When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo: Part 3

Not only his mom but all of his friends who grew up with Ji Bai believed he joined the police academy because he didn’t want to work in the business with his father but rather followed his grandfather’s footstep. He has achieved a lot in his job and quickly rose in ranks after 7 years, but his work was still dangerous.

Ji Bai put out his cigarette and laughed: “My mother knows everybody in the police force. If I didn’t lie to her before, then I would have been rejected without even knowing. It isn’t your business anyway.”

Shu Hang thought to himself:”I know, I’m only saying this much.” He quickly changed the subject: “I see you are still single?”

Ji Bai nodded.

Shu Hang laughed: “I heard that you worked day and night. Working through the nights often is going to give you liver problems. When you need to use it, you realize that you can’t anymore.”

Ji Bai glanced over at Shu Hang. “Even a thin camel is still bigger than a horse.”

Shu Hang can’t cry or laugh at the comeback from Ji Bai.

The two were in silence for a moment. Ji Bai suddenly remembered something and turned to tell Shu Hang: “To be honest, I did go to a blind date once.”

Shu Hang startled: “You went to a blind date?”

Ji Bai nodded:  “The granddaughter of the director’s wife. We did date for a couple of weeks before we went our ways.”


Ji Bai lit up another cigarette and said lazily: “She was quite pretty, the number 1 beauty of Town HX. But I was really busy at that time and was only able to meet a couple of times. In the end, she dumped me for the son of a rich family.

Shu Hang showed an expression that he can’t believe this. He stared at Ji Bai ‘s charming face: “Still you are the “flower” of our university, how could she kick you like that?”

Ji Bai laughed: “To be honest, she did came to find me once. She told me that it’s really difficult for her to come to the decision. If I can buy her a house in the city L within 3 years, then she would leave that rich guy to be with me.”

Shu Hang turned serious: “Your price is only worth a house? Her expectation is way too low, what did you say?”

“I replied that my monthly salary is only 6000 dollars, however, the price of a 1 meter square of a house in Lin city is 10000.”

Shu Hang laughed loudly:  “I can’t believe there is someone who is that stupid? The clothes on you are, at least, a couple of ten thousand. She can’t see it?”

Ji Bai blinked his eyes and smiled: “She asked me if my clothes are fake which could be bought at TT at BK city?” I said: “Yeah, so you also know about TT street.”

Shu Hang laughed crazily and slapped Ji Bai ‘s back: “This girl is pretty good, so straightforward.”

Ji Bai nodded: “Really straightforward, feelings can be measured by a price, to buy and sell reasonably.”

At this time, the VIP’s door opened and a bunch of people walked out. There was someone laughing and pointed to another person: “Let’s go to his house to drink his father’s precious wine.”

Shu Hang asked Ji Bai: “You’re coming?”

“Of course, why not?”


At the same time at city L, the lights are bright.

The ring goes off to tell that work time is over. Yao Meng did not intend to leave. She still wanted to look over the documents and also suggested that she’ll help out to order to-go for everybody who was working overtime. Some people came up and surrounded her.

Xu Xu took out her purse wanting to say goodbye to everyone; however, after standing for some time, nobody noticed her. She wasn’t used to talking loudly so in the end, she just quietly left. Xu Jun‘s car was already by the sidewalk. This was the high point of the day so the light of the sunset and the light of the streetlight shone through the door of the car onto his charming face. To complete the picture, with his black suit, Xu Jun wore the appearance of a rich man in this city.

Xu Xu opened the door to get in the car. After a while on the road, Xu Jun quietly watched over his sister. He saw that her hands were on her knees obediently with a dark expression on her face while her feet were tapping on the carpet which had just been changed slightly.

Xu Jun felt a bit funny. He knew all his sister’s habits. Whenever she was unhappy, she liked to kick things; whenever she was focusing, she often used her fingers to tap on her knees just like a man would.

“Everything is good at work?” Xu Jun smiled while asking.

