When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 17

Greatly dismissing the strange feeling on the tip of his fingers, Ji Bai said to Mr. N: “Really is not simple. Have you ever seen a hostage being more fearsome than the kidnapper?”

Mr. N laughed: “The point is, although she’s a petite girl, she has such a terrifying strength.”

Both of them lightly smiled.

Mr. N continued to say: “Train her properly. You never know; she might even be a godly detective. However, it’s problematic that she is lacking physical strength.”

“It won’t be a problem,” Ji Bai said, “Making her tired as if she has changed several layers of skin will naturally increase her physical strength.”

The next morning when Xu Xu woke up, the red marks on her chest still hadn’t completely faded. Because of her very pale skin, it was even more frightening, in her perspective, looking at it in the mirror.

Xu Xu rubbed on some rose oil that made her body emit the oil’s fragrance. Reaching the office, Yao Meng leaned in closer to Xu Xu and sniffed: “Did you hurt yourself yesterday?”

“Just got a little bit bruised.” Xu Xu replied.

A moment later, Ji Bai, with his hands in his pockets, relaxingly walked in the office. He nodded to greet everyone then went into his office.

If it were some other girls, they would be embarrassed seeing Ji Bai today because of what happened. Because Xu Xu was naturally different than the norm in that area, she just politely greeted Ji Bai.

Ji Bai was, of course, just as usual. He knew how to control himself; he was also perfectly clear on why he yearned for that soft feeling. It’s only natural since he hadn’t been this intimate with a woman in a long time. That’s why he immediately took a cold shower after reaching home yesterday night; thus, all the fantasy was completely gone. He didn’t have any other thoughts when seeing Xu Xu today.

“Hey, do you think that there is something different about the atmosphere after the superintendent came back?” Yao Meng quietly asked as she glanced over at Ji Bai’s office.

Xu Xu nodded. It was even more nerve wrecking. Everyone spoke in a lower and faster tone than usual.

Naturally, Xu Xu adapted quite well with this atmosphere.

Because of the workload to be done for Yang Yu’s case, Yao Meng and Xu Xu were very busy for the whole morning. In the evening, all the documents and forms were about completed. Xu Xu couldn’t even take a breath before the phone on the table rung. Ji Bai was calling: “Get in here!”

Xu Xu walked into his office. Ji Bai was leaning onto his chair holding documents in his hands, not even raising his head: “Close the door!”

Xu Xu closed the door and obediently stood still. Ji Bai looked up at her: “Sit down!”

Xu Xu sat down.

Feeling the peer look that Ji Bai was giving her, Xu Xu promptly looked straight at Ji Bai. His face was handsome with a clean look; his two eyes were slight close, wanting to evaluate Xu Xu.

Xu Xu liked to observe someone’s eyes because they tell a bit about the person’s mental state. But Ji Bai’s eyes at any given time were indifferent making it impossible for others to see through him.

“You are the first officer who got caught as a hostage in the past 10 years.” Ji Bai said: “How do you explain that?” with a low and stern voice. His look was ice cold. Xu Xu heard that Ji Bai made some female officers cry while lecture them.

However, Xu Xu didn’t show any sign of tension, she replied: “I don’t think I need to explain.”

It’s not that Xu Xu didn’t feel shameful about it, it was just that she was, by nature, very composed. She acknowledged that her physical ability had always been her weakness. But she believed that everyone had their own weaknesses, why would one have to feel shameful about it?

Ji Bai remained silent while his pair of eyes stared at her attentively. Xu Xu relaxingly faced his eyes. A moment later, there was little bit of a smile in the look of his eyes.

This look made Xu Xu feel pressured all of the sudden, like a sign something bad was about to happen.

Indeed, Ji Bai threw the stack of documents down on the table. Xu Xu glanced over, realizing that they were her background documents. The section about her physical strength result was circled in red pen by Ji Bai.

“I got a pass.” Xu Xu strongly emphasized.

“You are the only one who got a pass in the whole team in physical.” Ji Bai said coldly: “While everyone else got excellent scores on it. Moreover, I just inquired that even though you got a pass, you placed badly.

This time, Xu Xu’s face turned red. In any case, to an excellent college student like Xu Xu, Ji Bai’s bad way to look at it made Xu Xu feel bad on the inside.

Ji Bai looked at her attentively: “Your physical ability has to improve from “pass” to “good” within three months. Just work in the office and don’t go outside to work on any case within these three months. I don’t need a subordinate who can be caught as a hostage at any time and burden the whole team.”

Leaving Ji Bai’s office, Xu Xu was a bit downhearted. She wasn’t sure she could reach the result that Ji Bai was expecting.

From that time, the heavy pressure of “not being able to reach the result” was placed on her. After arriving home from work, she immediately researched related information to build up a plan to strengthen her physical ability. This plan was really strict. She had to train hard while increasing the amount of food she eats.

That night, Xu Jun called her and asked if she was finished with the case yet. He wanted to introduce a man working in the IT field to her. Xu Xu agreed.

*IT field: science field

Xu Jun could tell that his sister was in a bad mood. After hearing everything from Xu Xu, he smiled in agreement: “Your superior is right, I’m also not at ease that you are catching criminals given your physical ability. “

Xu Xu felt that it was miserable to work out, so she didn’t want to mistreat herself. Next day at 6 a.m., she left the house and bought a delicious breakfast. Then she went to the police station.

