When a snail loves by Ding Mo: Part 10

A short time later, the director called for Xu Xu.

The banner and the bouquet of flowers sent directly to the director before was transferred to her.

Ye Zi Xi was one of the Yip Group executives. She was a famous business woman in City Lin. She has great relations with various government people of this city. That’s why the director was very proud for the fact that he received a banner from her. He used many words to praised Xu Xu.

Xu Xu didn’t say anything while she listened, but the director also didn’t mind. He laughed and closed his eyes: “You did not mention your name, right? But when Ye Zi Xi called, I knew right away it was you.”

Xu Xu nodded.

“You have quite an unique physical appearance.” The director hesitated while saying it.

Lunch was reserved at a small restaurant not too far away from the police station. The whole team walked there. Yao Meng went arm in arm with Xu Xu. Xu Xu couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable; however, when she saw Yao Meng’s warm eyes, Xu Xu reminded herself that she had to get used to these kinds of things.

Yao Meng asked: “Why did the director call for you? To praise you?”

Xu Xu nodded.

Yao Meng glanced at Xu Xu and whispered quietly: “Why didn’t you ask the director to eat with us?”

Xu Xu was speechless. She did not think of that.

Lunch was completed in joy. Xu Xu didn’t know all the men in the team were so outgoing and funny. The room was full of laughter. There was also the beautiful Yao Meng who was considerate to get food for everyone, which lightened the joyful atmosphere.

They also chatted about Ji Bai. Officer N said that Ji Bai hasn’t returned home in the past 3 years. He wanted to rest all he can before returning to work. Zhao Han revealed that the director specifically told him not to bother Ji Bai while he was on break, and to let him rest in peace. Someone also reminded Xu Xu to do her best while following Ji Bai because this is a rare chance; not many have the opportunity to learn from Ji Bai.

Xu Xu nodded repeatedly. She never imagined that Ji Bai would have this much of a reputation.

When it was time to pay, Xu Xu was stopped when she took out her wallet. There were quite a few men who argued to pay. Zhao Han said loudly: “Don’t argue anymore, the director said he is taking care of this.”

Everybody stopped their actions. Zhao Han took out his wallet while explaining: “I texted the director saying that we gathered for lunch so the director told me that he is paying.”

Everyone made an “ah” reply and put back their wallet. Xu Xu wanted to say that she would pay but Yao Meng pinched her hand.

Xu Xu turned around to see the sparkling look in Yao Meng’s eyes. Xu Xu didn’t quite get what Meng Yao was trying to imply by it, but she didn’t ask.

During the weekend, the city L was burning hot while the spring’s wind was warm as if wanting to quickly warm up every part of the city.

But the team didn’t have the luxury to enjoy this beautiful weather. Three days after Ye Zi Xi’s case, there were 2 more similar cases. The higher ups assigned the four cases to the team.

Other than Ye Zi Xi, the others were only lightly injured surface wounds. One of the victims was cut by the blade resulting with a scratch. The injured victim did not report it. If the police didn’t call all the parks to find out more information, then they would have no idea about the situation. Also, the consequences of the cases were small, and there weren’t any commotion among the citizens.

However, the police deemed this to be important; the boss especially ordered for more manpower to be placed at all the parks.

After 2 days, there weren’t any progress with it. The criminal did not leave any trace of leads, so there was no progress with the investigation.

On Sunday evening, Xu Xu was sitting down thinking hard by herself in the meeting room. There were many pictures in front of her regarding the case.

Ji Bai was still on his vacation so the boss already told him he was not obligated to get involved with the case. Everyone was out to investigate; Yao Meng also went with her mentor. Xu Xu volunteered to try to picture out a possibility of the criminal’s image. That’s why she has been working independent these days.

Xu Xu turned the pen in her hand; her eyes were staring at the pictures and maps on the whiteboard. Her mouth was mumbling the name of various locations.

All the (various names) parks were all locate around Xu Xu’s place. They were parks that the city government had especially taken for the newly created Central Business District.

The criminal used a typical paper knife that could be bought at a cheap price. The knives were arranged in a 5-star shape multiple times.

The criminal covered the knives twice with the grass; the green paint on it was also common. The co-worker at the lab found that there was something else in the paint. Once it was mixed with water that came from the city’s lake; the strange substance was discovered to be vegetable soup. This soup was popular soup in the city that could be bought anywhere, so the police could not find any lead with it.

The time that the cases occurred wasn’t similar either. It was during the weekdays and weekends; in addition, it happened during the morning, evening, and night.

While thinking, Xu Xu heard a voice calling for her from behind: “Officer Xu Xu?”

It was Ye Zi Xi.

It was already evening time; the honey-colored sunlight brightened up the empty room.

Ye Zi Xi wore a flattering white dress while showcasing a warm smile.

To be honest, Xu Xu didn’t pay much attention to Ye Zi Xi’s appearance. She remembered Ye Zi Xi as a person who was tall and skinny with a calm demeanor. Even with all the blood, she remained calm while incorporating well with Xu Xu’s actions.

Meeting face to face at this time, Xu Xu got an idea about Ye Zi Xi’s appearance.

A fragile frame with a beautiful face, yet had an aura that made her look cold.

Xu Xu nodded and waited for Ye Zi Xi to continue.

Ye Zi Xi smiled while holding Xu Xu’s hand: “Xu Xu, I want to personally thank you for saving my life. Thank you!” Ye Zi Xi spoke very slowly resulting in an alluring tone.

Xu Xu also smiled. Because she doesn’t have much experience with skinship, Xu Xu quickly took her hand back. “It’s nothing, has your wound gotten better?”

Ye Zi Xi nodded and showed Xu Xu the wound on her wrist.

“Do you have any free time tonight? I want to treat you to a meal.” She said with a gentle tone.

Xu Xu replied quickly: “Thank you; however, I don’t have time, but I’ve received your gratitude.”

Ye Zi Xi saw all the pictures hanging on the wall and realized that Xu Xu truly doesn’t have free time. She placed her hand on Xu Xu’s shoulder: “After this busy period, let me have a chance to treat you to a meal.”


Hi, It has been a long time since the last update. And this part is pretty boring. It hasn’t reached the interesting part yet.

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  1. thanks for another post 🙂 this case is interesting, not sure why, but I feel like it has something to do with XuXu…. or its just my wishfull thinking 😉 anyway Im so looking forward for Ji Bai to come 🙂

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