When A Snail Loves By Ding Mo : Part 1

The Lin city resided by the XX river. Whenever spring comes, the whole city was enveloped by the mist that makes the city feel damp and refreshing.

On a typical cloudy day, the police station was unusually restless because of the two new young trainee policewomen.

This wasn’t really a big deal. However, the two new trainees who just sat down in the office were attracting a lot of attention from fellow policers.

Because they looked very special.

The young police officer, Zhao Han, was the one who contacted them for the training. At this moment, even he is dazed while looking at them just like other colleagues.

One woman is beautiful while the other is…. a little bit weird.

The women sitting in the left is Yao Meng, a criminal psychology university graduate. She has long hair and big eyes. Even while wearing jeans with a plain white shirt, she looked like a teen model on the cover of a magazine. Her resume is quite impressive. She got the class scholarship, excellent student award, and news anchor of the university, top 10 in the debate contest…

According to Zhao Han’s prediction, Yao Meng will no doubt become one of the top policers in the city.

The other woman is Xu Xu.

In her resume, her achievements were excellent. She always came in 1st place in the university.

But he doubted how she got into the police academy. She doesn’t even look to be five feet three. She is skinny and petite. She looks underaged even with a serious posture sitting in that chair. Her skin is very pale and average-looking. At a glance, she looks like a character in a vampire movie. She wore a business like long black jacket, long to her ankle that doesn’t fit with her baby appearance, thus making her look strange and ridiculous.

And her name is Xu Xu? (* the sound of peeing?)

(*I think her name is funny/weird because it sounds like another word that describe the sound of peeing *shhh. I think you can understand if you’re Asian. Asian parents usually make that sound so their kid would pee before bed so they don’t pee in their bed while sleeping. I don’t know if you would get the example. Anyway, I’ve tried. Hihi )

He wanted to laugh but as a nice and gentlemanly guy, he still kept his normal expression and decided to stop analyzing Xu Xu. Suddenly, Xu Xu looked up at him while he was about to speak. Her eye’s expression made him dazed a little. Yao Meng has been the only one who talked to him while Xu Xu quietly listened. She didn’t even look straight at him once. He now realized that her pupils are especially black, an indescribable black. Her eyes are calm. He felt like she can see right through him and knows what his judgments are about her.

Then Xu Xu once again kept her head low returned to the previous manner.

Zhao Han coughed and spoke up: “The higher up is on leave for a few days. He will determine your trainer after he came back”

Yao Meng’s eyes lit up:“Isn’t he the Ji Bai with the highest solving rate in this area?”

Zhao Han smiled and nodded.

“Is he going to be our trainer?”Xu Xu suddenly spoke up, her voice is weak and soft.

Zhao Han said: “We have to wait for Ji Bai to come back to make the decision.”

Ji Bai is well known among the young policewomen. Everyone says he has a gentle appearance, once you get to know him. He looked really handsome, but actually treated both criminals and women who had feelings for him very coldly.

Even though the top told him to let Ji Bai and another experienced officer train these outstanding new officers, Zhao Han knows Ji Bai won’t have the patience to teach a new officer. On top of that, a weak officer?
“I’m your advisor while you’re in training here. If you have any problems, you can contact me. This is all the documents of information you’ll need while in training. You can take a look at it.”

The two received the documents and looked at it attentively. After waiting for a while without hearing anything from the two, Zhao Han asked, “Let me ask you guys a question: do you feel that the major you studied in university is going to be useful to you while solving cases or not?”

Yao Meng spoke up right away: “I think it’s very useful, but we’ve only studied theories without experience in real life. We will probably trouble you a lot in the future, so I hope it’s not a bother.”

Zhao Han smiled: “You don’t have to be so polite, let’s learn from each other.”

He glanced over at Xu Xu, she nodded slightly: “I agree.” She stopped at that as if not wanting to talk more than necessary.

Zhao Han thought to himself, She really doesn’t know how to communicate with others, this will probably become a problem in the future.(should we make thoughts in italics?)

Next to Xu Xu, Yao Meng still smiled sweetly as if she was already used to Xu Xu’s cold personality, but her expression to him was apologetic and helpless.

Zhao Han didn’t mind and still smiles while talking: “Okay, you two try to analyze me and see who is better?”

Normal people usually thought analyzing people was as hard as guessing the lotto numbers, even he was no exception.

Yao Meng blinked: “Is this a test?”

“Let’s make it your first test while on training.”

Everybody in the team was busy with a meeting or was out; they were the only ones in this room. The evening sun shone through the windows(unless there is only one window), making the room bright and open.

The two looked at him from top to bottom, making him a bit nervous.