“Not bad.”

This meant very well. Xu Jun smiled closing his eyes, then used one hand to take out his tie to throw it on the back seat. He opened the window letting the evening wind blow in. They weren’t the type of people who talked a lot, so they’re both quietly looking at the scenery outside.

At this time, Xu Xu’s phone rings. Her expression changed as she see the name which appeared as the caller.

Xu Jun asked:  “Who is it from?”

“Ji Bai, vice-captain of the criminal investigation team.” Today, Xu Xu went over all the information of everyone in the team so she remembered everyone’s phone number. It seemed that he had decided to lead her. She felt quite happy all of a sudden.

She felt pressure to face him so she calmed herself down before taking the call: “Hello!”

“Hello, this is Ji Bai.” A deep voice comes from the man on the other end.

“Hello, sir.”

“I will come back after a week. Before that time, you have to look over all the unsolved cases in the past years and analyze them.”

“ Yes, sir.”

“Next month, we will team up with the police team. You have to gather all the documents that are related to it.”

“Yes, sir.”

Xu Xu replied without hesitation to Ji Bai’s order for her to work on several complex works.   At last, he stopped, however, Xu Xu remained silent and waited for him to continue.

And at the other end, there were noises of people talking along with loud music playing. Ji Bai spoke something to someone next to him. After a couple of seconds, he only faintly said: ”Xu Xu, do you have any questions to ask me?”

His voice still carried laughter. Xu Xu thought for a moment.

“Nothing at this time.”

“Alright, goodbye.”


Hanging up the phone, Xu Xu lay out in her head what Ji Bai had given to her. She looked up and was surprised to find Xu Jun staring at her.

“It’s your higher up, why aren’t you trying to gain favor?”

As Xu Xu’s mood is quite good, she patiently explained: ”Do you know why I want to do my training with him?”

“You already said that he has the highest rate.”

“Since he has such a high rate, he wouldn’t easily let anything to influence him of his judgment about a person. In other words, I don’t need to try to gain his favor, look at his mood, and think of anything when working with him. I can put everything into my work. I can live comfortably and freely.”

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17 thoughts on “When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo: Part 3

  1. I’m so glad you’re continuing the translation tiffy!
    I hope by posting your blog link on my blog and bookshusheng helped boost up your blog traffic, keep up the good work, thanks for the chapter 🙂

    • I realised you double posted again here:

      “‘s car is already by the side walk. This is high point of the day so the light of the sunset and the light of the street light through the door of the car shine his charming face. To complete it is his black suit, Hua Tuyen wear the appearance of rich man in this city.

      Xu Huan ‘s car is already by the side walk. This is high point of the day so the light of the sunset and the light of the street light through the door of the car shine his charming face. To complete it is his black suit, Hua Tuyen wear the appearance of rich man in this city.”

  2. I really like this book so far and I’m so glad you found the time translating it. I can’t wait when Ji Bai will meet Xu Xu and what will be his impression of her. I find Xu Xu the most interesting character as she looks introverted or she is just a women of few words. Not quite the type to be immediately liked like the other new employee

    • me too. I also like this book. Cant wait for next translations. The protagonists of this book are really interesting and i am very curious about their first meeting.

  3. Thank you very much!
    Yay, she has a good brother! I’m always a sucker for family relationships! -laughs lowly- hm, she’s analysed her boss too, i see, ahaha!

  4. Tiffy…now I start to follow your translation….thank you so much for this novel…I really apreciate it

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  6. Started to read because of the drama or is it a movie? Soompi friend supplied the link. Thank you and I can tell this is a good story!

  7. I love how we get introduced to the two leads separately, Ji Bai is the one of the best cop characters ever. So Xu Xu has a brother, the world is quietly being built for these character, thank again for the translations.

  8. Aww..I loved their talk over the phone..I have the feeling that I will like the novel a lot more than the drama. Thank you so much.

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