When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo :Part 2

After hung up the phone, Ji Bai didn’t go back to the VIP room but continued to stay outside to look at Xu Xu and Yao Meng‘s resume while letting the cigarette between his two fingers to burn out.

After a while, a person came out from the VIP room and sat down next to Ji Bai. This person was called Shu Hang, who is a really close friend of Ji Bai. Shu Hang laughed: ”We aren’t done speaking, why have you escaped out here to smoke alone? I’m starting a new company this year, do you want to invest? I’ll give half of the company’s shares.”

Ji Bai closed his phone, curled down his mouth and laughed: ”Did my mom tell you to do this?”

Shu Hang didn’t answer as if admitting it. He half joked and half seriously asked: ”Are you going to stay there forever?”

(* there as in the team where he works; investigation team? Like NICS, team like criminal shows)

Ji Bai twitched his eyes and blew out his cigarette smoke.

Shu Hang thought: Don’t even try to say all those disgusting reasons. Who would have thought that Ji Bai replied: “You aren’t a fish, how would you know the happiness of being a fish?”

(*He is saying that since Shu Hang isn’t doing what he does, he wouldn’t know that the things he does give him what. It is a Chinese proverb, but I don’t know the original.)

Shu Hang laughed:”Oh please. A place where there are a lot of guys and a few girls, you come in contact with criminals all day. What’s so interesting in that?”

“I’m still better than you guys doing nothing all day, but partying and playing around,” Ji Bai smiled faintly.

Shu Hang was dazed. After a long silence, he wasn’t angry and nodded.

“That’s why we’re not interesting at all.” His impression became serious: “If nothing is difficult, it’s too boring. If someone were to hear that you are (the or a) grandson of this family, they will solve your problems for you. I only have to stamp the seal thus someone will say that you’re a genius in business. Even if you want to rely on yourself, people would say otherwise behind your back like how you are only coming this far because your last name is Shu.”

Ji Bai smiled lightly while patting Shu Hang’s back. Shu Hang knew he was being ridiculous, thought of it as nonsense from someone who was drunk.

The two of them smoked for a bit. Shu Hang started to talk: “You aren’t being honest at all. First, you lied to your mom that you joined the police force because of political reasons.”


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21 thoughts on “When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo :Part 2

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  2. First thank for the translation.
    Can I trouble you to tell me who is Jia Bai or Ji Bai? Because in chapter 1 Ji Bai is the one in the office and Jia Bai in the VIP room. Isn’t it Zhao Han who is calling Jia/Ji bai?
    In fact I believe you made some mistake when translating the name… It was quite confusing…
    Hope you make some update soon…

    • Yes that’s right. There is however another character who came up to talk to him though from the VIP room who is not Zhao Han. I know it is pretty confusing but it isn’t the same guy. He done with his call with Zhao Han then one of his friend who from the VIP room came out. The talk he is talking about isn’t the one Ji Bai is talking to Zhao Han. Hope that clears it up.

  3. I noticed serious problem from your post (double) I do not want to be a bad guy, but you need to rewiew your post before posting it…
    Anyway, I enjoyed the first chapter, hope I can enjoy the second soon.

    • I actually did look over a lot. It’s hard to catch the errors since I keep looking at it. I’m sure you know what that means. Anyway please clarify where? I will try to fix it. As of now, I’m not sure.

  4. hello! just would like to say that i’m following your translation of this book. thank you for starting this translation project. i’m already hooked to the story as i like an intelligent female lead. i look forward to the next chapters. keep up the good work!

  5. Hi I don’t know if it’s just me but I find it hard to read from the color of the font. But thank you for the translation!

  6. Yes HegeL said your post is double posted from mid way through, check and correct this. I also agree with 100kissess that the font color is a bit blinding and hard to read, but other than that keep up the great work tiffy!

    • I’m starting to read all the comments and will fix that. I will change it it. I really like purple so I tend to make everything purple hihi

  7. Thanks—-!
    So, we’re introduced a bit more to the main(?) lead…so he’s from a powerful family, hm? I sense implications from this…!

  8. Thank you for the chapter! I just started the novel (thanks to your translations) and seeing the NCIS comment…lol I’m sure Gibbs would appreciate it (while remaining expressionless).

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  11. thank you for taking the time to translate this novel…..It’s wonderful when translators like you take the time and effort to make these novels available for a larger audience….I’m really enjoying the translation.

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