Zhao Han thought that Xu Xu will speak up when her gaze stopped at his face; however, she remained silent. Her fingers were placed on top of her knee and were tapping gently. She looked petite and weak, but her actions were like a man. Her fingers were pale and thin to the point of possibly breaking at any moment making him uncomfortable.

After a moment, Yao Meng looked back at Zhao Han’s face looking excited and eager to say her analysis.

“Who is going first?” Zhao Han asked.

At this point, Xu Xu looked faintly at Yao Meng. However, it seemed like Yao Meng didn’t notice and was only looking at Zhao Han and said: “I will.”

Zhao Han noticed this and felt a bit strange. This was their first time meeting. Of course, the information they know of him were limited so the person going first was going have an advantage. They are from the same major, but it doesn’t seem like they are close. But why did Xu Xu let Yao Meng go first?

Yao Meng slowly spoke: “First off, you look like an easygoing person, but you aren’t. Your desk is messy, however, all your documents are actually arranged in chronological order and to the types of cases. Plus, all the documents you gave us are neatly arranged. You also added information that was going to useful to us by yourself, like the dorm, restaurants, even shopping malls…”

Zhao Han smiled brightly as Yao Meng spoke.

This encouraged Yao Meng to speak faster: “Third, you have a girlfriend because you are wearing a really pretty necklace. While talking to us, you also unconsciously touched it several times while wearing a soft expression.”

“Fourth, you really like to learn. Even though you asked us to analyze you due to a moment of interest; you listened very attentively while moving your pupils telling me you are thinking about it. Lastly…”

Yao Meng picked up the picture frame on the table and smiled brightly: “You are very proud of your job and respect it. All your pictures with your colleagues are placed in an important place on the table.”

Zhao Han laughed:”I’m not as good as what you said, but you analyzed really well.”

Yao Meng’s smile became sweeter. She drinks a bit of tea and glanced over at Xu Xu.

Xu Xu was still in a relaxed manner without a change in expression, but her fingers that were tapping were straightened out.

Zhao Han was really curious. Yao Meng already analyzed everything precisely. Is there anything for Xu Xu to say? Is she going to say: “I agree with her.” Does this girl not want to stand out or just doesn’t know anything?

Just like what Zhao Han predicted, Xu Xu said: “I agree with her.”

Zhao Han didn’t know what to say.

Surprisingly, Xu Xu continued to speak: “I’d like to add a few points.”

Xu Xu’s cold eyes looked up at him attentively. But it looked like she was not used to looking at someone straight in the eyes, so she closed her eyes right away. After that, she spoke up in a calm tone that sounded quite soothing: “You do have a girlfriend, but the relationship isn’t more than 3 months. Today is her birthday Her present is in the top drawer on the right. Your right arm was injured recently. You have an older sister, her appearance is quite good….”

At this point, Zhao Han was stunned and thought to himself: “Did she investigate him?”

At this moment, Xu Xu’s fingers slid across the picture frame on the far left and stopped at the lighter next to it. She looked down at it for a bit and the corner of her mouth curled up a little bit like she wanted to smile: “The most important thing on your desk is not the picture frame, but the limited edition Zippo lighter. You and Ji Bai are quite close and you really respect him. This zippo was his present to you on your birthday or your promotion. Afterward, you also gave him a pair of sports shoes that was also quite expensive.”

Speaking to this point, Xu Xu glanced up to look at Zhao Han: “Zhao officer, psychological analysts think of possibilities. These conclusions have the highest percentage of being accurate.” She remained calm, but her expression showed eagerness waiting for his answer. This showed that she was still a student.

Zhao Han’s eyes were wide open: “How did you know these things?”

Yao Meng was sitting next to Xu Xu holding the teacup while quietly listening. At this point, she placed the teacup down gently and spoke with a smile: “Officer Zhao, Xu Xu is really outstanding.”

Listening to this, Xu Xu showed a faint smile. Her eyes that were serious now shone brightly and her pale cheeks turned a little red.

Zhao Han looked at her first smile today, and his mind quickly came to a conclusion to why she let Yao Meng go first. It’s because she knew if she went first, then Yao Meng wouldn’t have anything else to say.

After that, Zhao Han sat in the office in silence. Yao Meng’s conclusions were based on evidence, but Xu Xu’s conclusions are entirely different. She was right about it, except for one thing: he didn’t have a sister but a cousin. His cousin was definitely really pretty, but they have a close relationship like blood-related siblings. When Xu Xu explained her analysis process, Zhao Han had this indescribable feeling because it was quite simple.

After calming down, Zhao Han called Ji Bai: “Boss.”

Ji Bai was from Beijing. He was visiting his family while on break. Maybe he is out right now because over there, it was a bit noisy. After a couple of seconds, Ji Bai spoke up: “Speak!”

“The team just got two new trainees. I met them today and they are really outstanding. I’ve sent you their resumes. Boss, you have to train one of them.”

