When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 13

However, Xu Xu has been quite remarkable these days. She incidentally rescued Ye Zi Xi, which received great praises from the whole team. They also got to eat fresh imported fruits for the whole week.

Xu Xu nodded: “I do.” Then stood up and opened the laptop in her hand.

Xu Xu stayed up the whole yesterday night to write a detailed report on the case. She already sent the report to Ji Bai in the early in the morning. Ji Bai replied in just 2 words: “Finished it.”

After that, Xu Xu gave it to Zhao Han. He wanted to praise her while suggesting to Xu Xu: “In the meeting today, you shouldn’t just give out your inference, but also explain the process of coming to that inference. Other than that, you should also explain it slowly. If not, your explanation would be blurry and difficult to understand.”

Xu Xu accepted his suggestion, thus prepared a detailed report on her process of coming up with her inference.

“I started to analyze from 3 suspects from the crime scene, the actions of the victim, and the actions of the criminal. Based on the time of the crime, the weapon used, the motive while looking over the past cases in the public area of our country in the past few years..” Xu Xu spoke quite slowly because of Zhao Han’s suggestion.

The deputy director looked over at the clock on the wall and smiles: “Xu Xu, you should just tell us your analysis!”

Xu Xu replied “yes” then closed the laptop. She took in a long breath then spoke up:

“First, the criminal is a man between the age 18-25. His education level is high school.”

“Second, he works at CBD and is a guard.”

“Third, he isn’t doing well in his job. Within the last 6-month span, he got a harsh discipline. It wasn’t his shift on that Saturday morning. “

“Fourth, he has a bad temper. He has a criminal record from his young adult days to at least from his school’s discipline action.” In the end, Officer Wu was the first to speak up: “That’s why we have to look for a guard who is around 18-15 years old with a high school education working at CBD with a discipline record within 6 months span, and doesn’t have a Saturday shift?”

Xu Xu nods: “That’s right.” Finished with a red face. Her very pale skin is so thin that it seems like it is covered with a layer of pink powder. However, her eyes are still very calm.

The deputy director smiled, his expression was calm and serious: “Xu Xu, please explain how you got to this analysis.”

The city L could be described as hot boiling oil while Ji Bai was in a relaxing manner. Almost dark, when he was with Shu Hang and his friends fishing at the outskirt of the city. his phone suddenly alerted that he got a new message.

A message sent by an officer from a city of the eastern area: “Ji Bai, I just got to know about the fact that you have such an outstanding student when I went to this morning’s meeting.”

Ji Bai was quite friendly with officers from all the areas because he travels to different places quite often. When he was about to respond, the rod in his hand turned heavy, alerting that a fish baited. He got quite a big fish. Ji Bai looked at his phone again and  got 4 more messages in just a short time.

An officer from the West area: “Ji Bai, I didn’t know you got a new student. Congrats.”

Tieu Tu from the East area: “Ji Bai, your student shows great potential. She really surprised us! She is just too good!”

“Ji Bai, when are you going to accept me as a student too?”

“Ji Bai, I’m so jealous of you. You have a great general in your hand especially because of the fact, she is a woman too!”

“Third brother, what are you looking that you are so absorbed?” the person next to him asked.

Ji Bai didn’t answer, and also didn’t call to ask what Xu Xu did. He just replied to all the messages: “Xu Xu doesn’t have much experience. Please help her out in my stead.”

The next night, Xu Xu was absent minded as she sat in front of her laptop.

Almost everybody in the office had already left. The team had been working nonstop for several days, so the deputy director lets everyone go home to sleep today. In addition, everyone had to be here for work at the usual time tomorrow. Zhao Han cleaned up his stuff, walked up to her and said: ”Xu Xu, you should go home to sleep.”

Xu Xu slowly raised her head to look at Zhao Han, then slowly looked at the laptop’s screen. She didn’t say anything, but just waved her hands to say goodbye.

Seeing the pale face shined on by the laptop’s light, Zhao Han sighed then walked out. A moment later, from across Xu Xu, Yao Meng wore her backpack and stood up, her eyes were full of sympathy toward Xu Xu: “Xu Xu, go home. You have already been here for 1 day and night. It’s not your fault that we cannot catch the criminal because of your analysis. Anyone is like that, it’s alright to make a mistake.”

