When a snail loves by Ding Mo: Part 16


Xu Xu was astonished for a couple of seconds, seeing such an outstanding appearance all of sudden. In addition  to that, for the first time in her life, an unfamiliar man is holding Xu Xu tightly in his embrace. Under the dimly light, Xu Xu was looking at his face at a close distance. She suddenly thought of the sunlight filled picture, handsome in a dreamy way.

Ji Bai looked down on her from above to observe her for a few seconds, then quickly let go of her body.

Xu Xu quickly returned to her calm demeanor: “Vice captain Ji”

Ji Bai didn’t answer. His eyes stopped on her delicate neck then raised his hand to touch it.

His action was really fast. Xu Xu couldn’t react in time, and felt rough fingers glaze over her skin giving her a tingling sensation. According to her natural reaction, Xu Xu furrowed her brows, then tilts her head to avoid it.

Her response of a hedgehog raising its needle fur made Ji Bai looked at her once again. The cold and sharpness in his eyes went away replaced with a faint distant smile.

“The wound is shallow, you can take care of it.” His voice was even warmer than in the phone, not scary and demanding like before, but quite gentle.

Xu Xu touched her neck, blood, so the blade left a cut on her neck: “Yes”

Thinking of the fact that Ji Bai just saved her, his physical ability and his excellent ability to analyze, Xu Xu spoke up in a respectful and sincere tone: “Thank you sir.”

Ji Bai lightly said: “No need. I will find you tomorrow to discuss everything happened tonight. An officer who got held as a hostage by a criminal, you really made me proud.”

Xu Xu: “…”

At this time, there was more and more footsteps coming from the surrounding, other officers in the team had arrived.


“Superintendent, you came back?”

Some people shouted up. Yao Meng also appeared. She was a bit stunned seeing Ji Bai then spoke up in a clear voice: “Hello superintendent!”

Ji Bai glances over everybody while disregarding Xu Xu to work with Zhao Han on getting Yang Yu out of here. Seeing his underling and coworker, his eyes were full of laughter and his face brightened up.

Everyone was all smiling warm smiles; however, changed to the look anger and despite the moment they faced Yang Yu.

Without words of reunion, Ji Bai gave orders to everyone: ”Mr.N, take 2 people to examine Duong’s place. Tieu Tran, Dai Ho, and you are to take the criminal to the car. Tieu Trinh, you take everyone else to get testimony. Yao Meng, you take Xu Xu somewhere to take care of her wound.”

Everyone looked at Xu Xu, Yao Meng spoke up loudly: “Xu Xu, are you alright?” while run fast towards Xu Xu.

“I’m alright, just a light cut.” Xu Xu smiled.

Xu Xu declined Yao Meng’s help, who wasn’t insistent, and  quickly went somewhere else.

Xu Xu went back to the police car, opened the first aid box, and looked at the mirror to place 2 bandages on. She couldn’t help but furrow her brows. The most injured place was not her neck, but her chest.

Back then, Ji Bai pulled her away from Yang Yu with great force. Xu Xu wasn’t paying attention back then, but he grabbed her chest causing it to hurt. Xu Xu’s skin was already quite thin and sensitive; there must be purple marks with the amount of pain that she was feeling.

This feeling was strange, yet odd. It wasn’t quite painful, but it made Xu Xu feel uncomfortable. However, Xu Xu didn’t think much of it. She massaged the injured area seeing that there was nobody else around until it felt a bit better. She got out of the car and walked towards Yang Yu’s dormitory.

Everything else was done very smoothly. The officers found a large amount of knives under Yang Yu’s bed in his room, and his “plan” that was written by him. There was a time and place along with his thoughts written on it. Yang Yu also obediently accepted  the charges.

Yang Yu lived in a small town close by city L. He came from a good family, was also well taken care of since he was young. When he was 16, his father went bankrupt. His family also went down, so his mother divorced his father because of it. His school’s achievement had been bad, so after his family trouble he failed to get into college, thus he had to go to the city to work. Despite everything, he had always thought that he deserved better than this. He had a bad behavior in his job. Because of that, he hadn’t worked at a job for long in his 4 years in this city. His friend back home and introduced the job he got before this job. But he often went to play games during his shifts so he eventually got fired. The team realized that all of this information matched Xu Xu’s analyzed data of the suspect.

After everything got finished, Ji Bai told everyone who had been working all night these last few days to go the station to turn in their guns and leave early to rest, and another experienced officer Mr. N and he will inquire Yang Yu.

Getting in the car, Mr. Wu mentioned Xu Xu: “I heard about how Xu Xu got caught as a hostage. She was actually almost able to convince Yang Yu to surrender. Your student really isn’t simple. Oh, that’s right, she was somewhat like you when she just joined the team, so ambitious.”

Like him? This idea was quite interesting. Ji Bai laughed.

Right when he got off the plane today, hearing that Xu Xu and Zhao Han were at the park, he quickly went there. At the park’s gate, he realized the strange atmosphere, the park, which should have been quiet at night, was now noisy.

Upon reaching the small forest, Ji Bai saw Yang Yu catch Xu Xu. He was about to hit Yang Yu from behind, but then he heard Xu Xu’s cold threats. Her performance was better than he thought. Despite being a hostage, she was controlling the situation.

When he rescued Xu Xu from Yang Yu, at that moment, what he saw right away was the calm and pure black eyes of her. She was caught as a hostage, but the moment she saw him, there wasn’t any fright or panic; just relief and understanding of the situation.

She recognized him so she slowly greeted him: “Superintendent!” She didn’t realize that on her fragile pale neck, there was a cut that was bleeding disturbingly. She had a firm mental state when that tiny face of hers gave off a hazy expression of a bookworm.

Moreover, one thing that surprised him was that she was very fragile. He couldn’t feel any weight holding her in his embrace. Her face was likeable, but her skin tone was too pale while her skin was too thin, giving off almost no pink blush, making her look really weak. How could she work with him in a life and death situation in this state?

In addition, Ji Bai felt there was something not right.

He didn’t pay attention when it happened, but thinking about it now, he just realized that there was a strange feeling. Actually, the moment he pulled her into his embrace, he accidentally grabbed her chest.

Perhaps, it had been so long since he was this intimate with women; the soft and elastic feeling when touched suddenly became very real, lingering in the palm of his hand.

She had a petite build, but it seemed like she wasn’t thin…

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21 thoughts on “When a snail loves by Ding Mo: Part 16

  1. yay an update!!!and they finally meet… thanks for the translation 🙂

    excited to read next chap ^^

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  3. Thanks you for translating, would never have the chance to read this without you.

    Might want to change this sentence though :

    Everyone was all smiling warm smiles; however, changed to the look anger and despite the moment they faced Yang Yu.

    Suggested correction:

    Everyone was smiling warm smiles, however, this changed to looks of anger and disgust the moment they faced Yang Yu.

    Not a native english speaker, so there are probably better alternatives. This one just reads easier (for me atleast).

  4. Their first encounter was awkward in the drama, for the most part, I thought Xu Xu was both surprised and annoyed. In the novel however, it felt like, she was swept away with emotions she never knew existed in her.

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