When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo: Part 8

Xu Xu was very surprised, yet she also felt very frustrated. She thought Ji Bai would understand after she explained the situation, add to the fact that he had also taken part in it. She was only late because of the case. Plus, it seemed like he had also praised her while talking to the police officer and telling him that she was his disciple. She couldn’t believe he changed his attitude after the job is done. She couldn’t seem to understand this “teacher”.

Ji Bai could sense her mood through Xu Xu’s silence and her conflicted expression, he asked: “Feel wronged?”

Xu Xu stayed silent.

Ji Bai continued to challenge Xu Xu with a voice that was neither slow nor fast: “Didn’t you want to know how I could come to the conclusion of the locations of the weapons? Very simple, intuition. Every experienced officer can do this through years of work. However, is this case related to the assignment I have given you? You were at the scene for a long time but you weren’t helpful, it can even be said that you were useless and it was a waste of my time. Xu Xu, if I don’t receive the report by 6 AM, you should think about the consequences!”

When faced with a difficult situation, Xu Xu wasn’t like most people.

Most young people usually want to achieve what they want to prove their worth with all their might, that was why they could understand what was important and what was not. With experience, they could become the kind of person who wouldn’t be affected by the momentary loss or gain.

Xu Xu was born without that kind of ambition “I have to become this no matter what it takes”, she only cares “how is this going to turn out.” She majored in analyzing criminals because that was her interest and ability. She didn’t care about others, even herself. This point helps Xu Xu to be more clear-headed than others, but it also makes her a bit heartless.

That was why, after what happened with Ji Bai, Xu Xu was frustrated. However, she once again turned calm after reaching the park’s gates.

It was around midnight, the road was quiet and the streetlights were dim. Xu Xu looked at her shadow and while thinking about it, she came to the conclusion that Ji Bai wasn’t wrong. She only helped the victim while she didn’t help in solving the case. She decided to go home and finish the unfinished report.

Other than that, Xu Xu was also very excited about what Ji Bai mentioned about “intuition” and “experience” of an experienced officer, that was what she lacked. Thinking to this point, Xu Xu felt much better about the situation.

The long night passed.

She finally finished the report; Xu Xu stared at the screen full of words. She suddenly felt worn out.

She just realized that her wrist had gone limp, and her body felt like it was falling apart.

She had done so much today, like tending to a wounded victim, running around the park, and staying up all night doing the report.


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11 thoughts on “When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo: Part 8

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  2. What an interesting crime.
    I wonder if the criminal bought the blades separately over time or bought them in a batch (wholesale?) or maybe even online…

  3. I love this first glimpse into the mentoring process…hope there’s a lot more. thanks once again to the fantastic translation team!

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