When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo: Part 4

Xu Jun lit up as he saw the bright light in his sister’s eyes. While his sister was being excited, Xu Jun changed the subject to something he was interested in: “Next year, you will graduate from college and would have a stable job. Is there any single man at your workplace? When are you going to find a boyfriend?”

Xu Xu looked at her brother with a strange expression: “Why is this concerning you?”

Xu Jun felt dishearten, he knew she wasn’t trying to start a fight with him but actually felt that this issue didn’t concern him.

Xu Jun felt helpless as he messed Xu Xu’s short hair. Xu Xu couldn’t do anything so she just let him. The moment he stopped, she turned to look at him.

Her hair was as messy as a bird’s nest, but she still looked calm while there was a trait of a faint smile in her eyes.

Xu Jun also turned soft as he caught her expression: “You are 24 years old this year. You aren’t old yet, however, you never had anyone. Plus, you also don’t have much interest in the opposite sex… Who wouldn’t be worried?”

Xu Xu turned silent. She suddenly straightened herself and said in a serious tone: “I’m sorry. It isn’t that I don’t any interest. I will try harder in the future.”

When Xu Jun was 5 years old and Xu Xu was 2 years old, their mother passed away.

Their mother was a business lady. She left behind an office and let their uncle take care of it. After Xu Jun graduated from college, he inherited the place and made the company become well known in the business. Their father was a professor who took care of them after his wife passed away and is still alone till now.

The calm and collective personality that Xu Jun inherited was from both his father and mother. After only a couple of years, he already stood firmly in the city L. He always changed his girlfriend more than he changed his clothes. Where did he get his player personality?

Xu Xu’s personality was like her strong-willed mother. She excelled in everything; a person with a high IQ, but with an especially low EQ.

Xu Jun didn’t think so. He felt that his sister just didn’t care about it.

“I don’t want my boyfriend to be an officer like me,” Xu Xu said.


“Not compatible. I have a dangerous job during working hours and also not stable. That’s why the other has to have a job that is stable, so we could create a good family together by complementing each other.”

Xu Jun also didn’t want his sister to be with an officer. In fact, he doesn’t trust his sister to find her own boyfriend even though she was specialized in reading people.

“How about I will introduce people to you?” Xu Jun said.

Xu Xu turned silent for a moment. She didn’t think this was a bad idea: “That’s fine. I want to find someone in the STEM(Science, technology, engineer, mathematical) field. Research, chemical, construction, etc are alright.”

Xu Jun happily asked: “Why?”

Xu Xu replied: “Men in that area has low levels of difficulty”.

Xu Jun laughed loudly.

To be honest, Xu Jun was kind of wrong to think that Xu Xu didn’t care about the topic of love. She did fall for someone, however, the relationship ended before it started.

Xu Xu started being a student assistant in her third year. She often had the chance to take part in many cases while sometimes also helping her professor grade lower grade students’ paper.

A male student caught her eyes with his handwriting.

The professor had the habit of wanting the students’ papers to be handwritten while rejecting typed papers. Among all students, that male student had the most special handwriting. A handwriting that was bright like the moon at night, deep and concise.

After that, she met him. He wore a white shirt with black pants, black-rimmed glasses, tall frame with a bright face. He shyly called her upperclassman.

Xu Xu never thought about liking a younger guy. But when she met him, she finally understood the meaning of act fast if you want to get a good guy because if slow, you will lose the opportunity. So Xu Xu bought a bunch of books about love from different time periods, in the country to abroad, and including books about the human mind. She also stayed up all night to map out her plan to pursue him.

At the end, she tasted the first defeat in her life.

That male student clearly understood his charm, a veteran in love. Xu Xu didn’t make much effort to find out information that he changed girlfriend 3 times in one semester. His girlfriends were all beautiful girls with long hair and legs from the art college next to theirs. In addition,  they were of ages, from older to younger.

“The warriors haven’t started to fight a war, but already lost because of illness”. The only thing she could do was to throw away the books she bought. When she randomly met the male student, she just nodded coldly.

Perhaps there was someone who liked her. He was 2 years older, a research student. He was an honest man with excellent study results but was, even more, introverted than her. A day before graduation, he suddenly placed his hands on her shoulder from behind and said quietly: “To me, you are very special.”

During that time, Xu Xu was busy with her important data with US people. His trembling voice reached her ears but didn’t reach her brain.

After a while, his work got moved to B city. And Xu Xu’s job also finished. One day, she looked at all the books that upperclassman gave to her. She then realized he confessed to her that day.

Remembering the past, Xu Xu understood. She was not good at male-female relationships, but she also understood that she needed to work harder on it.


Edited by a volunteer proofreader (No.2), all of my proofreaders want to be anonymous so I’ll be referring them as proofreaders no.1-no.4  XD

Note: It’s parts I’m not actually following the chapters. 

I had some free time since I have a break between my school quarter so here it is.


13 thoughts on “When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo: Part 4

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    • You’re welcome, I actually don’t have a set time. I will do it more frequently since I am on break.

  2. I’m liking the story so far. Xu Xu seems a bit introverted

    Thanks for the part tiffy. I look forward to more updates from you since you’re on break 😉

    • Yes! I’m actually translating the next part right now. Yes, she is really introverted to be honest but not in the shy typical way. Thanks for your encouragement and input so far. Much appreciated ^_^

      • That’s great! Which means I get another dose of this novel soon.

        I understand how time consuming translating is because I do so myself. It takes dedication and patients. Good luck!

      • Yes, within today. This is my first time so it’s quite hard for me but I really love the novel so I want more people to enjoy it as well. Thanks ^^

  3. Thanks!
    Eh—-so she has that kind of romantic(?) past, huh? Well, it’s good she can tell that younger guy is no good. Is it jut me who thinks that older guy might just appear in the future?? I know i might be reading too much into this. The brother-sister interactionis lovely!

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