xu Xu sat under the sunlight for a moment before her eyes began to close, then she leaned back, and she relaxedly closes them completely.

After finishing the phone call, Ji Bai returned to the office to find Xu Xu sleeping.

Her petite body was curled up on the spacious chair, her head slightly leaning to one side, and her arms were placed on the armrests. She looked matured, like a middle-aged woman. Her face looked a bit pale and her black eyebrows were furrowed making her look exhausted.

It seemed true that she was really tired.

Ji Bai looked at Xu Xu for a couple of seconds before returning to his seat, lighting up a cigarette, he quietly holds it up to his mouth to inhale.

He was giving her 10 minutes to rest.

However, Xu Xu woke up before the 9-minute mark.

She was woken up by the sound of the pages being turned. Glancing up, she immediately saw Ji Bai sitting in front of her since who-knows-when. He was looking down slightly, one hand was holding a cigarette, and the other hand was turning the pages of the file, looking emotionless.

Xu Xu wasn’t sure how long she slept. To her, sleeping in front of her superior was a very outrageous action, especially to someone who was strict like Ji Bai. Her back was full of cold sweat, while her face turned pale in just a few seconds.

Ji Bai didn’t look up, speaking slowly, “Are you satisfied with the sleeping conditions in my office?”

Xu Xu’s face turned worse, “I apologize.”

When Xu Xu thought that Ji Bai would criticize her harshly or ridicule her, he all of a sudden changed the subject, “Which parts were you unclear about?”

Xu Xu was a little shocked, however she quickly mentioned the parts that caused her confusion. Ji Bai earnestly explained them; he also didn’t remind her of how she slept in front of him.

Overall, living has been more painful than death for her this week since Ji Bai came back. Everyday, both her body and mind were dead tired. After work, she would always sleep like the dead, and her eating portion had also drastically increased.

Seeing his sister suffering like that, of course Xu Jun would feel really bad for her. However, he was also a person who was diligent and persevering. Since this training was really helpful to his sister, he doesn’t have much to say about it.

Xu Jun just said that if her work was not going well, then she should look for the satisfaction in relationships. He was going to introduce a person to her on Friday next week. It was a man working in IT, very competent. She had to be there on time.

On Friday, Xu Xu, with difficulty, finished her duty of running 10 lapses for the day. While eating breakfast at the small meeting room, she asked Ji Bai if she needs to workout on Saturday and Sunday too?

Ji Bai answered, “You don’t eat on Saturday and Sunday?”

Xu Xu had nothing to say to that.

When it was time to leave, Xu Xu’s whole body was weak. But since she had already made an appointment to meet up with someone, she just wanted to able to meet soon; get it over and done as quickly as possible so she could go home to sleep.

Xu Xu walked straight to the parking lot of the station; Xu Jun said that he would come to pick her up. Just when she reached the parking lot, Xu Xu saw Ji Bai walking out from another path.

“Xu Xu” The voice of a man rang out. It was Xu Jun calling her; he was wearing a sophisticated black suit and sitting in his Mercedes car, his eyes were full of smiles/were smiling. But when he saw that she was wearing a t-shirt with her plain khaki pants, he furrowed his brows, “You are about to go wearing that?”

Xu Xu looked down, “I can’t?”

Xu Jun was silent. Xu Xu turned around, “Ji Bai, goodbye.”

Ji Bai eyed Xu Xu up and down, he nodded then walked up to the car next to them.

Xu Xu walked around, Xu Jun opened the car’s door for her, “Is he your superior?”

Xu Xu nodded, and just turned to the right to see Ji Bai driving his black car, passing them. He was driving a normal car; he didn’t look at the two of them as he passed by.

The Mercedes quickly blended in with the cars on the street. When Xu Jun stopped at XX, Xu Xu has a feeling that something was wrong.

XX was a famous club* in city L. Years ago, when Xu Jun made the very first million in his life; he generously took her out to eat here. Later, Xu Jun often went here but Xu Xu never went with him.

*A club here is not a bar but a club like golf club for rich people

Isn’t meeting in XX a bit too much?

Seeing that Xu Jun relaxedly walked in, Xu Xu spoke up, “Stop.”

Xu Jun knew too well what his sister was suspecting. He maintained his expression and proudly said, “CEO of a IT company, could still count as working in the IT field. You can’t discriminate that person just because he has a high position.

(I hope everyone remembers IT: science field/ engineer)

Xu Xu furrowed her brows, “First of all, CEO is management. It doesn’t belong to the technical department, that is not the type I wanted. Second, habits and personality of these kinds of people are too complicated than normal. Their job is also very busy. Do you want me to have that kind of unstable marriage; one that we live apart more often than together?*”

*As in he would be busy and out with his job and business travel and won’t be home so they can’t see each other most of the time.