The laughter in Ji Bai’s voice is even louder now, but his answer made Zhao Han disappointed: “Am I really that free? Not interested.”

Zhao Han called him while he was gathering with his friends.

The evening light shone through from the window, and the city of Beijing shone brightly with different types of lights. All the people in the room were well dressed; smiling while talking made the scene look like a really expensive picture…Ji Bai gave his card to someone next to him. With a cigarette in his mouth, he took out his phone and pushed the door open to walk outside.

He sat down on a sofa in the aisle. Under his feet was a soft fur carpet. In front of him was a row of green plants, and water running along the sides of a  jade piece structure. One employee walked up to him and asked if he needed anything. Seeing that, Ji Bai shook his head, and the employee immediately walked away silently.

Ji Bai shook the cigarette. On the other side of the phone line, Zhao Han didn’t stop reporting: “The top said that you have to train one university trainee. This is for you to write your end of the year report…”

Ji Bai laid back onto the sofa, closed his eyes: “Alright.”
Zhao Han hasn’t had the time to be happy when he heard him slowly say: “You should arrange all your jobs for this year to have time to train the new trainee. You have write it on your report for the end of the year.”
Zhao Han quickly declined: “I’m not going to do it. They are both experts, only you have the abilities to train them.”

To prove this, he told Ji Bai about the reasoning of Xu Xu’s analysis.

First, Zhao Han touched the necklace unconscious several times with a softened expression; but he also touched it to change the position of the piece because he is used to doing it to prove that his girlfriend just gave it him, thus also mentioning about his inner emotional desires, which showed the beginning of a love relationship.

Second, his eyes stopped at the top drawer on the right several times, his face expression soft. Xu Xu concluded that present was for his girlfriend. The relationship just started, today was not any special day so it was highly likely that it was a birthday present.

Third, he still used his hand to writing just like usual but whenever he was about to pick up something, his hand would stop for a couple of seconds or he would switch it to his left hand.

Fourth, his coat is a new item from Givenchy clothing line; the bottom is jeans from another brand, Meterbonew. If he knows how to buy Givenchy then he wouldn’t pair them together. That’s why; he did not buy the coat. The necklace is a present from his girlfriend, as their relationship is just newly established. She wouldn’t buy him such an expensive coat from Givenchy brand. The high probability is that the coat is from another women is higher.

Also, there is one unique characteristic about men who grew up with an older sister. They can be relaxed in front of women, more confident than the usual men. Zhao Han has this unique characteristic.

Another thing is that his eyes didn’t light up or look especially happy, like other men when meeting such a beautiful woman like Yao Meng. He shows proper manner.” Xu Xu said that’s why she thinks that the coat was given by his older sister who is pretty, or maybe really beautiful.

Five, the thing about the limited edition Zippo. Zhao Han didn’t just casually place it anywhere, like in a drawer that is easy to reach; but a place where it is rather far, near the picture frame to show the chance that the Zippo was given by someone who he respects so he subconsciously placed it in an important place. In the team, the person with highest chance around his age who he also respects would be Ji Bai.

Zhao Han showed good upbringing and an honest character so he definitely gave something in return for the expensive present. Even though he is wearing a cheap brand of jeans, he is wearing an expensive type of sports shoes. The backpack next to him also came from the same brand to prove that he is loyal to that brand. That’s why he will also give Ji Bai a present from that brand with a high chance a sports shoes from that brand which he highly value.

After reporting everything, Zhao Han said: “Boss, you should train Xu Xu. She has the ability to be your student.”
Ji Bai laughed: “Xu Xu?” (peeing)
Zhao Han also laughed.
But Ji Bai quickly returned to his previous expression: “Xu Xu’s analysis has the element of luck in it. If we were to try to solve the case like that, the risk is higher than Yao Meng’s analysis. Yao Meng’s analysis is not deep however it’s safe. Another thing, she also seems better than Xu Xu on everything else.”

Zhao Han is speechless, he doesn’t speak for a while then asked in a small tone:” So… who are you going to mentor?”

“Let me think about it.”

Edited by No.2 proofreader 

Please let me know of any errors/mistakes, I can’t really catch them all by myself (Pokemon lol). Greatly appreciated ^^

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  4. Thanks—-!
    Hm, this seemslike it might be quite interesting, so i’ll follow it for now!
    Xu xu sounds like an interesting character! The two girls are friends, it seems? Also, eh, i do pity her for her name, but i think it’s actual meaning should be quite nice?

    • Well, not close but not like crazy rivals like in most novels .. I think? Yes, the name actual meaning should still be nice. It’s just the similarity in the sound.

  5. Hi Tiffi..!!! :).. long time no update.. where are u??.. we are waiting for u.. T.T.. Btw, in case u need proofreader, i ll be glad to join u.. thank u..