The police station had a training field belonging to the police academy. At this time, it was still dark with fog covering the track. Xu Xu wore her headphone and started to run slowly like usual.

There were a few fit young men and middle aged men that ran pass Xu Xu. Most of them were wearing a policer tank top. Just as Xu Xu ran 2 laps, she suddenly heard a cold voice speak up: “Are you a snail?” Xu Xu turned her head to see Ji Bai. He was wearing a brown tank top with a black workout pants standing next to her.

He clearly had been running for a while because his chest and back were full of sweat and his hair was also wet. His face was a little bit red. Under the morning sunshine, the handsome and clean look of his was extremely stunning. But his expression was very stern; he furrowed his brows to look at Xu Xu.

Because of the close distance between them, Xu Xu could smell Ji Bai’s hot manly breathes and sweat coming from him. By natural response, Xu Xu moved back a couple of steps from Ji Bai. From Ji Bai’s point of view, Xu Xu’s response was like a small and scared animal. Males and females were different *, Jai Bai didn’t force her, but spoke up in a cold voice: “Run faster!”

With great difficulty, Xu Xu used all her strength to speed up. It wasn’t because she was scared of Jia Bai, but Xu Xu heard that Ji Bai kicked some people who he wasn’t pleased with from the team in the past without hesitation. Xu Xu wanted to be a detective officer; she would never let herself get kicked out of the team. Moreover, she understood why Ji Bai required her to do this; honestly this was actually for her own good.

Xu Xu didn’t slow down because there was a chance that Ji Bai might follow her from behind. After running for half of the field, Xu Xu realized there wasn’t any sound of footsteps coming from behind. She turned around; the fog had faded a bit. Ji Bai didn’t follow her.

Xu Xu breathed out in relief then slowed down. Physical ability cannot be changed in one day or two; it had to be built up slowly anyway. Who would have know that after running for the next half of the field, she immediately saw a familiar silhouette at the workout equipment’s area.

At this time, all the fog have faded. The morning sunshine was shining down the grassy field. Ji Bai was standing with his back facing Xu Xu. He was holding an equipment that seemed very heavy. His shadow was rather huge. Ji Bai’s big muscles were slowly visible clearly under his thin tank top. When he released the equipment, the muscles were gone. The back became proportionally thin, creating a gentlemanly look under the sun’s light.

Xu Xu always felt that Ji Bai was tall and huge, but not burly. Who knew he had rock-solid muscles like that. Even though Xu Xu had never been in a relationship before, she still knew how to enjoy beauty. Actually, Xu Xu didn’t like men who have muscles, but men who were gentle and courteous more. From Xu Xu’s perspective, Ji Bai could be called handsome; however, he had a lot of muscles which were hidden. Despite that, he still lost points in Xu Xu’s eyes.


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29 thoughts on “When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 17

  1. Another chapter so soon!! Thanks a lot 🙂 A new chapter every 2-3 days would be a treat! Thanks for you hard work ^^
    I hate working out too… Xu Xu… Hwaiting!

  2. Hehehe I feel you Xu Xu and TIffy! I hate working out ad the only exercises I enjoy are swimming and cycling. Xu Xu is determined though, so, FIGHTING Xu Xu!!!!

    • I love cycling too but there is nowhere to do so in a busy city where I live. It is just too dangerous doing it on busy streets with reckless drivers. And I’ve never learned how to swim, hopefully soon in the future >.< I feel like I'm missing out.

  3. I just run when i am getting late at work. >_<¦¦¦

    I dont like men with so much mustles as a lover, i like lean. ^^

    • Haha I see, I walk to school but I don’t think it is enough as I eat too much >.>
      TBH I used to think so too, I feel that both types are fine as long as it isn’t like some crazy muscular but just fairly muscular. They have different charm 🙂

  4. Hi Tiffy, I am surely glad that you are back to translation this novel which I really like after stumbled into them late last year…I used to go to gym straight after long day of work but now, I just gave up…My work bases on a lot of heavy lifting and speed to…by the end of the day, I just said to my hubby that bugger it all I am not going to gym to have another workout…hehehe…so I can empathy with XuXu..

    Thanks for your translations and keep up with the good work..:D

    • If that is the case then you dont really need to work out. I mostly sit and use my laptop. Sometimes it is for school and others are for playing. If my life is already active like you then it would be fine without working out at the gym. Xu Xu is provably like me have leading a sedentary lifestyle haha
      Thanks for your support, sorry for the long break back then. C:
      – Tiffy

  5. thank you for the new chapter,
    while reading i kept imagining Ji Bai as wolf…. a wolf with muscle 😀

  6. Thanks a lot!
    Hm…physical fitness is indeed important, particular for people who are in that dangerous line of job. I do wonder whether it’s that she doesn’t like to do it, or doesn’t have much talent/skill in it. Knowing her intelligence, surely she realises it’s important! Ship? Don’t ship them? Don’t know, don’t know—-!

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  9. “That’s why he immediately took a cold shower after reaching home yesterday night; thus, all the fantasy was completely gone. He didn’t have any other thoughts when seeing Xu Xu today.”

    This made me laugh so bad

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