When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 14

Being a guard would be the best to save face among the low-income jobs for a young man who couldn’t face the reality of his status.

Other than that, because of that fact the crimes happened are quite different, it meant that his work schedule was not fixed. A guard’s schedule at CBD was 3 shifts everyday.

Ji Bai asked: “According to the time the crimes happened, you analyzed that the criminal doesn’t have work on Saturday?”

Xu Xu replied: “Yes. Saturday evening was when the crime happened. Because of the fact that the park was very crowded on Friday, he wouldn’t have the chance to do it. That means he could have only done it on Saturday morning or afternoon.”

Ji Bai didn’t say that she was right or wrong. He furrowed his brow to look at a part of Xu Xu’s report. “The criminal has a short temper. He should have a criminal record from his youth; at least, he should have received a school’s punishment. Also, he had a big change in his youth, like family problems or a parents’ divorce, never had any relationship, or if so, only for appearance… what are these chaotic analysis?”

“Those are typical tracts of a criminal “chaotic personality to go against society”. Xu Xu raised her head to look at the pictures of the knives placed on the whiteboard: “The reason behind my analysis that the criminal never had any love relationship… is because even though he is quite good at observation and analyzation and witty, he isn’t mature… arranging the knives into a star, throwing in the river’s water or maybe a soup into the paint; it makes me think of it as an action of a youth who is unhappy with society while not really a intelligent action.”

Xu Xu stopped, both is silent. Ji Bai was the first one to speak up: “Are you done?”

“I’m done.” Xu Xu looked at the clock, and added: “1 minute 58 seconds.”

Even though she seemed relax, her breath had quickened.

She was being nervous? Ji Bai closed his eyes and breathed in one breath of smoke.

The two of them talked on the phone a few times these past few days. Xu Xu left Ji Bai an impression of an excellent book worm, a student and a disciple who is worthy to be taught and that’s it.

At this moment, Xu Xu’s low breathing that was becoming more and more distinct, Xu Xu’s impression was becoming lively. She was a girl that had short hair, small face, and white skin with a serious expression. She was very intelligent, arrogant and strong will; however, still quite naive.

That’s right, this was a job which makes one face with blood and the ugliest tracts. She was a young girl that had the ability, yet at the same time, still too naive.

Without a bit of indecision, Ji Bai spoke up to provoke Xu Xu: “Xu Xu, is it your habit to analyze like this? All over the place and to reply with what it is called “sense”, to blindly guess the answer to the case?”

Xu Xu furrowed her brow right away, and replied strongly: “If he thinks my way of analyzing personality like this is a “blindly guess” then there is nothing for me to say.”

Ji Bai said: “You aren’t submissive?”

“I’m sorry, but I’m not.”

“Then why haven’t you found the suspect?” Ji Bai coldly asked.

Xu Xu didn’t reply.

Both of them remained silent, there was only the sound of breathing that remained. After a while, Xu xu lightly spoke: “Is there anything else? If not, I’m going to hang up the phone.”

“Why are you in a rush?” Ji Bai said.

Xu Xu suddenly felt anxious.

Ji Bai spoke up leisurely: “Why haven’t you found the suspect? Very simple. Hypothetically speaking, your analysis is right. Then a problem must have occurred during the investigation process, a small error that we couldn’t have known; that’s why the suspect escaped from us.”

Xu Xu was dumbfounded, yet still listened to him continue to speak: “Listen carefully, you tell Zhao Han to let you to follow him to investigate thoroughly. You have to do observe, investigate, see each and every person by yourself. You have to use your hands and feet to do it yourself, and not doing things this like this, staying in the office to analyze all the time. You have to recognize him for me because you understand him well to that extend. I will come back tomorrow evening. I will listen to your new report the day after that.”

Xu Xu was astounded. She just realized that Ji Bai supported her. His words “even if there is no evidence, when he is in front of you, you have to recognize him for me” really shocked her.

Xu Xu’s professor at TDH, a famous psychiatrist specialized in criminals told her the same thing: “An excellent psychiatrist specialize in criminals, would able to see through the suspect even without having direct evidence.” Of course, the professor didn’t make this opinion known because it was too absolute, too optimistic, almost to the point of an ideal. Even the professor wasn’t confident enough that he can do it.

A police who did not specialize in criminal psychology like Ji Bai could say that when she reported proved that he has the ability to analyze that shocked people. He really understood what she was doing.

Someone who liked to profile and analyze like Xu Xu, able to meet someone whose mind worked the same way was better than any praise given. Because of that, despite all Ji Bai’s harsh words, she didn’t mind it at all. The way he showed his understanding of psychology and the fact that he strongly believed in her gave Xu Xu a mixed feeling of happiness and touched.

“Thank you.” Xu Xu stopped for a moment: “I…”

Ji Bai was able to tell the affection in Xu Xu’s voice. He thought that she would say thank you or something like that. He didn’t think that she would be silenced for a moment, then formally repeat seriously the words: “Thank you.”

Exactly like someone who wasn’t good with words… Ji Bai smiled: “Alright, I’m hanging up the phone, you should go to sleep early.”

The next day’s morning, Xu Xu went to the station and asked Zhao Han to bring her to the crime scene. They received Ji Bai’s text telling them to start to investigate all the guards at all the CBD parks because all the guards’ schedule was exactly like all the guards at a company, one day was separated into 3 shifts.

Xu Xu didn’t think so. There was a big difference in the environment of guards at the parks versus the guards at the CBD buildings. They don’t have the same stimulation which comes from the difference between the rich and the poor, like those works at CBD.

Zhao Han also knew and had already begun first to investigate all the guards at the parks that the crime had taken place in, but he couldn’t find any suspect.


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It’s pretty short this time. I will try to update once more tomorrow. I’m tired right now so….

They are meeting up reallll sooon so look forward to that.
You know who I am talking about, right? 🙂

14 thoughts on “When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 14

  1. Thank you! I’ve been waiting so fighting! Don’t overwork yourself and have plenty of rest ^^ May we get a great meeting ahead! And may there be some shocking or lovey-dovey scenes hehehe!

    • Yup, I will be sure to post 1 more part tomorrow. They will meet then. Thanks for your patience. ~Tiffy

  2. thanks Tiffy!!!! i’ve been visiting your blog for updates haha..
    i’m excited for their ‘meeting’!!
    will you be updating regularly?

  3. Thanks a lot—-!
    Ah, this is so exciting! Aw, she’s touched! But lol, these two people analysing each other!Yes, they’re meeting up! How exciting!

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