Xu Jun’s smile fades, and he answered, “First, I have gotten to know this person for a while, he isn’t like those rich son/grandson families; he is a dependable man. Xu Xu, feelings aren’t so fixed, you can’t just rely on prediction and analysis to be successful. Since you are already here today, show some respect and eat a meal with him.”

Xu Xu didn’t says anything…

Xu Jun thought that she might be angry, he thought to himself, “Perhaps I said it too harshly.” Xu Jun was about to speak gently, when Xu Xu suddenly nods, “I agree with your outlook, let’s go in.”

Xu Jun smiled, and rubbed Xu Xu’s head, “ Just try to get to know him, you can just kick him if he isn’t to your liking. Forget who he is, whether a CEO or a lowly person, the most important thing is your feelings.”

Xu Xu nodded, “Speaking nonsense.”

Just when they reached the seafood restaurant, they could see the old style, yellow-coloured window frame, the paper used for the window was white like snow. In the middle of the sophisticated and calming room, a young man is sitting up straight behind the table, on one side of his hand was a wine bottle, and on the other side was a sandalwood incense furnace***. When the wind chime rang, this man raised his head to look at Xu Xu. He smiled, showing his clear white teeth, and his handsome face emitting a gentle aura under the electric light.

*****This is what the furnace looks like / should be similar to this.


It was Ye Zi Xiao.

“Love at first sight” was a bit extreme, yet Ye Zi Xiao was aware that he was really mesmerized by Xu Xu.

On the grass that evening, a petite and pale-faced girl, whose hair was covered in blood, ordered him using an impatient tone of voice. Maybe this image had the ability to really affect the mind. He felt that she was very fierce, very charismatic, while also very loveable.

Like so pursue, this was a straightforward principle to Ye Zi Xiao.

After that, he followed her for half a day, and the result was that she didn’t even look straight at him once. Initially, he experienced feelings of defeat and dreariness. He had stood behind her, looking at her squat down on the grass field, observing the crime scene for an hour. While standing up, her legs were obviously numb, making her sway before she was able to firmly stand. She had to jump a couple of times after that in order for her legs to return to normal.

At this time, Ye Zi Xiao had a thought: If she became his little girlfriend, he wouldn’t let her suffer like that. He would pamper and love her up to the sky; she could have whatever she wanted. There was no need for her hand to be covered in blood, no need to be faced with killing intent. She would enjoy sweet happiness everyday.


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36 thoughts on “When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 19

  1. Yay! Two chapters in two days.
    Ji Bai doesn´t seem to be such an abuser as Xu Xu sees him. He even let her sleep in his office. Indeed, not something you would expect from superior.
    That Zhi Xiao guy would never fit Xu Xu if only because of what he thought in last paragraph. It looks like it never crossed his mind she is doing this job not because she needs to but because she likes to.

    • Yeah he just looks mean and says mean things just for the sake of it. I guess for someone like her, it is hard to realize that he is actually nice. She doesn’t have much of a social skill. & I know right, what you said is exactly what I thought while reading it too. She is doing it because she wants to. Her family is rich and her brother is rich. I don’t think she needs the money.

  2. Even though she is competent and really tough, I still like Zhi Xiao because he looks like the type who would take really good care of her. I always like it when there is a bit of friendly competition for the girl. Thanks for your regular updates!

    • I see, you are right in that aspect. She might be tough but she still needs affection and such . DW,Ji Bai is going to be sweet later on too.

  3. That scene when Ji Bai was looking at Xu Xu up and down kind of cracked me up! I can imagine what he was thinking hahaha. She’s really simple. T-shirt and shorts for a meeting (date) are just too cute.

    • Yeah, she is confident like that hihi .. just kidding. That’s how she is, totally oblivious to the norm.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 OMG Xu Xu is going to suffer anymore. Are you also like Xu Xu said like to be abused? Hihi Just kidding !!

  4. I was just lurking around searching for good novel to read when I stumbled on your blog, I actually really like this kind of story. It’s quite different from normal office workers love story, straight forward characters with different atmosphere, plus I love the apathetic MC, hope you’ll continue translating this to the end 🙂
    Thank you so much for the translation

  5. Thanks!
    Ahaha, well, if there wasn’t ji bai, i’d think that this guy is quite okay for her! He doesn’t understand her, but he could always learn, right? But, yeah, ji bai and xu xu forever! Yay for no love rivals!

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  7. Ye Zi Xiao irritates me. Like he’s assuming what’s best for her.

    “If she became his little girlfriend, he wouldn’t let her suffer like that.”

    He’s conveniently forgetting that she’s actually just doing her job. Sorry, I may be hating on him to much. He reminds me of someone and it’s clouding my judgement.

  8. ok xi zhao, despite his looks, is out of the running as far as I’m concerned….he just doesn’t get her. Big hug to translating team…you rock guys!

  9. Started reading this lovely story, Ye Xi Xiao didn’t knowbthat XuXu really is into her job haha now let’s see how the date will go

    Thanks 4 d translation~

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