When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo: Part 7

The person who just spoke up was Ye Zi Xiao. He also got into the ambulance to sit next to the woman. The two of them looked at Xu Xu.

Xu Xu coldly said: “I’m not going.”After that, she smiled faintly and waved her hand to encourage them.

When she got Ji Bai’s call, Xu Xu was holding a flashlight, carefully observing the grass.

At this moment, it was already late, the wind was blowing the trees that looked like ghosts. Ji Bai’s voice rang out through the night, wearing the feeling of coldness and laziness: “What time is it?”

Xu Xu froze up.

The police had closed the park for investigation after the ambulance left. The police then started to investigate with the park’s manager to see if there were any blades left. Xu Xu told the police her identity; she was also a witness, so she could remain at the site.

In that excited state, she forgot about the time, and had also forgotten about her assignment.

She reported the situation, and Ji Bai calmly said: “Give your phone to the one in charge.”

The police office who was in charge was a man in his 30s. After receiving the phone, he smilingly said: “Ji Bai, Hello, Hello! The situation is…”

After reporting for a while, the police officer gave the phone back to Ji Bai. Ji Bai asked: “Does your phone have the ability to video call?”

Xu Xu was caught off guard: “Yes.” IT was her favorite brand for cellphone, laptop, and MP4. They’re equipped with the latest technology.

“Turn it on!”

Even though the lights at the park were all turned on, the park was still quite dark. Hearing that Ji bai wanted to observe the site, everyone gathered around the site since they were curious.

Xu Xu turned on the video call. She was puzzled: What did Ji Bai want to do?

Xu Xu held up the phone while walking around the park. Ji Bai hadn’t spoken, she could hear another man’s voice from his end: “ Ji Bai, come here and drink!”

“Wait a moment,” Ji Bai laughingly replied.

Xu Xu frowned a bit. Right at this time, Ji Bai suddenly spoke up: “The trees on the right of the mountain, and at the place where there are palm trees behind you.”

After a couple of minutes, everyone clapped in praise because they found blades hidden there.

After that, Ji Bai said to let the police officers do the rest.

The expression of the police officer changed, he wanted to speak with Ji Bai: “ Ji Bai, thank you.. when it happened, there were only a few people at the park so there wasn’t much of a panic. Xu Xu of your team did a great job. As expected of your student.. a great teacher makes a great student..”

All the people around turned to look at Xu Xu with surprised and respectful eyes.

Xu Xu’s face turned red.

After a while, the man gave Xu Xu back her phone, saying in a nice tone: “ Xu Xu, your teacher wants to talk to you.”

After seeing Ji Bai’s ability, she couldn’t help but feel emotional. She couldn’t help but ask Ji Bai: “How did you know that?”

Before that, the police officers had analyzed the places where the blades could be hidden, and Xu Xu had also thought about it. They started to locate the blades, but since the park was quite large, it wasn’t easy to find them in a short amount of time. While it was already quite late, Ji Bai just swiftly observed the site, and he was already able to locate the blades.

Who would have thought that Ji Bai would question back: “ You haven’t answered my question back then, what time is it now?”

“12:30 AM.”

“ What time did you tell me that you would finish the assignment?”

“11:00 PM.”

Ji Bai laughed faintly. The sound reached Xu Xu, having a kind of ridiculing tone.


Edited by N.1 

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  2. Thanks a lot!
    Ahaha, he’s talking about the time, lol! Cool, he helped—-! Yeah, competent guys are cool!

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