When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 11

Once again, this kind of familiarity made Xu Xu feel uncomfortable, Xu Xu slightly moved to the side. Ye Zi Xi flinched her eyes and smiled: “Ok, I won’t bother you any longer, work hard!”

Xu Xu walked with Ye Zi Xi to the door and then back to her seat thinking silently. Then she got a text short while later. “There was someone who asked for your phone number but I didn’t give it to them. If he wanted to see my savior, he should show some sincerely right?”

After taking a glance over the text, Xu Xu threw the cellphone aside, continuing to work on the case.

There is an unexpected meal sent to the team at dinner time, called for Xu Xu to receive. It’s a very nice meal sent from the restaurant CC. Xu Xu thought it’s from her caring brother, so she didn’t pay much regard to it.


Later on that  night, when Xu Xu called Xu Jun inquiring about the meal, he casually said, he was busy with a meeting the whole evening that he did not have time to be a caring brother to do that for her.


Xu Xu then realized right away whom it’s from: “It’s Ye Zi Xi.”


Xu Jun seems to be quite surprised: “Which Ye Zi Xi?”


“That Ye Zi Xi ”


“What? Why did she send you dinner?”


Xu Xu told him about how she saved her, Xu Jun trembled: “Nothing happened to you right?”


“Of course, nothing happened to me.” Xu Xu replied.


“What about Ye Zi Xi?”


“She was badly injured then, but she is fine now.”


Hearing that, Xu Jun felt relieved. Then he started to tease his sister, saying it is Xu Xu first time receiving a loving meal, however, it’s too bad that it actually came from a woman. He heard that Ye Zi Xi is a famous beautiful and intelligent woman, went on asking Xu Xu how she thinks about Ye Zi Xi. Xu Xu furrows her eyebrow says she is very busy that she doesn’t have time to chat nonsense with him, thus ended the call.


Who knew after that, the next 2 days Ye Zi Xi would still continue to send lunch and dinner to the station for her? Other than the meal, there is also a big box of fresh fruits, enough to share among everyone in the team.


This action from Ye Zi Xi alarmed the director so he actually came to ask about it personally while also eating some purple mangosteen.


Xu Xu isn’t the type of person appreciate being in the center of attention so she called Ye Zi Xi right away about it. But Ye Zi Xi said in a gentle and firm voice, that Xu Xu is working really hard so to show her sincerity, she already ordered and paid for a whole month of meals and fruits which she cannot refund anyway.


Xu Xu was too busy with the case that she cannot be bothered with such trivialities so she lets Ye Zi Xi have her way.


But the case still didn’t make any big breakthroughs. Other than the patrolling at the parks, the backup team also investigated people who have criminal history around the area.

Xu Xu decided to check out the situation at the crime scene.


Weekday’s evening, there are only a few people at the park. There’re a few old men who playing chess. Xu Xu went to the area where Ye Zi Xi got hurt. She suddenly noticed a man who sitting out in the open, under such burning sun, smiling at her.


It’s the man who was with Ye Zi Xi on that day, named Ye Zi Xiao.


Unlike the last time, he was wearing a dark shade of white work out outfit that really show up his pale skin even more, thus making him look even younger. The short black hair fell on his forehead accompanying his sparkling eyes, he looked very handsome like a star in a magazine.


“At last, I’ve waited 5 days to see you!.” Ye Zi Xiao dust off the grass on his body stretching up, strolled towards Xu Xu. His tall build overshadows Xu Xu in just a moment: “I want to have dinner with you.”


Xu Xu furrowed her eyebrows looking at him strangely:” I don’t want to, please move aside.” Then walked around Ye Zi Xiao to inspect the grass under her feet.


Ye Zi Xiao stood frozen on there a couple of seconds before snapping back to reality, while Xu Xu doesn’t seem to care about his presence. He always knew that his appearance attracts attention from women. He knew that there’s possibility on meeting the police officer that he has been interested in, so he especially took a care for his appearance today.


Ye Zi Xiao did thought about the chance that he would get reject but he couldn’t help but being surprised at Xu Xu’s reaction. No tract of shy, fright, tense, or indecisiveness.

She doesn’t have the reaction of a normal women when being chased after by a man like him.


Ye Zi Xiao quietly checked out Xu Xu. She was wearing a black jacket with a white t-shirt on the inside, which made her look especially fragile. Her build was already petite and fragile; standing next to him made her even more so.