Xu Xu replied with a really small ant-like voice, “Ok.”

Meng Yao walked up and tapped Xu Xu’s shoulder. Xu Xu still didn’t move. Yao Meng just left to go home. Leaving the station, Yao Meng thought of something, took her phone out, and dialed Ji Bai’s number.

“Ji Bai, it’s me, Yao Meng. I don’t have any problem; it is about Xu Xu. Her spirit is really low, I don’t know if I should tell you. I think she needs your encouragement right now… That’s right, it relates to the case. You don’t know much about it because you are still on vacation. Xu Xu had an analysis, and the deputy director Liu decided to investigate according to her suggestion. Everyone wasted 2 days…”

Xu Xu had confidence about her analysis, she couldn’t figure out what she did wrong.

For the past 30 hours, everyone followed her analysis to investigate everybody who was a guard at CBD. They found 24 people who had the description according to Xu Xu’s analysis.

After that, an experienced officer went with her to see those people. However, there wasn’t a single suspect among them.

First, the police couldn’t find anything suspicious in their home and workplace; for example, a paper knife or a picture of the scene. Second, most of the people had an alibi to prove that they weren’t at the crime scene. Third, even if they do not have an alibi, Xu Xu, and her co-worker couldn’t find anything suspicious about their behavior, also they did not have the motive to do the crime.

Everyone worked one day and one night with no result. The deputy director Liu Zhixun said that he was the one who decided so he will be responsible for reporting and explaining to the director. Nobody complained nor said anything about Xu Xu’s mistake.

Xu Xu was silent from the beginning to the end. Back at the office, she sat in front of her laptop to look over the report and the process of her analysis.

As time passed on, the whole building was in darkness.

Xu Xu’s eyes started to blur and her head was heavy. This failure was like a piece of bread that passed the expiration date stuck in Xu Xu’s throat, cannot be spit out or swallowed. She laid on the desk after deciding to sleep for a bit. She was obviously very tired, yet still not in a deep sleep, Xu Xu could hear the phone ringing, lightly in her dream, ringing nonstop.

Xu Xu was startled awake.

It was the table phone. The person who was calling was Ji Bai. He must be calling to ask about the case.

Will he reprimand her? That’s the normal response.

Xu Xu answered: “Ji Bai.”

Ji Bai’s voice was a bit cold: “You’re turning to the wall to punish yourself?”

Xu Xu agreed that she was standing to look at the wall to discipline herself.

“That’s right, I want to know what I did wrong?”

Ji Bai coldly replied: “Who said that you’re wrong? Did I say that? You are in that of a hurry to accept that you’re wrong?”

Xu Xu froze, continued to hear what he said next: “Report to me the steps of your analysis.”

“I sent you an email.”

Ji Bai silent for a second. There was a sound of laptop turning up. After that, Ji Bai spoke up slowly: “You are talking about your 30,000-word report, 12 maps and 17 documents that are attached? I want you to give a speech report.”

Xu Xu’s brows furrowed:”Why?” A written report is more exact.

“Everything can be presented in 1 minute. If not well, presented, that shows the presentation is not well thought out. You’re the type to think more deeply than normal, the simplest things, I’ll give you 2 minutes.”

The South’s spring, the sky was light brown; the fog was like a thin layer covered everywhere.

Ji Bai was sitting relaxingly in a white chair in his yard. Next to his hand was a fragment teapot; in front of him was a calm lake with a peach tree, which has a lot of flowers blooming. The flower’s petals fell all over the grass, spreading out a light scent.

Ji Bai drank a little bit of tea and closed his eyes while listening to Xu Xu. Her voice was calm like water, making everything around him calmer.

On the other end of the phone, Xu Xu hearing his sentence, “I’ll give you 2 minutes”, stimulated her. She replied,“Okay” silently, preparing her mentality as if walking into a battle.

“First, from the data, for the last 10 years till now, all the crimes in the public areas were 98.9 % a man with an education of high school and below. That’s why I could conclude that a criminal is a man with not so high education level.

“Okay,” Ji Bai lit up a cigarette, “Continue.”

“Second, the target is very clear. If his target is a normal citizen, then there are other parks that are big and have more visitors that he could have committed the crime at. If he did it at those parks, the investigation to find the criminal would have been much more difficult. However, he did not choose those 3 parks, but chose this small park near CBD to commit the crime.

