When a snail loves by Ding Mo: Part 9

Even though Xu Xu really wanted to hurry to bed, but she didn’t forget to send an email to Ji Bai. After thinking for a few seconds, she decided to call him.

This was because she suddenly remembered something, that Ji Bai seemed to be mad that day.

He did control his mood well, and as a student, she should call him to improve the relationship. She still knew this much, even with her personality.

In the quiet, the ringing of the phone was  quite loud. Ji Bai picked up the phone after a few rings. He didn’t say anything, but Xu Xu could hear his breathing from the other line.

“Hello, Ji Bai.” Xu Xu started to report: ”I just sent the report to you through email, could you check if you have received it yet? There are 4 parts in the report, plus 17 documents that are related to…”

“Xu Xu!” Ji Bai stopped her.

Xu Xu stopped talking right away, and waited for Ji Bai to continue.

“You called me at 4 in the morning to report something unnecessary, you don’t want to stay in the investigation team any longer?”

This time, Xu Xu looked at the time on her computer: 4:07 AM

Xu Xu was silent for a while before speaking up:”Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the time. Also, you told me to send the report before 6 AM. It isn’t 6 AM yet.”

Not waiting for Ji Bai to speak, Xu Xu started reporting. There are all kinds of noises from the other end of the phone, the noise of the opening of the door, water running, and the noise of a metal spoon clinking against a cup.

Xu Xu realized that yesterday, somebody had made Ji Bai drink alcohol. It was 12 at night.

Xu Xu had woken Ji Bai up when he had just started to sleep?

“Why are you in a daze?”Ji Bai noticed that Xu Xu was in a daze.

Xu Xu continued to report.

The noises from the other end of the line stopped, there was only the sound of Ji bai’s long breaths, he must be smoking. Xu Xu covered herself with a blanket, holding the phone while sitting in front of the computer. The atmosphere was cold and calm; there was only her voice, occasionally there was the “uh” of Ji Bai’s calm and careless voice.

An image appeared in Xu Xu’s mind, Ji Bai was on his bed, covered with a blanket and listening to her. This image made Xu Xu feel strange. She couldn’t imagine a tall and serious man covered with a blanket on his bed.

In that image, the face of the man was blurry. To be honest, Xu Xu had already seen Ji Bai’s picture in a document of the team, she remembered that he looked quite okay, however, she didn’t pay much attention. But, she remembered many of the faces of criminals because she spent a lot of time analyzing them.

In reality, Xu Xu’s image fit exactly what Ji Bai’s current situation was like. The weather was still really cold, especially before the sunrise, it was cold to the bone. In addition, Ji Bai had just fallen asleep at 3 AM, having a stomach full of alcohol, his head was aching greatly.

Xu Xu was focused on reporting, but nothing remained in Ji Bai’s head, he didn’t think of checking her report.

Ji Bai had already looked over Xu Xu’s past reports, those reports were not only well-written, but surpassed his expectations. For this smart and self-disciplined subordinate, he would not waste time going over her report.

But Xu Xu didn’t need to know this because she needed this kind of training.

It was dark outside. Ji Bai lit a cigarette, sleepily, as he listened to Xu Xu’s report. Occasionally, he said something, to voice his existence. Everything was quiet, Ji Bai suddenly realized that Xu Xu’s voice was unlike any others. Xu Xu had a soft voice and she used a low tone that was really pleasant to the ears. This made Ji Bai even sleepier… the cigarette had burned to his fingers! Ji Bai woke up, and said with a careless tone: “This part, you analyzed very carefully.”

Today, Xu Xu came to work with “panda eyes”.

Xu Xu’s skin was pale with a small face, so the dark circles were really prominent. Walking into the room, she felt that someone was staring at her intensely. Xu Xu sat down on her chair leisurely to start working. She suddenly noticed a banner and a bouquet of roses on her desk.  

On the banner: Did a good deed brightening women’s reputation.

Under it was written: Ye Zi Xi

So the name of the woman she saved yesterday was Ye Zi Xi. Xu Xu felt that this name was quite familiar, it seemed that she had heard this name on the news.

That was why Ye Zi Xi was able to find her in such a short amount of time, and had even sent her a present.

Suddenly, there was the sound of enthusiastic applause.

Xu Xu looked up to find that everyone had stood up and smiled to her while applauding.

“Salute” a man of 40 years old spoke up. Everyone raised their right hand in front of their forehead to show their respect to Xu Xu.

Xu Xu immediately did the same. In front of many people facing her with a smile, this made Xu Xu turns red.

“Xu Xu, you did really well~” Officer Wu praised.

“Don’t judge Xu Xu by her small appearance, she has the way of a great leader,” one person spoke up.

“Xu Xu, the person you saved is Ye Zi Xi.” Zhao Han said with a smile: “ She’s often interviewed in the magazines.”

Xu Xu tried to avoid the look from everyone, saying honestly: “I just helped her stop the bleeding on her wrist. Everyone would have done a better job than me. I was just there at the right time.”

Everyone smiled and said,

Looking at the gentle look on everyone’s face , Xu Xu realized one thing. Compared to everyone else’s work, what she did was nothing.

Everyone just wanted her to be able to get familiar with everyone.

Xu Xu was very touched by this. Xu Xu turned red and calmly sat down.

This time, Yao Meng spoke up: “I propose that we eat together at noon to celebrate for Xu Xu.” At the same time, she winked at Xu Xu.

Xu Xu understood what Yao Meng meant by that. Yao Meng wanted her to take this opportunity to have a closer relationship with everyone. So Xu Xu nodded: “ Yes, I’m inviting everyone to lunch.”

Everyone smiled and said, how could they let a little girl treat them, but lunch together was still on.


Poor Xu Xu, Ji Bai is harsh man! But I guess he is actually helping her by being harsh? But I can see he started to get interested in her.

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  2. Thanks a million for translating thus novel, I really do appreciate it. Also if you need someone to help you in editing, I am more than willing to do so. I am not trying to be offensive nor rude. I am just trying to contribute and help because I am really grateful to all chinese translators that voluntarily take time off their hands to translate this thrilling novels for us.

  3. Just starting to read. Thank God I stumble to this site. Thanks a lot. New addiction, next to peach blossom. Still cant get over it.

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