But this little girl has the audacity to reject him.


Ye Zi Xiao decided to try another way: “What are you busying with? Investigate the case?”

Xu Xu did not even bother to raise her head to look at him while replying: “A police officer is trying to do an investigation, please go somewhere else.” Then she stood up to attentively looking over the surrounding.


To be honest, Xu Xu did have some impression of him. He was quite a mouthful. When she did the emergency aid, he was on the side saying something on that day.


That’s why, in her eyes, he was just a conceited man who just wanted to have a meal with her.

Of course, she won’t be bothered about it.


Ye Zi Xiao was silent for a moment then turned around and walked away. Xu Xu can hear his footsteps further and further away, at last the surroundings went silent.


After staying there for a while, Xu Xu decided to go to the next park. Before leaving, Xu Xu suddenly remembered Ye Zi Xiao, looking around felt relieved to find him nowhere in sight.


Surprisingly, Xu Xu heard footsteps behind her just when she reached the park gate. She stopped in her tracks and turned around just to find Ye Zi Xiao following not too far behind her.


“Can I help you with anything?” Xu Xu asked.


“I want to have a meal with you.”


“I decline”




Xu Xu didn’t look at him again and continued to walk away. But Ye Zi Xiao quickly catched up. Xu Xu turned around, he looked at her and smiled, with curious and a bit of taunting eyes.

Xu Xu has never met anyone who is this persistent and also she didn’t really understand him. She rejected him outright but with no result. She would never want to talk needlessly. She didn’t care about him thus quickly leaving the park to the underground train.


There were neither many nor few people at the train station. Xu Xu stood in a corner then quickly found Ye Zi Xiao standing in front of her in about a meter away. He leaned on the train’s pole and arm crossed staring at her. Xu Xu pretended like he didn’t exist and coldly looked outside the window.


However, the people around weren’t acting calm like Xu Xu.


Ye Zi Xiao was tall and big with long arms and long legs thus occupied a corner. Plus, his appearance was very extraordinary, an arrogant beauty that was really eyes catching. The surrounding people subconsciously kept him at a distance while some girls occasionally glanced over to take a look at him.


Proofread by Volunteer No.3 Ty

So what do you think of the plotline so far? Interesting, right? I fell in love with this novel from the start. It is just so intriguing.

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24 thoughts on “When a snail loves by Ding Mo : Part 11

  1. Thank you very very much!!! I’ve been waiting for this! Xu Xu seems so emotionless ^^ I wonder who the hero is, if she’s indeed the heroine!

  2. I will go down with this ship even though I have feeling it’s the wrong ship. Please correct me before it’s too late.

    • It has been tiring! I have been visiting your blog though 🙂 How do you like Sound of Desert so far?

      • Same here! He has great chemistry with Liu Shi Shi too. I’m really happy it’s finally here, been waiting for more than a year for it >.< . It has all the scenes that I especially like in the novel so I'm a happy girl.

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  4. Thanks!
    Ahaha, xu xu’s super cool—-! Hi, that guy doesn’t know that his cousin has been giving xu xu meals? Lol!

    • Nope, not really. She isn’t really on his side like he thought. She probably knows what a player he is and just getting to know Xu Xu because she really likes her. ( I missed comments in the past, it’s weird. I’m just going over them now. Super late but better than nothing, right?)

      • haha, lzte’s fine—! yeah, it’s good that ye zi xi’s hiding the fact from xu xu, lol! she wants her cousin to show sincerity his own way!

  5. I am loving this. We have so many of this type of male protagonist, supersmart but emotionally not so. Not as many heroines –bones comes to mind. A detective in a Japanese TV series–can’t remember her name also comes to mind. But Xu Xu seems somehow unique–especially her very small build contrasted with her personality and job. I really like this contrast.

    • Well, I don’t think Ji Bai is like that, though. He’s experienced in love and witty in that sense. Xu Xu is just super newbie in that category and she has a poker face too. She’s a tough cookie so I like her in that sense. People would think otherwise looking at her, though. It’s funny when people found out and so shocked by it.

  6. OMG…. Enjoying this novel. Thanks for translation… was wondering will you complete translating this novel.

  7. I’m really enjoying this!! Super thankful that it’s being translated!! The drama is different than the plot line which makes it even more intriguing!!!

    • I agree. I started reading the book after watching a few episodes and I’m totally hooked now. Thanks for translating tiffy.

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