A park like this was built by the government’s people and was invested by corporations. In the heart of the citizens, this type of park says CBD. Normally, the people coming to this park live around CBD; they are rich or in the upper class in the society.

This can showcase 2 points: the criminal was very familiar with this area. There was a chance that he was living or working around the area. Second, he wanted to injury a target that was in a certain type of class in the society in order to cause distress. This was an action of revenge toward people who have a high income, or you can even say revenge on CBD.”

Ji Bai smiled and spoke up lightly: “Why isn’t it an unemployed person? Or some white collared worker who got fired, but had to be a guard?”

Xu Xu replied: “There are people who are unemployed that are vengeful towards society. But they wouldn’t be vengeful toward CBD. Also, they don’t have the opportunity to understand CBD. A human wouldn’t be vengeful toward things they don’t understand clearly, or can’t even reach. Other than that, there are very few people who are unemployed living around CBD.

There was a high chance that a fired white collar worker would take revenge against higher ups in a company or a person who fired him. He wouldn’t use this way because what class is he? Why would he hate himself?

The appearance of the criminal fits the people who work at CBD; but with a low income, he understands the lifestyle and richness of CBD, but couldn’t reach it.

The criminal had a problem with his work not too long ago. That made him feel even more of a failure, even more, hateful toward the rich of CBD. Therefore, he has the motive to do the crime.”

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Hey guys, thanks for your encouragements and appreciations. Sorry that I didn’t post for so long like 3 months :X but I’m making it for it by doing it more frequently now. This novel is a bit long, I think about 50 more parts. It takes more around 3-4 hours for each part as of this length I am doing now so it’s going to take a while to finish. But this novel is really good so it’s worth it.

33 thoughts on “When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 13

  1. Thank you!!!!! I hope Xu Xu will meet Ji Bai soon! And hopefully she won’t be hurt in the process in finding the perpetrator >_<

  2. thanks for the update. i like my female leads to be intelligent, xu xu is one. i hope to be awed by her brilliance in the coming chapters. her thinking process is so deep and impressive.

    • Same here, that’s why I love this novel so much. The female lead is just so impressive, can’t help but adore her.

  3. Okay, I am coming around to Ji Bai but still mourning my other sunken ship. Sigh, sigh. Xu Xu needs some action from anyone really.

    • Ha! Me too. The sunken ship sounds pretty interesting. I really like his tenacity and his straightforwardness.

  4. We appreciate your frequent posts. This feels like Criminal Minds + romance in one. I’m enjoying the story so far.

  5. This novel must be good for you to want to translate for us non-Chinese reader. I’m getting more curious as the leads are going to meet soon.


  6. Can you also please translate when he comes, close your eyes/love me if you dare.

    That novel isn’t translated but the story is awesome.

  7. Thanks a lot!
    Ah, i quite ship xu xu and ji bai! It’s cute that he thinks her voice is calming! Hm, i really do wonder who the criminal is…!

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  9. I’m starting to think Yao Meng is somewhat manipulative and a busy body. Her actions are nice, but they all seem tinged with an ulterior motive hmmm

  10. I meant to write this in the previous post. Technically JI Bai just took on Xu Xu because he was assigned to be her mentor. He hasn’t really taught her anything at the moment. It, for me, was more Ji Bai and brother Zhan, instructing Xu Xu to do what is normally done by police officers, you know, procedures. So I don’t like the praises she gets that she is amazing because she is his student. I know that Ji Bai is exceptional, as people repeatedly said so, but I just hoped someone would actually recognize that Xu Xu isn’t a disappointment to begin with. I suppose he will be a very good influence to her growth as a police officer and as a person. Somehow though, I get the attention Xu Xu’s getting because of this unexpected team up, he is exceptional so naturally she should also be somewhere in the range. What a pressure to carry on Xu Xu’s tiny shoulders. XD

    Also Thank You for sharing this story. I’ve seen the drama version and although I enjoyed Wang Zi Wen’s portrayal of Xu Xu, as an avid book lover I just had to find this material. I don’t speak or read Mandarin so I’m extremely grateful for your contribution in spreading Ding Mo’s work.

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