  6. Wow~ Just started reading. As much as possible, I only start when there are lots of chaps already. Heehee~

    Awesome~ So loving it!! It’s like I’m reading “Sherlock Holmes” or watching UK series “Sherlock”, except it’s a girl and she’s not cocky. LOL. Sooo looking forward to the mystery chaps!

    Thankies for this project!

    • Oh cool, I might watch it but I’m reluctant about female mc because most of the time the character is too weak/ emotional… I like tough female leads xD
      Yes, thanks for the input. I’ll take it into considerations.

  7. Hi Tiffy, I am new to this blog. Ding Mo is my newest addiction. His books are captivating, at the present time I am reading TB translation of LMIYD.
    Are you planning on translating the full book? I just don’t want to get hook on this novel and it might be abandoned.
    Would be kind to let me know your plans for this book. Thanks for sharing your translation with the rest of who do not speak Mandarin. Greetings from Utah. USA

    • DM is my favorite because well LMIYD and WSL.You can tell the two have similar genres. And I’ll finish WASL but I can’t promise anything or tell you when because sometimes I’ll be really busy and sometimes free due to work and college. I’ll release about 2 chapters every week from on so everything goes well then it will be done in about 5 months. Hello from WA =)

      • Thanks for your prompt response. I understand how life can be hatic and overwhelming, for being so willing to translate the book until the end of it, you are so kind to share your time with us by translating the book. You are much appreciated. Hello from Utah.
        I will start reading it now, thank you……….thank you……

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  9. newest fan here! Would like to show my greatest gratitude for your hard work ^^ here’s receive my hearteu 😉😘💞

  10. I am happy to come across this page. I am currently watching the TV series and decided to look for the book hoping there will be an English version and you just landed like an angel. I appreciate your hard work. I’ll be cheering for your future translations. Keep it up.. Jaiyoo!

  11. Thanks Tiffy for the translation. My first time reading a novel online. Have finished reading till part 54. Love this novel. Am reading again from part 1. Hope will find time in your busy schedule to update part 55 till the ending. Looking forward to it. Cheers to your effort….

  12. Thanks for the translations Ms. Tiffy, I really enjoyed the first installment the author did well in allowing me to picture Xu Xu, whom I am such a fan of from the series.

  13. Thanks so very much for all the work you’ve put into this! I know translating is so time consuming! I can’t wait to read the rest!

  14. It started off amazing gosh,the TV show draw me in but the book oh gosh the book. If only they do the book in English it would be in my top ten collection. Thank you

  15. Some misspelling, some Chinese words translated directly to English , i.e. Policer instead of officer. And few other things. But who cares!!! I am just sooooo glad somebody made the effort to translate this story so I can read it. And read I did. And very much enjoy it. Thanks you very much. Please continue. I also earned the bonus of learning some Chinese culture. Xu Xu.

  16. As Feona fey said: some misspelling. Only thing I got hung up on was the use of women in “The high probability is that the coat is from another women is higher” since the misspelling of women/woman is a pet peeve of mine. It should have been “The high probability is that the coat is from another woman is higher”. Women is plural, woman is singular.

    Other than that: Who cares ^^ I am so happy about being able to read this in english 🙂 Thank you.

  17. a couple of things i noticed and would recommend editing:
    “The high probability is that the coat is from another woman is higher.” Is maybe an awkward way to say this. At first I read this and my thought was that the woman was ‘higher’ as in, a woman who is more sophisticated with high quality taste (which would also be an awkward way to say this). But I realised this is not what was meant. Higher was in reference to the probability. The confusion comes from the two instances of using ‘high’ in the sentence. So I would rephrase to “The probability of the coat being from another woman is higher.”

    “Zhao officer, psychological analysts think of possibilities.” I think perhaps changing it to Officer Zhao would be better and consistent with what’s written a few lines down.

    The last thing is the use of a : before dialogue. To the English reader this is sometimes confusing. For example:
    “After calming down, Zhao Han called Ji Bai: “Boss.”” Using the colon sort of makes the reader stumble for a second thinking that the author is telling us that Zhao Han calls Ji Bai “Boss” (like just saying that that’s what he refers to him as) rather than that he called Ji Bai and said “Boss.” I don’t know if that’s the best explanation. Usually we would forego the : and simply write the dialogue in quotations (and usually on a new line to make it easier for the eyes to read) Even adding like “Boss,” he says. Would help a lot.
    And Dialogue are usually their own sentences. So you could also just put a period in place of the colon and it would still make sense.

    I hope this is helpful and I really enjoy this story

  18. I just finished watching the drama and was looking for the novel. I am really thankful that you translated part of it.

    • same with me!!!! just finished watching the drama and really curious about the novel, fortunately found this. really feel great and thank ful for tiff for translate it…

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